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Wait but where are the other paladins in your sharkon au??? Do they rescue him?? Are they distraught about the state he is in??? Tell me oh great angst master pls

Well you’re assuming they’re alive, aren’t you?


So, Shiro probably got kidnapped at the same time as the Black Lion, ‘cause we’re officially in ‘Zarkon can’t do shit with it, there’s no connection, gotta use what we can’.

At first, there’s months where they try and fail to get him back.  If they HAD Shiro it wouldn’t be such a damn problem, but four lions and no Voltron vs a very pulled back/defensive Zarkon that knows they’re coming isn’t great odds.  Especially when Zarkon has Haggar jump ship with Shiro to play tag for a while and totally fuck up Allura’s lion tracking.  He knows how those powers/how that tech works, so it’s not a perfect solution but it keeps them chasing and running in circles.

Meanwhile, everyone is frantic.  Because it’s not that Shiro’s gone, time to move on, it’s that he’s living his worst nightmare and they all know it.  1000 percent goal is to get Shiro and the lion back, and they’re only doing other missions when they’re at a dead end (which is happening more and more often).  Not to mention morale is just destroyed.  But they survive and keep it together and keep trying because there’s no way they’re going to stop until they have Shiro back or they know for certain he’s dead.

Until rumors start to fly.  Rumors of the Black Lion being used - with wings - and of the return of the Champion.  Of the destructive force of Voltron in the hands of Zarkon.

The first question is: How did Zarkon unlock that?

The second question is: What does he have over Shiro to force him to do that?

The third question is: What did they do to Shiro?

But with the Black Lion back in Shiro’s hands, and his pattern of attacks to follow, it’s much easier to track him down, to figure out where he’ll be, to break in and to finally speak with him.

Only to find Shiro dressed in finery, comfortably curled in Zarkon’s chambers, eyeing them like who recognized him but that he doesn’t know, that awkward half-smile ‘oh, right, of course, hello’ posture.

Because technically he knows them.  Technically, they’re Shiro’s team, his loved ones.  He remembers loving them, but it’s a distant sort of thing.

Those emotions aren’t for them, anymore.

Their reaction to Shiro’s polite blankness is pained, to say the least.

With Shiro alone against all four of them, it’s a struggle, but they managed to overcome him and get him back, hoping the Black Lion will follow, and she does.

There’s two endings to this story.

The first is that they get Shiro home, that they fight his struggles and keep him prisoner until they can prove they love him, they can prove this isn’t what he wants.  They use the memory technology of the castle to put him back at least close to the right order, and they help him through the fall-out.

The second is that Shiro goes along, and they never see the smile in the curve of his lips through the pain of his reaction.  As they leave, Zarkon’s ship prepares a strike, crackling with Druidic magic.

It’s Shiro, breathless with mental pain, that tells them they need to form Voltron.

They do.

And that’s when Haggar’s trap is activated.  The mental bond of Voltron connects them all to Shiro, to the lions, to the programming Haggar left in just for this purpose.

The strike never comes from Zarkon’s ship.  Instead, Voltron goes back willingly.

28 Days of Sugar Art Challenge

Hey everyone! Join me for the month of February for a month full of shippy goodness. This includes both OCs and your favorite ships! Hoping you all get a good head start! I can’t wait to see what to see what you come up with! Fanfictions are okay too! And dont forget to tag it as #28DS 😘


1) Holding Hands
2) Sleeping
3) Hand kisses
4) In Kigurumis
5) Genderbent
6) Obliviousness
7) Size
8) Doing each others hair
9) Casual Clothes
10) Caught Fantasizing/Staring
11) In Costume/Cosplay
12) In a different art style
13) Changes
14) AU
15) Sick Day
16) Different decade
17) Selfie
18) Flowers and/or Chocolate
19) Oh sh*t im in love with that piece of trash sh*t
20) Failed Pick Up Lines
21) Make Out
22) I Almost Lost You
23) Date Night
24) Get Smutty or Get Fluffed
25) I See London…
26) Dominance
27) Wedding
28) Ship babies ship babies everywhere

Have fun!

Ghoul Grumps AU

The AU that inspired me to do this story is by @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight

Sorry the first chapter is so short. I’ll try to make future chapters longer if I can! All chapters will be tagged with ‘#ghoul grumps fanfiction’ as to make them easier to find.

Chapter 1: The Beach

Everyone knew that sirens and sharks never got along. Once a year, without fail, the sharks would initiate a feeding frenzy. The amount of siren casualties varied from year to year, but one thing had always remained the same. The sharks wanted souls. For what reason, no one knew, but every year the sharks would choose different times to attack as to surprise the unsuspecting sirens before they could prepare. This year was no different. Arin’s ears were pressed to his head. The sight before him could be described as many words in the range of anything but pleasant. The beach was littered with the bodies of deceased sirens, either washed ashore by the tide or beached while trying in a desperate scramble to get away from their attackers. It made Arin shiver at the thought. 

“It must’ve been another shark feeding frenzy.” He heard Suzy’s voice beside him, one or two of her snakes letting out a quiet hiss.

Arin nodded sadly. “It came a lot earlier than normal this year, too…” 

He rubbed his arm awkwardly as his eyes drifted down to a body directly in front of him. Their face still captured the fear they felt right before they had died. It made him feel sick. 

“Jeez, man… They didn’t stand a chance…” 

Suzy’s voice suddenly cut into his thoughts. “Arin… Do you see that?” 

The concern in her voice made Arin’s head quickly turn to where she was looking. The sight made anger begin to boil in his blood. Leaning over one of the siren’s bodies was what could only be described as two large, grey wings. 

“Is that… A vulture…?” It was the only hybrid Suzy could think of off the top of her head that would match what little they saw of the creature. Arin’s brows knit together with frustration. 

“Dude, that’s fucked up…” Arin quickly took in a sharp breath before calling out to the bundle of feathers. “HEY!” 

Suzy jumped a little as she saw the thing shift. “Arin…!” 

He didn’t care. “HEY! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! Fuck off! Don’t you have any respect?!” 

Suzy placed her hands over her mouth as the creature sat up. Okay that definitely wasn’t anything of what either of them expected. A wave of guilt suddenly washed over Arin. 

“A-Another angel? Like Ross…?” He quietly muttered to himself before Suzy noticed something. 

“Arin, that siren is still alive…” 

Arin looked at the aquatic creature being cradled by the newly identified angel. He had beautiful brown, curly hair and incredible blue fins, gills and tail. If it weren’t for the large amount of bleeding cuts on his body, Arin would have thought he was gorgeous. It’s rather hard to find beauty in graphical gore. Arin knelt down and spoke, his voice wavering slightly out of nervousness. 

“Look, I don’t know you, and I don’t really know what happened to you guys… But I’m gonna feel like shit if I just leave you two here.” 

The angel nodded, watching Arin with the eye on its forehead while its only other good eye watched its friend. 

“Can you walk on your own?”

It shook its head as to say ‘no’.

“Okay, Suzy can you help him while I carry the siren?” 


 Arin held out his arms to the angel as a silent request for its friend to be passed to him. It complied after what felt like a minute of hesitation. Arin stood and backed up a few steps so Suzy could move beside the angel and help it. Once it was standing they began to walk back to their car and Suzy turned her head to Arin. 

“Holly should be awake right now, right?”

Arin nodded slightly, instantly knowing what she meant. “Yeah, I’ll give her a call when we get in the car.” 

As the angel limped beside the two hybrids, it thought to itself. It thought about the events that had transpired. How it was the only reason that his friend was alive. It felt… Nice. If it had a mouth in this form, it would most likely be smiling.

…Someone… take my pen away from me. 

SO I was thinking: monster hunter AU, Jigen’s hired to get rid of this super annoying trickster demon monkey, but he utterly fails and ends up wasting way more bullets on him than the reward money actually is, so he’s just: “I give up, that’s it” and the monkey, who’s had way too much fun with the guy, is like: “You probably don’t mind if I tag along” and just comes with.

Money wasted on bullets: Thousands. New friend? Priceless. 

Weekly Special

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Requested by: Anon

Would you be willing to write a story about Reader being a librarian and Steve comes to the library looking for books he can read to catch up with the times? After he asks you to have coffee? Lots of Steve fluff!!! :) Thank you!! :)

A/n:  This is so fluffy I made myself sick writing it. Tags are OPEN

Sitting at your desk near the front door of the library you had your eyes focused on the computer in front of you.  A clearing of the throat broke your concentration.  Your eyes met those of your favorite visitor, Mattie.  Mattie was 8 years old and quite the reader.  She never failed to make you smile.   

“Miss Mattie, what can I help you with today?” You grin down at her, waiting expectantly.  She looked up at you with a large smile and missing a front tooth.

“Miss Y/n can I get my weekly special please.” You start scanning her books that she was returning and thought what to tell her.  This was a game you played with the kids that came in, you would have a weekly special which was a book you would recommend, each recommendation was special to the kid who asked.

“Well let’s see Miss Mattie.  How about Matilda? She reminds me of one of my favorite visitors.  It’s by Roald Dahl” You give her a wink and she sets off with a huge grin to find her special book.  

You smile at her enthusiasm, and make to go back to your computer when your eyes meet with a very handsome gentleman who is sitting in a chair close to the history section.  You blush slightly and send him smile.  He returns your smile with a shy one of his own and goes back to his book with a pink twinge to his cheeks.

You sit back at your computer and continue typing, every so often looking up to sneak a glance at your new visitor.  You could feel his eyes on you every once in awhile but had yet to catch him looking at you.

“Miss Y/n why do you keep looking at that guy?”  Mattie’s question makes you jump and throw your hand to your chest.

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“perfect boys only exist in books”

yeah maybe because…. they’re literally made up…. how dare any real human being not live up to your FICTIONAL STANDARDS… how dare any real boy actually have flaws…

Just Iron Qrow things:

  • Qrow calling Ironwood increasingly ridiculous nicknames and mussing up his hair to annoy him
  • Ironwood being a stuffy hardass in public but really sweet and doting in private
  • Winter not realizing they’re an item and being convinced Qrow is coming onto her like, constantly
  • Glynda never failing to manage walking in on them somehow, even when they lock the door
  • Ozpin taking credit for them getting together and he’s so cryptic they’re not entirely sure he’s wrong
  • Penny starts calling Qrow “Uncle Qrow” and then she and Ruby start trying to figure out if they’re related
  • Ruby decides they are in fact related and starts calling Ironwood “Uncle General Ironwood”
  • Oz may have already started planning the wedding

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Oooooo, could you combine taking a bath and patching up a wound with rebelcaptian?

Cassian/Jyn. Taking a shower together.

i’m cheating and putting all three of these together :)

Blood. That’s All Jyn sees, standing under the warm spray of the shower. She’s still in her clothes from the mission – they stick to her body with day’s worth of sweat and grime. Still, she stares at the cut on her arm, entranced by the thick red that decorates the torn skin. 

Jyn doesn’t hear the door to her quarters slide open. She doesn’t hear anyone come into the refresher. She doesn’t even hear the shower door click when Cassian pulls the door open. 

“What are you doing?” he asks, voice cutting through the white noise drowning her senses. Jyn does hear the sharp intake of breath when Cassian sees her arm. “Let me help you with that.”

She watches him grab the medkit from a cabinet and walk into the shower without a second thought. “Bacta?” he asks, blinking water droplets out of his eyes. They bead in his lashes like jewels and Jyn feels the sudden urge to run her fingers along them.

Instead, she settles for wrapping her arms around Cassian, knocking the medkit to the ground. He’s stiff for a spit second, then relaxes into her embrace. “I’m okay,” Jyn says, more for herself than him. “At least, I am now,” she adds, pressing her face closer to his chest. 

The water starts to run cold but Jyn doesn’t care – she feels perfectly warm. 

Retail story #22
  • *Context - Anything above $50 I have to run for counterfeit*
  • Customer: *gives me $100 bill*
  • Me: Okay gimme one second
  • Customer: *sees I'm about to run it* Oh I just printed it this morning!
  • Me: *purposely runs it wrong so it comes up as failed* Really?
  • Me: *runs it right so it passes* Amazing it worked
Lost in Noise - Chapter 1 - YeahMeRule - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron), Keith & Shiro (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Love Confessions, Angst, Oblivious, Dorks in Love, Falling In Love, Awkward Dates, Plans, Friends to Lovers, Stubborn, Slow Burn, Lack of Communication, Problems, Shiro is Bad with Feelings


Shiro might be a great leader, but he is not great when it comes to communicating his feelings.
In his desire to tell Keith what he feels, he asks for help from the others.
Together they build up a plan, but Shiro fears that it will fail.
Can he learn to share his feelings?

I was tagged by @papapauta to put my phone on shuffle, and post the first ten songs that came up.

1. Impetus by 0edit

2. The Humanoid by Jackal Queenston

3. Don’t Be Shy by Aurastys

4. The Bronze by Queens Of The Stone Age

5. Negative Space by Aurastys

6. I Never Came by Queens Of The Stone Age

7. Tangled Up In Plaid by Queens Of The Stone Age

8. another in a long line of failings, by goreshit

9. Transgressor by Rchetype

10. Radius by Ed Harrison

Interesting that REM and Laibach didn’t come up even once, I usually listen to a lot of their stuff. 

I’m gonna tag @gruene-teufel, @canis-infernalis, @tilde44, and @qsy-complains-a-lot

// so now that the bomb is over, I’m going to gush about this without tags or guilt.

I told myself I wouldn’t get attached to any theory before Pearl’s backstory was revealed in canon, but I failed. I failed and it’s largely the fault of @rosefquartz for adding to this idea/coming up with something similar and a little better than my original idea. So with that credit in mind, here is the “How Pearl and Rose Met” theory I’ve fallen in love with and might need to RP ASAP even if there is a large risk that canon will disprove it.

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Z for the fanfic asks- tell me about your major character death story please?

Okay, so there this one Fire Emblem: Awakening fic I absolutely love called Of Fell and Exalted Blood (which can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2543909/chapters/5655566 ) which I started reading without noticing the major character death tag. At all. If you don’t play the game, it’s basically about trying to stop and evil dragon god from waking up and destroying the world, and your allies potential children come back from the future to help and shit. This particular fic is basically a worse case scenario au of the A Future Past DLC series, aka the bad future where you failed to stop the dragon god… except this fic takes it a step further, and has Lucina and Morgan (two of the kids from the future) following Grima (the evil dragon god) in what is literally the worst possible scenario. So I started reading it, and I absolutely loved it because all the characters were really well written and everything, and didn’t even question it when everyone started dying one by one. I mean, it just made sense! So I recommended it to my friend @howtotrainyourassbutt who promptly informed me that it was tagged major character death and she was not going to read that. I replied with something along the lines of “so THAT’S why everyone keeps dying!” To this day she refuses to read it. It’s a wicked good fic though, I definitely recommend it to fans of Awakening.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

I was tagged by : @daisyiris

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

A - Age: 19 B - Biggest fear: (I realized I changed this but it’s because earlier I was really emotional and now I’m really now) so my biggest fear is failing my classes and failing when it comes to accomplishing goals. That scares me. C - Current time: 11:46 pm D - Drink you last had: water E - Every day starts with: taking my retainer out, brushing my teeth and then making breakfast. It’s glamorous I know. F - Favourite song: I have so many. But I think the disco medley by Selena is my favorite right now. G - Ghosts, are they real?: I’ve been haunted by one for the past couple of years. Shout out to my ghost pal Robert one time! 👻👻 (if you think I’m joking I’m not) H - Hometown: San Jose, California I - In love with: Jon Snow and Kara Danvers. And the imaginary boyfriend I’ve created in my head lol. J - Jealous of: I’m not jealous of anyone. I want to attain a higher level of success that some people my age have. That’s not jealously, that’s just motivation. K - Killed someone: I mean when I write sometimes I kill a character off. Does that count?
L - Last time you cried: earlier today when I found out my aunts dog died. I know, I’m sort of a downer. M - Middle name: Raquel N - Number of siblings: I’m a spoiled only child O - One wish: to play Miss America Chavez in the MCU or Korra if they ever make a Legend of Korra movie. P - Person you last called/texted: my Ma Q - Question you’re always asked: “what’s wrong?” because I apparently look like I’m devastated 24/7 R - Reasons to smile: my uncle and his girlfriend are having a baby S - Song last sang: on the radio by Donna Summer T - Time you woke up: 9:00 a.m U - Underwear colour: black and lace lol V - Vacation destination: I really want to go to New York or Atlanta but I will definitely be going to Texas this summer. W - Worst habit(s): I eat wayyy to many sweets. If someone cut me I would probably bleed chocolate and sprinkles. X - X-rays you’ve had: the last one I had was of my brain. I’m pretty sure my entire body has been x rayed at some point. Y - Your favourite food: Salteñas (it’s basically a Bolivian empanada filled with stew inside) and any type of dessert Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

I tag: @cat-lover-007 @mooonmotel @liiam-dunbar @maybethestarsalign @spoodershoob @plxvo @canonlesbianalexdanvers @woodstockbrb @zoie-bitofahermit @mrskitchenboy and anyone else who wants to do it!!

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Do you think the girl band is one of those stunts that is just meant for our segment of the fandom (and not GP), to scare us into thinking Louis is trying to be like his `RoLe MoDeL~ Simon Cowell? I can't believe it's been a year and he's been promoting this band with ZERO DETAILS. WHO TF ARE THEY.Like so much, this isn't normal smh

i don’t know. i think there are a few possible options that each come with their own caveats so. 

if the stunt wasn’t meant for the GP, they wouldn’t have written an article about it. i mean, think of all the d*uis stuff that happened that /didn’t/ get picked up by the press. the fact that this did – that apparently the Daily Fail mentioned the girlband by name even though they weren’t tagged, that apparently bella thorne commented on it (?) – all leads me to believe that it has more purpose than just fandom related (though that is a part of it). also just… take a moment to note the connections here… bella thorne commented on louis’s ig post, bella and danielle both used to work at disney, danielle was rumored to be cheating on louis with bella’s ex boyfriend at New Years, aaaand bella’s got a new show coming up. so… in my heart of hearts, this all screams ‘promo’ moreso than fandom.

however. louis + girlband is usually paired with louis + some bigger stunt, so, we should surmise that something is coming. the thing that’s been (i hate to use this word) seeded the most is el*unor. to what capacity, i don’t know, but they (TPTB) sure are making a big stink of it so it’s probably going to be explosive, loud. that might mean it only happens for a couple weeks, might only mean it happens for a couple months. but either way it’s going to happen. either way something is going to happen. so in that regard i’d say girlband thing is connected to fandom thing.

so what this all means for the girlband, getting back to my original point, is that they’re just being used. simon, at one point, /might/ want to profit off of them – hence wetting the public’s tongue with the use of their name every now and then – but that’s clearly not going to happen now because louis’s gonna split as soon as he can. and it’s unfortunate, because  they’re girls, they’re young; they don’t know any better. and it’s not like louis can say that “hey this is guy is the worst you can work with”. it’s not like these girls didn’t willingly choose and sign contracts for him, so it’s not like these girls even know that they’re getting the worst deal. they probably see their band name mentioned in the paper and think that means something when it hardly means anything at all. and /if/ they become something out of this at all, i’d be very surprised because things aren’t working out in their favor at all.

sorry this got so long! i bolded this more for my benefit than for yours

Okay but AU where Gabriel starts sending Sam a series of really hot, hilarious anon messages. Sam is a little flustered at first, but soon comes to love them and he dubs Gabriel “flirty anon” and they develop a rapport. 

And then one day Gabriel fails to make one of his messages anonymous and he freaks out because HE FUCKED UP OH GOD THEY’RE MUTUALS AND HE FUCKED UP HELP—

Meanwhile, Sam is both relieved and delighted because he’s been stalking Gabriel’s selfie tag for three days straight and dear god can they just fucking exchange Skype names already.

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Send 💖 for something positive. | @sncwwhitequeen


  • Since Rukia always draws bunnies, Sasuke starts drawing cats when explaining stuff to her. This is both a means of making fun of her as well as a great opportunity to, well, draw cats. He loves cats.

  • At the mention, stray cats tend to follow him around so I hope Rukia’s not allergic. Sasuke feeds them and pats them and communicates with them because he’s lowkey a cat himself.

  • Addition to the first one: He also draws cats on her face when she sleeps. And sleeps with half an eye open because he’s expecting her to want to get back at him. When he fails and wakes up with bunny teeth and other scribbles, he comments, “Next time I’ll use permanent marker.”

  • He usually comes alone when he visits, except for when maybe Sakura tags along. But one day he brings baby Sarada so she can get to meet Rukia. Obviously the lil girl can’t see her yet because she can’t control her chakra but, somehow, it seems as if she’s looking straight at the shinigami, smiling gleefully.

  • When Sasuke is forced to leave his family in order to search for an unknown threat that only he can locate, Rukia joins him whenever she can. She manages to pull Sasuke out of especially bad episodes of depression and guilt. He’s so very thankful to have her there.

  • When visiting her in SS, he brings her little gifts, mostly snacks that are common in the area he’s currently travelling in.  Or maybe weapons or other stuff she could potentially be interested in. 

  • Sasuke thinks of her as a little sister, although she’s older by a lot. “You don’t look it and you’re tiny, so it’s fine.”