Vacancy Chapter 18: You're Amazing, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Author: InvisiMeg
Pairing: Faberry
Word Count: 76,598
Rating: T
Summary: Unable to stand living with Santana any longer, Quinn goes in search of a new apartment. When she comes across an ad for a ‘future Broadway star’ seeking a roommate, she decides to give it a chance, but after moving in, Quinn finds herself rethinking her decision.

these strange steps by thememoriesfire
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Plot Summary: Rachel, bottoming out completely, is doing a show in Vegas and, as a distraction from her life, gets dragged to a strip club by Puck. She hasn’t seen Quinn in 8 years. This isn’t how she wanted them to see each other again. Warning: D/s overtones. NSFW.

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