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Welp, turns out the computer I’ve been using for art for the last several years has even more of a color problem than I thought. Shit that looked straight up PURPLE on the other computer are orange on everything else. I had NO idea! -confetti-

Well, I think I’m going to install my art stuff on the new comp tomorrow and hopefully I won’t have that anymore. And I’ll actually be able to show people how my coloring is actually supposed to look, haha. Whether it’ll be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ I don’t know.

PREPARE TO BE BLINDED??? OR HAVE AN EYEGASM??? I have absolutely no idea. But, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’s not that different and I’m just hallucinating.

Japan, my Wander/Wonderland: Park Hopping

Day 2

Me and my brother.

This day was all about park-hopping. From Yanaka Cemetery to Ueno Park to the outskirts of Tokyo Imperial Palace. Walking leisurely in Tokyo didn’t bore me nor depleted my stamina. I guess it’s because of the weather and especially the eyegasmic streetscenes, cityscapes, and their sense of style. One of the awesome part about this country is their discipline in everything and that includes keeping your own garbage. A 0.1% trash bin wherever and whichever place you will go but the wonderful thing is you cannot even see a single trash or even a tear of wrapper. So I say, your garbage is your responsiblity. Oh well, keeping the environment clean adds so much beauty.

First, we went to Yanaka Cemetery. There were lots of elderly people in the place and were formed by groups. A group of elderly photographers with their telephoto, macro lens or whatever lens was that. I think they are camera enthusiast. Or maybe Japanese are fond of taking pictures may it be digital or analog. On micbroblogs and other social media, I find some Japanese digital and film camera enthusiasts (lots of them). Skip with chitchats and let me post my photos. 

That’s it for Yanaka Cemetery. Ueno Park and the outskirts of Tokyo Imperial Palace will be posted right after this entry.