In the beginning it was magical. Honeymoon phase, you could say. Every text she got from him gave her butterflies, even if it was 150 texts in an hour. But day after day, she noticed she wasn't receiving as many texts as before. Her butterflies got calmer, but still every time her phone buzzed she prayed it was from him. Weeks had gone by without any texts or calls, and she realized the difference between the two 4 letter L words.
—  love vs. lust – an excerpt of my life

Mods list:
HD Eye Texture by Zachillios
SK Hair Pack and SK Hair Re-texture by Skaramoosh aka @bemyamatus
Inquisitor Leather Trousers by DarthParametric
Cinematic Reshade by Erika Tschinkel
Avvar complexion - wip