Also Puddin and his first derpy faceplate cast. With Scottish fold ears in progress with the leftover apoxie bits I have from other projects. 😂
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Unity (chapter 26) - by Kryptaria
By Organization for Transformative Works

In which Tony proves that the suit does NOT make it easier to fight after a night of drinking. Marginally safer, yes, but not easier. Poor baby.

The world shook again, and Tony slammed faceplate-first into the landing pad, precious centimeters from the edge, safe and sound. Black boots, right there. Hands on him, helping him sit upright, which was probably a mistake. He wasn’t particularly acrophobic but near-death combined with lots of alcohol left him queasy, to say the least.

And then the helping hands were gone, and Winter barked, “Stand down!”

I’m not standing up yet, Tony thought crazily, looking around as much as his damaged armor would allow.

Winter had his rifle leveled at — at Sam. What the fuck? And Sam was slowly raising his hands, still holding onto his twin machine pistols, though his fingers pinched the grips well away from the triggers.


There’s an old saying: the dead will have their revenge. It will have blood, they say. Blood will have blood.

Banishment cannot stop me. For all your triumph now, know this, Righteous, Red, Fool - I will return, and I will repay you hundredfold for what you have done.


New 3DS and Cover Plates packaging ⊟

I love that New 3DS box for Japan! It’s curious that of all the system’s new features and improvements (extra analog input and buttons, built-in NFC/Amiibo support, faster CPU, etc.), the box’s design and word balloon are dedicated to advertising the handheld’s swappable cover plates. The boxes for the New 3DS XLs, which don’t let you change the covers, are more boring traditional.

Also notice that the packaging for the cover plates (now listed at Amazon Japan) has text for other languages, indicating these will eventually come to the West. Thanks to @Lite_Agent and @NintendoTweet for the pics!

IMPORT New Nintendo 3DS White / Black (3DS XL Blue / Black)