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Dorlen + "Faint"

Better late than never, right?? This was probably for a meme but I have completely forgotten which one, so… I just wrote a thing!

Pavellan (Dorian Pavus x Varlen Lavellan). Approx 1700 words, most under the cut <3


Varlen’s voice drifted across to the mage, who turned his head towards the sound, a slight frown creasing his brow as he did so. There was hollowness to the word. It was soft. Almost slurred, unless Dorian was mistaken. Maker’s mercy, surely he isn’t still hung over from last night…

“Something the matter?” Dorian asked, maintaining a chipper disposition as he urged his horse closer to the hunched figure. Varlen was stooped forward, head hung, his silver hair falling limply down either side of his face. His whole body swayed slightly, matching the rhythm of his horse, but was lacking his usual poise. Such a sorry sight would typically be a cause for alarm, but then again, it was Varlen. As much as Dorian loved him, he was rather prone to theatrics, and they had been forced to rise before dawn that morning. Neither of them had managed much sleep.

Varlen made a sound, although if he said any actual words, Dorian didn’t quite catch them. To compensate, he moved even closer to the elven man, his frown deepening as he pulled up beside him.

“You’ll have to speak up, amatus,” Dorian said gently, leaning forward to try and catch Varlen’s eye. “It’s a tad hard to hear with all these hooves stomping about.”

No response. Something finally felt properly wrong, so Dorian reached out, drawing back a section of Varlen’s hair…

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The signs meeting their favorite idol
  • Clings onto them,won't let them go,gets into fight with bodyguard:Cancer,Leo,Libra
  • Stares at them,can't move,too nervous to talk,stutters:Virgo,Gemini,Taurus
  • Stays calm,causally talks,takes photos,asks for autographs:Sagittarius,Capricorn,Scorpio
  • Freaks out,screams 24/7,faints when making eye contact:Aries,Pisces,Aquarius
The Fear Of Comparison

Thanks to everyone for the kind response to hullabaloo

This was inspired by a general prompt:  A person has a crush on you so they hired me to play the guitar and help them serenade you. But too fuckin bad for them you end up falling in love with me instead”.  But I flipped it around a bit.

Thank you @redprairielily for fixing all the mistakes.

It’s taken me all night but I finally decided on a name for this fic:-

The Fear of Comparison 

“Hi Mrs Clarke, is Archie in?”

“Hi Finn love, yeah, he’s in his room.  Hold on a tick I’ll go fetch him.”  Archie’s mum placed the receiver down on the telephone table and Finn could hear faint calling in the background.

After a minute’s wait for what seemed like forever, Finn heard his best mate.  "How do Finlay?  What can I do for you this fine eve?“

"I bloody asked her Arch.  I got some balls and I asked her.  And she said yes.”  Finn panted not sure if it was from excitement or panic.

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  • Jumin:The company had a good profit last quarter. Jaehee should stop focusing on the coffee shop project--even if it will mean profit for the company. We need to focus on the cat hotels!
  • Jumin:but...but my dad---
  • Me, pausing to catch my breath for several seconds before resuming the punching:YOU'RE-PULLING-THIS-CAT-HOTEL-SHIT-WHILE-I'M-GETTING-FUCKING-STALKED-BY-MYSTERIOUS-RELIGIOUS-FANATICS!

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The ideas won't stop this is terrible. Everyone's favorite panel trio gets the "what animal would you be" question. "Squirrel, of course!!" Jack turns into one and half the audience flips. "Earth has a certain water fowl I've become very fond of. It looks like this?" Felix changes into a fucking deck but keeps his hairstyle. Mark looks at them both and shrugs. "Chica. Chica counts right? Oh, you guys don't know Chica, she looks like this." Mark does his best to match her. Several people faint.

I think this would happen after they’ve all done several panels and realized that they don’t really need to be nervous, most of their fans would accept them even though they’re gems. Then they’d get more comfortable and start showing off their powers and stuff.

Also Felix would definitely do that. Absolutely

Also, side note, I feel like Jack would bring Sam along with him to panels and cons, and that would be quite the adventure going through airport security with a large, green, floating eyeball.
(‘I’m telling you, Denise, it gave me a really sarcastic look after I asked the guy what it was!’
‘It’s an eyeball, Jim.’
'It’s a SARCASTIC eyeball!’)

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fics whre kyungsoo overworks himself and faints and kai catches him? (im sorry if this I strange but i love imaging jongins arm around kyungsoo tiny waste

Admin Y:

  • Zodiac - kyungsoo faints /once/ and it’s not bc he’s overworked, and it’s only implied that jongin catches him (happens in this chapter) imo it barely fits but i can’t think of anything else

Admin J:

  • These Walls Caught Me Here With Something - okay okay this has a scene where kyungsoo falls on his knees bc he’s dying and jongin catches him before he hits the ground, the scene got me fcking fkcign fkicng FCKIH Emo