*eye roll*

Men are mad about Ghostbusters

Wait, so people are mad because there is an entire gender being ridiculed just to please another gender? The character is sexualized because he is pretty but also stupid so he’s just there to please the eye and make people laugh? While the other gender has smart and interesting characters, with normal clothes that don’t show too much and they are important to the story? And this happens in a movie?? That millions of people from around the world are going to watch??!?

Oh God ladies, can you imagine that?

I’m sure women have no idea what that feels like…


Dean landed on the floor with an ‘oof’, shocked that he had been taken down from behind.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, lifting his head as a knee pressed into his back and cool metal was snapped around his wrists. He glanced up over his shoulder, his neck straining at the effort.

“Y/N?” He asked, a smile threatening at the corners of his lips as he looked up at you. 

“Dean?” You asked. “What are you doing here?” Your knee was still pressed into his back, and you took your hands off of his wrists as you recognized the man you had just put cuffs on. You straightened up and looked at him, blinking a few times making sure that you weren’t seeing things. 

“Apparently, getting arrested.” He said with a smirk, still looking. “Unless this is your way of trying to tell me that you wanna spice things up tonight?”



- I’m not fortune’s fool… I’m yours. “Behold the Great Red Dragon.”
- And did you?
- The Brooklyn Museum is closed to the public on Tuesdays, but researchers are admitted. You knew that’s when we’d both be going.
- A sophisticated intelligence can forecast many things. I suppose mine is sophisticated enough.

Tumblr dudes are worse than dudes irl because they will say the corniest things and people will lose it! They’ll say some shit like “I would never tell a woman to make me a sandwich, cause we can make a sandwich together ;)” and it will get 10k notes and their inbox will blow up. Yall are easily impressed and tbh he needs to take his corn pop ass to bed and yall need to chill…


“David! We have company!” Rebecca Carlisle announces as she leads her stepdaughter into the condo’s steely cold kitchen.

“Hi daddy,” Madeleine greets the white haired man with a shy wave and a halfhearted smile. Ever since the news of her pregnancy broke, she has scarcely seen from or spoken to anyone in her family, and standing here with them now she feels like a stranger in her childhood home. “Is this, um… Is this a bad time?”

Glancing over his shoulder, David opens his mouth to reply, but before he can a small orange blur bounds into the room.

“Madeleine! Madeleine! MADELEINE!” the boy shouts with unrestrained exuberance.

Maddie laughs, her face lighting up as she drops her backpack to the floor and scoops her stepbrother in for a hug. “Hello Leo!”

“Wow!” he exclaims. “You’ve gotten so fat!”

Madeleine’s cheeks flush with embarrassment, but her stepmom comes to her rescue.

“She’s not fat, Leo!” Rebecca scolds her son. “She’s with child.”

“You mean she’s pregnant?” he asks. “So there’s, like, a baby in there?”

“Yeah,” Maddie nods. “Do you want to feel it kick?”

“Can I?” Leo whispers, his eyes widening like saucers.

“Sure,” she grins. “Just put your hand here, and… THERE! Did you feel that?”

“Ahem,” David clears his throat impatiently. “Why exactly are you here, Madeleine? And where is Kit?”

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