Ladies and gentlemen, Shura and Mephisto!
I dunno if I ship them or not   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But for sure they’re pretty badass characters and I love them!

Mephisto and Shiro

anonymous asked:

How do you think Mephisto would react if his s/o purposely ignored him and paid more attention to Amaimon when he's in his hamster form? Lawl

This is the perfect request, this made me laugh when I read it,Hamaimon is my idol tbh.

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  • He’d think it was funny at first
  • That you were distracted by a cute animal
  • He thought you had more focus then that
  • He’d laugh along with you and smile for a little while
  • Until it kept dragging on, that’s when he got annoyed
  • He would gently tilt your head back to focus on him
  • Sit in front of Amaimon to obstruct your view
  • Not let Amaimon crawl on top of his hat anymore
  • He’d whine at you and tell him you not ti ignore him
  • He may try turn Amaimon back into his normal form
  • Or banish him to another part of the mansion
  • When your still not listening to him and instead focused on the small green hamster he does the only thing he can
  • And turns into his doggo form to steal back your attention and the spotlight away from his little brother
  • He’s the sorta doggo that will sit on your lap and lick your face
  • If he’s really pissed off you might see him accidentally let out his frustration and growl/woof at Amaimon