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(meaning: of or inhabiting the earth)

Danny - aged three hundred fourteen and a half (and not looking much over thirty) - double-checked to make sure his helmet was secure before stepping into the airlock and out of the safety of the shuttle. Air hissed around him as the pressure equalized with the Martian atmosphere. The outer door opened, showing an endless expanse of rusty sand and rock, spotted here and there with the colony’s buildings. Most were connected with tunnels that glimmered in the faint sunlight.

It was his first time off world. He grinned, walking forwards, trying to remember every moment of this - and trying to forget it was a certain Fruit Loop’s money that got him here.

“Well, look at this,” came a voice over his headset as Danny stepped out onto the alien world. He glanced around, finding a dust-covered human shape lounging against the side of the shuttle. “A brandy-new Tellurian.” It was hard to tell if the voice was male or female through the static-filled speakers and dust-covered helmet.

“Are you Ben?” Danny asked, hoping it was his contact.

The figure pushed off the wall and sauntered toward him, moving in a sauntering way that made Danny realize this person was female and (probably) not named ‘Ben’. “If you want me to be,” she crooned.

“I’m supposed to find Ben,” Danny said. “Can you show me-”

“Crazy old Ben,” she laughed. “You don’t want him.” She sidled closer, as if to tell him a secret. “Caught an Earth brain-disease, that one did. Thinks the colony is haunted.”

“Great,” Danny said with a thin smile. Based on the contempt in her voice, Danny wasn’t looking forward to finding out how he was going to be treated when they realized their newest transfer was a ghost hunter. “Can you show me to Ben anyway?”

((Im finally able to write again, so heres the Davekat Angst that was requested..!))

Karkat rubbed his eyes as he groaned, rolling over. He paused, his golden-red eyes opening slightly as he felt nothing next to him, just an empty space and slightly pulled up blankets. Confused, he bit his lip, stretching as he sat up. He pulled the blankets back and stood, stretching again and beginning a sleepy, groggy hunt through the house to find his missing cuddle buddy. 

After a thorough 5-10 minute search of the house, he finally found him, curled up in the closet. He was hidden under a dark red coat, only platinum blonde hair and slightly tanned skin was visible. 

“Dave..The fuck are you doing in here..? Its one in the damn morning..”

Karkat watched the human flinch as he spoke, almost apologizing for startling him.. Before he heard a soft, faint sniffle. The troll’s eyes widened as he carefully, cautiously, sat next to him, setting his hand on his shoulder. 

“Dave..Hey, whats wrong..?”

After a few silent seconds, Dave finally looked at his boyfriend; shades off, his eyes puffy and red-ish pink, his face flushed with tears staining his cheeks. Karkat didnt hesitate to hug onto him, burying his face in his shoulder. Slowly, Dave slid a hand down Karkat’s back, breaking down and beginning to cry into his shoulder. 

The thought that he had been part of the destruction of the word was a frightening, overwhelming thought, and Dave wasnt able to handle it. But adding on the returning memories of his, rather abusive, childhood all piled onto eachother and resulted in tear-filled panic attacks at 1 a.m.

Karkat didnt need to ask what was wrong, he knew. He pressed sweet, soft kisses all over Dave’s face, stopping at his lips and beginning to rub at his shoulders. He created a soft purr-like sound from his throat, luckily having that calm his boyfriend a little. 

Finally, a soft smile came to Dave’s face, the tears ceasing and his breathing evening out. Karkat couldnt help but laugh lightly as he felt Dave cling to him tighter. He smiled, kissing his shoulder and murmuring soft, sweet things to him, just to get rid of any other negative thoughts. 

((Not too angst-y, but the best I got right now.))

I'll Let You Wear My Sweater

by hazzayoudoing

“Told you, I do love my wine. You’ll have to come over here and get it,” Harry says with a playful smile, chugging back more of the wine. Louis feels the distinct raise of goosebumps on his skin as he gets on his knees and leans forward to grab the bottle from Harry. He stops to wonder what people would think from the outside looking in. All those posh neighbors of Gemma’s might think he and Harry are together, what with the way his breath hitches as he leans over Harry and gazes into his eyes. He gets so close to him, he can make out the faint blushed red ring around Harry’s lips.

“I’ll be taking what’s rightfully mine, love. As the guest, I do get full run of the booze in the house. You’re just the brother. So unexpected,” Louis whispers, firmly pulling on the neck of the bottle. Harry releases it easily and Louis reels back on his heels to give himself one last pour.

“Unexpected good or unexpected bad?” Harry asks.

Or, a Christmas fic that finds Louis escaping to LA to nurse a heartbreak and falling stupidly in love with Harry. It’s The Holiday meets Christmas With the Kranks with a dash of Love Actually, I guess!

Words: 40213, Chapters: 19/19, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/2gUDN4a

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You do know it's "no offense" right?? Please tell me saying "noah fence" is ironic

i absolutely had no idea whatsoever this comes as a shock to my very system im feeling faint and i so dearly wish somebody would bring me my smelling salts

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Do you have any advice for anxious ppl who r going to do their first tattoo?

Eat and drink enough! That’s really an important one, otherwise you may faint. And just enjoy the experience :)

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Now that we saw more uf friskriel and what's their relationship is like I'm wondering how pictures like kaichou wa frisk sama and say no to the dress where asreil is either covering his face or fainted how they would turn out in underfell could you please draw the scenarios ? And your art is excellent

Frisk: Do not. 

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Is it possible for a white female cat to have two colorpointed sons? Because my cat is orange/flame pointed and his brother was brown pointed but not solidly, they both have faint tabby stripes in their colored parts

yes, if she was a siamese carrier and the dad was a siamese/carrier

since they’re 2 diff colors, that tells me that under her white she is a tortie, possibly a chocolate tortie

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There was faint cry of a small child in the snowy alleys of Jump City. It's distinctly a higher pitch, indicating it's a little girl. She could be no older than 4 years old as the hero's heard the cry while walking back from the pizza place.

“Hey, you okay?”

* Alright Mania we know it was you messing with the lights. I already checked with “Doctor Kazoo” over here and he didn’t do jack crap to the power.

* Yeah and you’ve been in here all-

* ….

* daaAOOOOOoooooooh.

* ……………

Happy proceeded to faint as Hysteria began to excitedly gabble at the new ink child.

* It’s a BABBY! AAaaaaaaw!

Welcome to Ms.Kat's Classroom
  • Kat: Hello class! Today we will be discussing the matter of life and death. The equation for today is : R+R= unholy perfection. R stands for Rowan, And R stands for Rhysand. So when we combine theses two unimaginable sexy creatures we get: ROWSAND!!!!!
  • The Fandom: ...... this is pure
  • Kat: I know, excuse me for a moment i feel a little bit faint from all my ingeniousness.
  • The Fandom: Are you OK Kat?
  • Kat: No i'm really not, I need to go to rehab, i need to be cured from my Sjmaas addiction!
  • @sparkelywonderfull: There is no rehab for people like us, people like us cannot be fixed.
  • Nurse: we lost the patient, time of death winter solstice(*wink wink!)

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"You're burning up" -- gimme kumirei pls xoxo

(aaaaaah sorry this is so late, i’ve been swamped with homework and studying for midterms lately)

5. “You’re burning up”

“reina, reina, h-hold on. you’re burning up!” 

it had been a simple day, a trivial day, another practice among dozens of others and the two girls had found their way to the roof, where the world seemed to sprawl out in front of them. kumiko hadn’t known what to feel, exactly, when reina had muttered something about feeling faint before collapsing on the hard concrete, her legs scraped and her face sickly pale. 

“i’m fine,” she insisted. 

“look at you, you can’t even stand! focus on me, reina, i’ll get you to the nurse.” 

“i’m-” kumiko reached out a tentative hand. 

“hold onto me, reina,” she murmured. “i won’t leave. c’mon, let’s go to the nurse’s office. the trumpet can wait a little while longer.” 

important story
so on the first battle against Guzma I sent out my Raichu(Sparky) to battle
She endured the devastating First Impression hit and then took down his first Pokemon
Then he sent out his Ariados, which I was sure Sparky could outspeed so I had her use Psychic

and she endured it
she was almost fainted
and she endured a super effective move
with 1 hp because she didn’t want me to feel sad
I love my Raichu so much.. shes too good for me

What do Canadians get on their tests? Eh's (an introduction)

Hi everyone! I’m teacup13.. you can call me teacup. I am unsent love letters folded between the tentacles of an omnipresent winter. Words found me when my hands only knew the pain of the anger you put on at the front door, the dying cells of unanswered calls in years of color these eyes will never birth. Hunger imprisioned my tongue against the faint undertow of prosperous adhesion to love. I’m from the land of igloos, beavers, maple syrup, and mediocre hockey. I play sports, coach gymnastics teams, and hang out with kids all day.
Fun Fact: I’ve broken my nose 3 times