So, I always see these challenges on other fandoms and why not have one in this one? It’s pretty simple to follow and you can do this challenge with gifs, photos, any edit you want. And the themes for the edits are:

01 team

02 cars (from any season, any team you want)

03 next best drivers to come (GP2, GP3, WSR, etc)

04 drivers from old school and now days drivers (so it completes 8 drivers, being 4 for each)

05 tracks

06 bromances

07 drivers you don’t care and most people do (no hate in this part, ok? everyone has their opinions and you have to respect it)

09 members of the pitcrew/pitwall/etc

and how many victories you want, it could be your favorites or most remembered. 

If you have any doubt about this, you can come to my ask and I will answer all of your doubts. Oh, fyi, this is a challenge for you to have fun and put your edit skills on!