Do some of you still remember Mark My Heart? Quinn Malfoy, cousin of Draco, comes to Hogwarts in the sixth year.. Hermione can’t stand her? Already suspected to be evil? Yes? No? Anyway if some of you do, I just wanted to tell you that it is being worked on. Even though I haven’t updated since 1000 b.c. I’m getting there, so for all of you who are now wrinkly and old.. There is still hope  


Hermione couldn’t tear her eye’s away from the blonde girl as hard as she tried. Her hair, her eyes, her skin, her everything was perfect to Hermione. 

Quinn doesn’t even know i exist Hermione thought to herself. But she had overheard the girl talking to that loud mouth brunette Rachel this morning about going to Cho’s party tonight. Maybe, just maybe thought Hermione tonight would be the night. 




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