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So here’s a short, awkward conversation.

Having already received reassurances from the Duke of Blackwell that his intentions (if not his meetings) with her little sister were entirely pure, Tutu allowed herself a tiny smile as they danced their third waltz together, here at the Royal Wedding, before every noble and well-to-do aristocrat in the kingdom.

Truthfully, she’d been worried that Ahiru would have difficulty situating herself in courtly society—Tutu certainly did, and fitting in was a constant, day-to-day struggle.  

She should’ve known that Ahiru would be the one to carve out her own place here, without regard for formality or possible gossip.  Midnight rendezvous, public affection (a kiss before a crowd, no less!), happy, unsubtle glances …

Who knew Fakir Blackwell capable of blushing so fiercely, just from a young lady’s smile?

… Tutu’s own smile froze, though, as the shift of wide, white skirts swished beside her, and Rue politely cleared her throat.

“Lady Tutu, good evening,” she greeted, light and pleasant.

But Tutu sensed Rue’s underlying discomfort—the guilt and worry.  It sat heavy in her stomach.  She shakily curtsied, putting on an acceptably genuine smile.  After all, if the new queen extracted herself from the crowds just to speak with her, this conversation must’ve been quite intentional.  "Congratulations, Your Grace.“  Her heart’s wounds had healed (well, scarred), but it’d been … a long while since she and Rue spoke, just the two of them.  "You look lovely, and I wish you every happiness.”

It was the truth.  She did wish them every happiness, even at he expense of her own.  And she held herself in contempt for being so miserable during such a wonderful occasion.

“Thank you, my lady.  I’m … so glad you’re here.  Truly.”  Rue glanced away and Tutu couldn’t help but wonder if she purposefully avoided her gaze.  "It seems our siblings have been getting along quite well, wouldn’t you say?  I’m so grateful to have met Lady Ahiru.  Your sister is a breath of a fresh air, especially here in court.“

Tutu knew Rue was trying.  She opened herself and her heart—just a little.  "I was worried for her.  I shouldn’t have been.  Look at her.  She looks happy.”

Was Mother more like me, or Ahiru I wonder?  It grew harder and harder to remember.

“… And how are you, Lady Tutu?”

Tutu’s grip on her gloves tightened.  "I’m quite well, Your Grace.  Thank you.“

”… Good.  That’s good.  I’m very glad for that.“

Tutu tried not to glance toward the royal banquet table where the king was seated.

"I’ve missed your company,” Rue said in earnest.

Tutu’s eyes stung.  "I’ve … I’ve missed yours.“

"Come by for brunch next week.  Please?”  The queen reached out and placed a hesitant hand to Tutu’s elbow.

Something in that touch left Tutu content.  Resigned, but content nonetheless.  Perhaps it was destiny that the two dearest people in the world to her would come to fall in love with Blackwells—but Rue’s invitation and a happy grin from Ahiru across the room quelled her heartache.

They would love the Blackwells, but Tutu was still in their hearts.

“… I’d be delighted.”  This time, Tutu’s smile, however watery and quivering it might’ve been, was real.

… The moment was disrupted by the movement at the corners of their eyes.  A valet approached the king, whispering fervently into his ear, and with wide eyes and a gesture in Fakir’s direction, King Siegfried and his closest friends stood from their seats or politely separated from their dance partners to stride towards the doors.  Had there been some unannounced arrival?

“Pardon me,” Rue whispered in a rush, following after them in a flurry of white silk and lace.  The whispers permeated through the room, and something electric was in the air.

It wouldn’t take long for the gossip to spread: that a long-lost brother and friend had returned, just in time for the king’s wedding.

Something would change tonight.  Whatever it might’ve been, Tutu was yet to find out.


Two ptutu fanart  to celebrate the lunar new year!In fact the first one originally was the drawing of X‘mas congratulation_(:з」∠)_,and I painted too slow to finish on time….But who care,now I have finished it!  

The first one inspired by the ballet Nutcracker. Ahiru’s pendant just like the toy nutcracker,giving her a sweet,dramatic and romantic dream.

Because 2017 is the Year of the Rooster,next I painted a shell-breaking ahiru!Ahiru is sooooooo pure and endearing that I can’t control myselffffffff!!(wake up)

Happy lunar new year and wish you happy every day~ 

Hope you like it.


i knew i wasnt gonna color this all (lazy)  + i have some work to do still so i cannot…. (busy) 

i thought of two different situations while drawing/coloring this, 

1. they met at this wedding and already look more in love than the bride and the groom and thats just rude

2. u do not have to be good at dancing for the ball if ur man is and he lets u ride on his feet. 

the true Princess Tutu experience is hating Fakir with every single fiber of your being for about ten episodes into the series and then realizing oh SHIT he’s actually…. really……. sweet??? wh a t t he f UCK. THE FUCK???? THIS CAN’T BE THE SAME CHARACTER. and then basically falling in love with him by the last episode

like, no exaggeration, this is something everyone who watches Princess Tutu experiences

now that is some fantastic character development in just 26 episodes