*extremely jealous*

Fun Facts: Rising

Aries Rising

  • strong likes and dislikes
  • reputation of a troublemaker 
  • accident-prone
  • clumsy af
  • tendency to trip and fall
  • dictates activities
  • likes to be noticed 
  • uncomfortable with lies 
  • likes to get right to the point 

Taurus Rising

  • a basic calmness to them
  • never push their opinions on others
  • owning things can be a mania 
  • extremely jealous lovers
  • adept at hiding their possessiveness
  • rarely forgives 
  • endless patience
  • slave to routine  
  • prone to being overweight  

Gemini Rising

  • can’t sit still for the life of them
  • always discontented in some way
  • tends to worry and fret quite audibly 
  • role-players
  • great story-tellers
  • takes on other people’s personality 
  • can use words with amazing clarity
  • disorganized messes
  • youthful and childish 

Cancer Rising

  • snappish temper
  • appears very motherly
  • talks slow
  • sensitive to emotional signals
  • impatient at times
  • round features
  • takes a while to let someone in
  • never give up 
  • great imagination

Leo Rising

  • magnanimous in spirit 
  • soft spot for children 
  • likes to spoil people
  • big-hearted and kind
  • wonderful sense of humor
  • attention hog
  • great sense of showmanship
  • can easily turn arrogant
  • has nobility of character 

Virgo Rising

  • analytical out-look
  • fixed in opinion 
  • hates stupid people
  • hard-working
  • aloof and shy
  • often suffer from poor health
  • may appear frail 
  • caring
  • assistant managers 

Libra Rising

  • a little boy-girl crazy
  • gay and genial personality
  • deeply upset by violence  
  • dislikes hard-work
  • tendency to backstab  
  • hates being single
  • artistic flair
  • aloof 
  • fantasizes about happy tomorrows 

Scorpio Rising

  • bit of a lone wolf
  • great at hypnotizing
  • sharp temper
  • can be cruel and biting
  • always comes out victorious  
  • acute powers of observation
  • knows how to use mind-control
  • persuasive 
  • quietly domineering 

Sagittarius Rising

  • humanitarians
  • care deeply about injustice
  • reckless and impulsive
  • honest
  • generous
  • tries to never restrict others
  • prefer the simple life
  • frank
  • don’t give a fuck 

Capricorn Rising

  • melancholy mind
  • can come across as arrogant pricks
  • calculating 
  • resting bitch face 
  • independent 
  • hates whiny people
  • likes to do their “own thing”
  • loyal and protective
  • hates facing emotion

Aquarius Rising

  • wickedly sarcastic
  • system of paradoxes 
  • inflexible and intolerant at times
  • quirky 
  • makes weird noises
  • easily alienated 
  • may have a “stick up their ass”
  • perfectly content when alone
  • always speaks the truth

Pisces Rising

  • drawn to the past
  • talent for mimicry
  • sometimes talks too much
  • moved by sad stories
  • changeable 
  • disorganized and a bit careless
  • distressed and disillusioned 
  • constantly loosing things
  • chameleon-like

scorpius: *gets extremely jealous when albus talks/sends owls to delphi*

scorpius: *flirts with him every two seconds*

scorpius: *cries about albus when they get separated*

scorpius: *thinks about how he loves albus to protect himself from dementors*

scorpius: *the hUGS*

scorpius: lol i asked out your cousin

i know that it’s supposed to be a horrible fate and everything, but watching beauty and the beast yesterday, i found myself extremely jealous of belle’s whole life-as-a-prisoner situation.

like, belle gets to:

  • hang out at home every day
  • only see a few people, most of whom are in fun household object shapes
  • have great food prepared for her
  • have cool-ass castle grounds to wander around without having to worry about running into someone else
  • never think about getting a job or money or generally adulting
  • instantly travel anywhere in the world thanks to a magic book and come back home just as instantaneously

i want that life.


Who wants to be extremely jealous of Jimmy Fallon for the next three months


A toxic relationship to Aries: Where there is no admiration, in fact the opposite, too much criticism.

A toxic relationship to Taurus: Where they are being used for money. They might let their love of security blind them to moochers.

A toxic relationship to Gemini: Smothering or controlling partner, a lack of support, and little to no understanding.

A toxic relationship to Cancer: Unhealthy dependency, a partner using their kindness, or a total lack of attachment and emotional connection.

A toxic relationship to Leo: Being used emotionally, constantly being let down, and someone who always attacks their self-worth.

A toxic relationship to Virgo: Someone who expects them to do everything without appreciation, being pushed around, and bad communication.

A toxic relationship to Libra: Being financially or physically dependent on someone, abusive partner, or an extremely jealous partner.

A toxic relationship to Scorpio: A partner who hardcore guilt trips, someone who makes them emotionally dependent, or a partner who has way too many boundaries or rules.

A toxic relationship to Sagittarius: A partner that is restrictive, controlling, jealous, or possessive in any way.

A toxic relationship to Capricorn: Someone who fuels their negativity, someone who isn’t physically reassuring, and no emotional sharing.

A toxic relationship to Aquarius: Someone who puts them down especially about their individuality, negative competition, or a lack of freedom.

A toxic relationship to Pisces: Being used, abusive partner, being physically, emotionally, and/or financially dependent on a partner.

me: gets exhausted from social interactions
also me: gets extremely jealous when other people take part in social interactions that i was invited to but said no to

Hetalia couple types / headcanons
  • Hongice: that one tumblr couple anways rebloging eachothers posts. Litrally all thier followers ship them
  • Rusame: that one couple that is always teasing eachother. America is the type of boyfriend who pinches russia's ass befire a picture
  • Sufin: EVERYBODY ships them. Finland is oblivious to the fact, and it makes sweden blush a ton
  • Usuk: the secretive couple england is tsundere AF and chooses not to speak of thier relationship. But when they are alone he begs america for cuddles
  • Dennor: the mismatched couple. Den is like a beautiful ray of sunshine and norway could kill you just by glaring at you. They make the most mismatched yet adorable couple ever.
  • Pruaus: the jealous couple. They always try to impress eachother. When prussia gets hit on it makes austria extremely jealous.
  • Fruk: that one couple that nobody actually knows if they are together. When asked they never answer. (Everybody ships it anyways)
  • Giripan: they are ALWAYS cuddling. They would rather stay home and cuddle with thier cats while watching a movie then be out in public.
  • Spamano: the power couple. Everybody wants to be them. They make the most attractive couple ever
  • Pruame: the nerd couple. They love playing video games together. They spend hours on end playing and only get up to eat
  • Rochu: the couple who shares everything. China forgot his pj's at his house? He can borrow russia's. Russia dosent have a place to stay for the night? He can stay at china's. Its cold outside? They can share russia's scarf.
  • Gerita: the adorable couple. They always buy eachother gifts and always seem to be together.
  • Prucan: the music couple. Prussia plays guitar and canada sings. They make the best music together.
  • Aushun: the traveling couple. They love going to beaches, mountains, anywhere as long as they are together.
  • Franada: the couple that is always baking. Canada always brings treats they had made the night before to the world meetings as france watches him lovingly.
  • Pruhun: the couple who fights over the stupidest things. Everybody knows that they really do love eachother no matter how many times hungary kicks prussia out of the house for misplacing her frying pan.
  • Red velvet pancakes: they run a pancake restaurant. They have the best pancakes EVER. They are always competing against the neighboring waffle house.
  • Belhun: runs the waffle house. Red velvet pancakes may have the best pancakes. But they have the best waffles.
  • Lietpol: They throw THE BEST parties. All the nations love them although nobody can beat them at dancing.
  • Turgre: the couple nobody really sees because they are too busy at home. Weather they are reading together, watching a movie, or sleeping together they prefer being inside.
  • Belaliech: the couple NOBODY will mess with. If you lay a hand on lichenstien belarus will slaughter you.
The signs and who they’d never mess with:

An ☆Aries would never mess with someone who gets jealous extremely easily.

A ☆Taurus would never mess with someone who always has to be the center of attention.

A ☆Gemini would never mess with someone who is inflexible to change and won’t get to know them on a deeper level.

A ☆Cancer would never mess with someone who isn’t big on getting along with their family.

A ☆Leo would never mess with someone who would rather depend on them for everything instead of getting their own shit.

A ☆Virgo would never mess with someone who can’t keep up with their way of thinking.

A ☆Libra would never mess with someone who makes them feel claustrophobic because of their neediness.

A ☆Scorpio would never mess with someone who doesn’t know how to deal with their personality because they can be hard to handle at times.

A ☆Sagittarius would never mess with someone who thrives on negativity or doesn’t have a mind of their own.

A ☆Capricorn would never mess with someone who doesn’t respect their privacy and can be indecisive.

An ☆Aquarius would never mess with someone who isn’t capable of supporting and encouraging their unique and eccentric mindset.

A ☆Pisces would never mess with someone who loves themselves more than they love them.


Stacey Mitchell was originally from West Moors, Dorset, but she and her family moved to Australia in 2000. When Stacey was 16-years-old, she ran away from her family home and moved in with 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti and 21-year-old Jessica Stasinowksy, who were in a relationship and living in Perth, Australia. Just eleven days later, Mitchell would be dead.

The young couple had been a part of the so-called vampire culture and could often be found drinking one another’s blood, as well as their own. In fact, according to Stasinowky’s lawyer, they both enjoyed “being sexually aroused by the infliction of violence.” Stasinowsky had an extremely jealous streak which would soon prove to be deadly. She developed a hatred for Michell after believing that she was flirting with Parashumti. Wanting to prove to her girlfriend that Mitchell meant nothing to her, they decided they would kill her together.

On 18 December, 2006, Mitchell, Parashumti and Stasinowky spent the day drinking whiskey. Then when the time was right, Parashumti crept up behind Mitchell and smashed her over the head with a slab of concrete before they strangled her with a dog chain. It took at least 45 minutes for her to die, but Stasinowsky later told a prison officer that she wished it had taken longer because they had become aroused by the blood. The sadistic pair filmed the aftermath of the murder – they even kissed over her deceased body.

They both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 24 years behind bars. Throughout their trial, they were seen giggling and whispering with each other, showing zero remorse.

  • Fred liked Hermione ever since he first met her, but he thought it was too weird cause of the age difference. It became obvious to George after he got so pissed about Malfoy calling her a mudblood. 
  • George would find ways to distract Ron so Fred could talk to Hermione without Ron figuring out he liked her. Ron finally figured it out one day though when he found Fred just watching her read at the Burrow.
  • Fred and Hermione started dating during her fourth year. It happened after she went to the ball with Krum. He got extremely jealous and one day just decided to spill his feelings for her. To his surprised, she also shared the same feelings.
  • Ron and Fred had silent competition going on towards Hermione for years. Hermione never noticed it at such a young age, but Ron soon enough became very accepting of their relationship and moved on fairly easily.
  • Harry always knew that Fred liked Hermione. He confronted George about it one day, and George couldn’t even keep a straight face.
  • Fred and Hermione got married.
  • Fred and Hermione had three children. A set of twin boys and a daughter. Their daughter was a major daddy’s girl.
  • Hermione had the twins before they got married.
  • Fred loves watching Hermione’s muggle movies, and she will catch him watching them alone late at night. She will make him tea and wrap a blanket around him once he cries over Disney movie deaths.
  • Hermione takes the longest showers, and Fred will sneak in behind her as she rinses off her face. He will massage her shoulders, and she will just close her eyes and let the steam consume her.
  • Hermione gets really into decorating for the holidays. He will set up traps around the house that won’t harm her. She will get irritated, and while she is complaining about it, he will just smile down at her and kiss her. She can’t stay mad for too long.
  • Fred always buys Hermione a lot of muggle candles. She loves the scents, and when she has a bad day at work, he just lights one and she automatically calms down.
  • Hermione reads to Fred every night before bed. He will fall asleep with his head in her lap as she strokes his hair.
  • Hermione is the most passionate. She will cry and scream when she is angry, but Fred will never yell back. He just wraps his arms around her and rests his head on the top of hers. He will stroke her hair then.
  • Fremione is real.

Jamie Fuller was 16 in 1991 when he killed his 14 year old cheerleader girlfriend Amy Carnevale behind a Middle School in Beverly, Massachusetts.   Jamie stabbed her, slashed her throat, and attempted to stomp on her head.  It is said that Fuller was extremely jealous and aggressive, even telling his friends he would kill her.  After he killed her, he not only bragged, but went back with a friend to dispose of the body.  He dumped it in the United Shoe Pond, using cinder blocks to keep it down.  It became known as “The Shoe Pond Murder”.  Although he was a juvenile, he was sentenced to life for this brutal murder.  In 1993, his distraught mother attempted to help him escape from prison.  The story was made into a for TV movie in 1996 called “No One Would Tell”.  

It was the 19th of December, 2010, and it was finally the wedding day of 29-year-old Rogerio Damascena and 25-year-old Costa Coelho, from Recife, Brazil. The duo had been dating for three years and it was time to tie the knot. They had planned an extravagant wedding which was held in Camaragibe, Brazil. Over 200 guests attended the event and watched the seemingly happy couple exchange vows and dance the evening away into the early morning hours.

At around 2AM when the party was in full swing, Damascena departed the main hall, whispering to his new wife that he had a surprise for her. When he came back moments later, he kissed his Coelho before retrieving a .38 calibre pistol from his pocket and shooting her in the chest and head, killing her.

After shooting Coelho dead, he turned the gun on the guests. He targeted his best man, Marcelo Guimaraes, and shot him dead before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life. Many later speculated that Damascena, who had an extreme jealous streak, had suspected Coelho of cheating on him with Guimaraes.

dating Jim Moriarty would involve:

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-You calling him James

-Him always sending undercover guards to keep you safe when you go out

-Him being extremely jealous about you

-Him being very moody

-You two flirting all the time

-Being the only one who knows his soft side

-Him teaching you how to use weapons

-Activities like that is what he calls romance

-You accept it because you truly love him

-Him keeping you out of his business because he doesn’t want you hurt

-You grooming his hair and linting his suit

-Also picking out his suits

-Him always buying you expensive stuff

-Including jewelry and designer clothing

-Occasional fancy dates when he’s free

-Indirectly hinting that you’re the only person who is keeping him from going insane

-Though he is already insane and you love it

-Always teasing each other

-He might be a psychopath but he’s a whole different person when he’s with you because you both love each other so and very much