"You Make Me Confident”

You were new to the school. It was your first day and you were already regretting the move. 

This is _____. She is a new student to our school, so make sure to make her feel welcome.” The older, teacher says to your new first period class. It was a math class, filled with people whose faces seem to say ‘I don’t care’ as they watch you wave then bow. 

You slowly walk down the aisles, sitting in the only open seat, near the back of the room. Looking to your left, is a girl with golden blonde hair. She looks over and smiles at you, reaching out her hand for you to shake. “Hi, I’m Lilianne, but you can call me Lily.

Hey Lily, I’m _____.” “That’s a beautiful name.” A boy says from your right. You look over to see a boy with chestnut coloured hair smiling at you. 

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You stare at him, speechless for a few seconds, then thank him. His smile is infectious and his eyes are beautiful as he looks at you. “It’s no problem. My name is Luhan. I’d be glad to show you around if you’d like.

Woah..” Lily says, butting in. “I’ve never seen you smile, or really talk to anyone before Luhan.. and I’ve known you for two years.” You look back at him to see him blushing a bit, then turning away to stare back at the board. “He’s the shyest boy in this entire school, never once have I seen him talk to anyone, let alone start the conversation.” She whispers, leaning closer to you.

You look back at him once again, to see his gorgeous eyes already staring at you. He smirks a bit, then turns away again.


After class, Lily helps you find your next class, and yet again there was an awkward introduction to all of the students. “Alright children,” The grumpy male teacher starts. “This is _____. She just transferred here, so don’t be rude.” He demands, smiling at you. He loudly coughs, then the class says “Hi _____” in unison. It sort of depressed you, the class not caring at all about the new student, but instead of letting that get you down, you walk to sit down at a table.

This was a science class, so of course there were lab partners. But who were you supposed to choose? “Get with your partners.” The teacher says, then points at you and waves you over. You stand up and walk over, then he points the the corner of the room. “For most of the year Luhan has worked alone, but he has asked me if you could be his lab partner.

Luhan innocently looks up and waves, showing off his beautiful smile once again. As you walk to him, people look at you, confused. It was as if they were wondering why you were paired with Luhan. You sit next to him with a confused look. “How did you know I was in this class?

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Saw your schedule when I was staring at you.

Your eyes widen as he admits that he was staring at you, but he doesn’t seem to care. Right away, he moves onto science, then explains the project to you. You two work together for the rest of class, then the bell rings for lunch to begin. As you get up, Luhan smirks. “See you at lunch.


Lily walks up to your locker as you grab your lunch, then lock your locker. “How was science?” She asks, as you both walk down the stairs to the cafeteria. You shrug, confused as to what had even happened with Luhan.

Luhan asked if I could be his science partner, then admitted to staring at me.

She laughs a bit, then gets serious. “I’m not sure what’s up with him today, but he never talks to anyone, and I’ve heard that he never let’s teachers pair him up with anyone. He likes to be alone, do his own work, and stay in his own little bubble.” 

That must be why people were staring at me when I sat down to be his lap partner.” You say, sitting down at a table. As soon as you finish your sentence, Luhan swiftly sits beside you. “What do you have for lunch _____?

A sandwich and some Pepsi. What about you?” “I didn’t bring a lunch today. I had a big breakfast.” You nod at him and put a straw into the pepsi. “Do you want anything?” You ask, motioning to your food. He watches as you sip from the straw, then he licks his lips. “I want to feel your lips on mine.” He whispers.

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Lily coughs from beside you, then looks at Luhan with a surprised face. “What’s made you so confident all of a sudden?

All he does is stare into your eyes as he replies. “She’s made me confident. All it took was for her to walk into our classroom for me to know that she’s the one that I want to take a chance on. I don’t know why, but she’s the one for me.

Opposites (Part 2)

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Pairing: D.O x reader

Summary: Things that shouldn’t have been said have been said.

Words: 1087

Part 1


“(Y/N), please,” Kyungsoo begged from the other side of the door, “Please, just let me in so we can figure everything out!”

An hour later and you still hadn’t let Kyungsoo in - you had resorted to just sitting down on the other side of the door so you could hear him beg. You heard a sigh come from him, paird with the sound of him sliding down the door until he rested directly behind you, the door the only thing separating you.

“I can’t believe it, myself,” you heard him mutter, “How I spoke to the woman I love. How could I bring myself to do such a thing?” You felt yourself nod in agreement at his words, completely ignoring the ‘woman I love’ part. You couldn’t let yourself believe that - not again.

He let out a deep breath, leaning his head against the door dejectedly. “I know you can hear me, (Y/N). I know you’re leaning against the door. I know you don’t believe me anymore, but…” He hesitated, “I love you, and I’m not leaving until you let me in so I can talk to you, face to face.”

You shook your head quickly, tears building up fast. You couldn’t let him in. Don’t let him in. You bit your lip, having to physically grab your wrist so you didn’t reach up and unlock the door.

“Don’t let him in,” you whispered, tears starting to fall down your cheeks and streak them with red, “Don’t let him in, (Y/N).” You didn’t know if you were talking about letting him into your house or your heart anymore.

“Please,” another beg resounded, “Please (Y/N). I’m not asking you to forgive me - although that would be amazing, but I just want to talk. Please.”

What could go wrong? A part of you asked, a tiny, tiny part. You scoffed shakily. What could go wrong? Seriously? After the ‘little’ comment he had made earlier, you’re starting to think what could go right instead.

In a moment of complete and utter idiocy, that ‘tiny’ part of you managed to cloud your judgement, and your hand went shooting upwards to unlock the door.

Kyungsoo sighed in relief as he heard the door unlock with a click - but knowing you, you were about to regret that decision and would probably lock the door in a second. H sprung up instantly, pushing thee door lightly and slipping into your apartment.

You looked up at Kyungsoo as soon as he entered your apartment. He stopped, looking down to you, before he sighed, holding out his hand. You couldn’t help but be disgusted at his nonchalant behavior. 

You stood up, brushing yourself off and brushing past him swiftly, heading to the kitchen. You didn’t bother to look behind you to see if he was actually following; you didn’t really care.

You were rifling through the presses for a glass when you felt him behind you. You could see him from the corner of your eyes, trying to make a move to back hug you. You scoffed at his useless attempt, pushing past him and making your way to the bedroom.

“Please, talk?” He begged, standing above you as you lay in bed. You rose an eyebrow at him, before turning on your side, away from him. You heard him scoff. “Stop being so childish, (Y/N)-”

“Childish?” Your voice was deadly quiet but was the epitome of angry. Kyungsoo gulped, realizing what he said probably wasn’t the smartest. “I-I-”

“Childish?” You repeated with a humorless laugh, turning to face him again. “How dare you?” He kept quiet. “How dare you call me childish for reacting like this? How dare you call me childish when this is all your fault? Huh?!”

He shook his head, “I didn’t mean that-”

“Oh, you didn’t?” You yelled, “Well that solves everything. Let’s go back to out ‘unicorns and rainbows’ relationship, even though you’re not happy with me!

“Yes, Kyungsoo,” you bitterly concluded, “Because you didn’t mean that, because you didn’t actually mean your words, it makes everything better!” You didn’t know when the tears started flowing, but they were, and they were making your vision blurry and your heart hurt.

“(Y/N)…” He started, making a move to come closer to you, “Come on-”

“Don’t touch me!” You sobbed, making a weak move to push him away from you, “Don’t come near me! I hate you!”

“You don’t mean that,” he soothed, “Come on, don’t cry…” He moved closer to you, encasing you in one of his hugs that used to make you feel warm and loved. Now, it felt like a beg - like he was pleading with you to forgive him. 

“I can’t believe you said it!” You continued to cry, tears continuously flowing down your face, “I - I thought you loved me!”

“I - I do,” he protested, pulling back so he could look at your face, “I do love you, I do. Believe me.” You shook your head as you chanted, “No, no you don’t.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes were filled with tears as he watched you - the woman he loved, breakdown because of something he said. He caused this. “I’m sorry,” he broke down, tears streaming down his face now, “I’m so sorry, (Y/N).”

You nodded, wiping your eyes and pushing yourself away from him. “I know you are, Kyungsoo. And that’s what makes it hurt even more.” The atmosphere surrounding you two was unsettling; the room was unbearably quiet and the fight echoed in your head.

You swallowed, plastering a fake smile on your face, wiping the tears out of your eyes once again. “Well,” you concluded, “I might as well get to bed now, right?” Kyungsoo watched you with guilt ridden eyes, folding his arms as he watched you change into your pajamas.

“Well, are you coming to bed?” You asked quietly, not bothering to be cheerful anymore. Kyungsoo nodded slowly, eventually turning to get changed as well. 

Kyungsoo slipped into bed as he normally, but this time he didn’t immediately spoon you. He hesitated, frightened to touch you with how - how… broken you looked. It made the pit in his stomach sink deeper.

It wasn’t until you eventually fell asleep that he moved closer to you and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face into the crook of your neck. It was a wonder you didn’t wake up - especially as he named every single thing he loved about you.

And when you woke up, he would do it again.

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What kind of boyfriend would Tao be like? ^^

You know that’s a very interesting question, since I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that, not because he would be a bad boyfriend, no, never, but I just feel like he doesn’t want a girlfriend now, but idk, either way :)

He would definetly be that type of boyfriend that would care about what your feelings are all the time, maybe he would be a little hesitant at first but he would always scream internally at the most silly things, like, you smilling at him or you two holding hands for the first time.

I think he would be very proud to be your boyfriend and after a while he would want to spend every second of every day with you, he would always take you to fun dates and whenever any of you had a problem he would want to sit down and talk through it, he would definetly take care of you at all times, but he would also expect you’d do the same for him.

Overall he would always let you know how much he loves you and how much he wants to be the best boyfriend he can be to you , you two would grow together and he would be so caring and just, genuine at everything he does to you. 

*adorable Tao is adorable*

hope you like it anon <3

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