Part 1 : Gif of our film “Le laboureur et ses enfants” de Jean de la Fontaine.

Avec @alcidestoste et Lucile Tourret

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Bangkok’s Unicorn Cafe
Image Sources: Unicorn Cafe Facebook

Unicorns might not be real, but they live on in our hearts and imaginations. People love these mythical beasts so much, a cafe dedicated to their magical splendor has opened up in Thailand.

The Unicorn Cafe, located in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, is a glittery restaurant filled to the brim with unicorn iconography, toys, and oversized pink furniture. From giant unicorn murals to a collection of My Little Pony figurines, the saccharine decor is sure to satisfy anyone’s craving for pastel, ponies, and adorable fables.

Besides an attractive interior, the cafe also offers an array of colorful foods to enjoy. They have a rainbow crepe cake, rainbow waffles, and even a cheeseburger with a French fry fashioned on top as a makeshift horn. For beverages, they have a variety of rainbow drinks including a gigantic cotton candy milkshake served in a star-shaped container that can feed four to five people.

Guests are encouraged to cuddle up with the unicorn plush toys and possibly snap a few selfies with the giant carousel unicorn by the front of the restaurant.

Source: Mental Floss

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sipulisipsi  asked:

I mean, I liked/still like Fable 1, but.... It may have been/be too long game for me... I mean, it seems harder than usually to get the game going well. When like in Fable 2 the hero is "ready to kick some ass" (it's faster to gain will/strenght etc)

personally that’s what I like about fable 1, it is harder to level up your character than in the other games, and makes it overall more interesting to me. 

in the other games i have very little problem fully maxing out my character, where in the first i don’t think i have ever done it due to it’s difficulty

reflections on [marshland moon], poems by eleanor gray, Dink Press 2016

reflections on

marshland moon
eleanor gray
(Dink Press 2016)

order, here:


“(it is nothing, is nothing

…and so, where fables began)” – from [Lady’s Slipper]

After reading:

if there is no card

the flowers
from loss.

I didn’t know how to end things. I threw a soft doll

at a bullet.

I was trying to be quiet
but silence

it has
a safe word.

The way swimming plays with my shadow. The prop




The missing child learns a new word. Not from me. Not that I remember. Our favorite program? A previously ruined nostalgia.

“a nameless sensation which perpetually haunts the body” – from [and then, Monsters]

I have a look I want to give loss.

“I want to say goodbye, I want
time to say goodbye” – from [Skeletal, Furred]

In my dreams I am ugly. In my dreams I am not differently awake.

“and so, what then of
colossal sleep, “ – from [Zero Beauty]


Remnant and Root:

“there is no language that can articulate what it is I suffer by, or do not suffer by- like all the sufferings suffers I am…” – from [Inactive Currency]

“/ do I even know of longing / I know of being held / “ – from [Wormwood]

“how do I
…love the very gnat of self” – from [Plox]

“holy, holy the black asterisk of wound
for the child I never was” – from [Languid Limbo]

“ ‘murmur’  I had forgotten the word
ash without meaning, death without purpose”

“-I am
a song, an urn, a stairwell” – from [Susurrus]


This is a book. The title, to me, is very alone…and, intimacy, the most distant of permissions.


barton smock, reflections on marshland moon / poems / eleanor gray / (Dink Press 2016)


person, eleanor gray:

hey does anyone remember fable 3 and how when you wanted to pause the game to go take a piss or to just check your options or whatever you had to go through this whole bullshit hallway because peter “you can do anything” molyneux thought that would be cooler than an efficient well working pause menu


Forest Fables + Fishy Dreams Art Booklets

I put together my second art booklet called Forest Fables, which is a collection of my watercolor illustrations and sketches from 2009-2016. First collection is Fishy Dreams, which can also be found from my store.

  • Saddle Stitch binding
  • Softcover
  • 36 pages (30 full color illustrations, 2 pages of sketches)
  • Premium Matte cover with UV spot coat, matte interior
  • Size 22 x 15.5 cm
  • 20 euros + shipping for a single booklet
  • (Both together 35 euros+ shipping)

World-wide shipping!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for the support! It means a lot! ♥

someone: oh do you like video games

me: yeah

someone: what games have you played

me: i have mislead you. i lied. i play the same two over and over. i made you think i Know Things about video games. i donot. i have played fable 3 six times