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The signs as EXO album “THE WAR: The Power Of Music”

Aries: Ko Ko Bop

Taurus: What U Do?

Gemini: Forever

Cancer: Walk On Memories (기억을 걷는 밤)

Leo: The Eve (전야)

Virgo: Boomerang (부메랑)

Libra: Diamond (다이아몬드)

Scorpio: Sweet Lies

Sagittarius: Touch It (너의 손짓)

Capricorn: Going Crazy (내가 미쳐)

Aquarius: Chill (소름)

Pisces: Power

EXO (ot12) reacting to their crush being the MC of a tv show

Luhan: He would try to keep his calm but everytime you asked him something he would smile and his eyes would get brighter…he just contemplates your beauty while everyone else sweats nervously because he is not answering the questions.

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Kris: His cool appearance would be on all the time. He tries to act like he is not interested but in reality he is the most engaged member in the conversation.

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Xiumin: He’d smile at you, taking the situation calmly and answering all the questions you are making. He thinks you look beautiful than ever that day so sometimes he gets lost in his thoughts but comes back to earth quickly.

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Suho: Given the fact that he is the leader he needs to appear the most calm and content from the group. He asks what the question was because he focuses too much on how pretty you look.

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Lay: He doesn’t hesitate on saying how pretty you look, and it becomes an innocent and smooth flirting game while the interview goes on. He would smile shyly while looking down, and sometimes he holds his breath because…you are stunning.

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Baekhyun: He is cracking jokes all the time because he loves to hear your laughter. Its the most amazing sound he could have ever heard in the universe. Surprisingly he gets a little shy whenever you look at him to ask him something.

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Chanyeol: the guy is all smiles and whenever you ask him something he has a hard time explaining stuff, something that never happens to him because he is really good at talking…he just becomes vulnerable with you.

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Chen: He has no problem at all while you ask him stuff, he looks at you straight in the eyes and he keeps it professional but at the same time he manages to steal glances from you every now and then while you ask stuff to other members.

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D.O: He is usually very quiet and reserved for interviews and other shows unless they ask him things directly. Surprisingly since you are the MC and he really likes you he makes a big effort to engage in the show. We get to see more of his squishy smile, and not gonna lie the boy was not afraid to tell you how pretty you are.

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Tao: He would be a combination of what Xiumin and Lay do, adding the fact that he wouldn’t take his eyes off of you and he will also smile at you all the time.

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Kai: He would probably be shy in the beginning but as you keep talking to the other members and asking them stuff he would feel kind of jealous because he wants to talk to you as well. You ask him to show part of a choreography and he goes all out trying to impress you.

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Sehun: He is a mess. He has a hard time answering your questions and he is so shy he won’t dare to look at you in the eye. He would make fun of the older members though, which you find really funny and cute…he realizes you like it so he does it every now and then to make you smile or laugh.

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  • sehun: You’re smiling, did something good happen?
  • suho: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?
  • yixing: kris tripped and fell in a river.
  • kris: you know, kissing burns 2.6 calories a minute. so, would you like to burn some calories with me?
  • suho: are you calling me fat?
EXO reacts to you in a wheelchair after a car accident

datsillyely asked:hi, can you make ot12 reaction to their gf had car accident and she end up on wheelchair? … it could be really sad, but hope you can do it … btw, i really liek your blog, you’re perfect :)

I hope I did this right. I’ve seen you around here before, thanks for supporting our blog! You’re perfect too ❤

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I took over this reaction after Bambi retired from this blog. I left everything in her original writing except for Sehun’s and Tao’s reactions (which were unfinished). I hope you all enjoy her last piece of writing on this blog.

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Xiumin: He tries his best to show you that he’s fine and that you shouldn’t worry about him, and he does a pretty good job at it. Truthfully, he’s breaking on the inside. He almost can’t stand the sight of you on that wheelchair in pain.

“Just focus on yourself and on getting better, Y/N.”

Luhan: He doesn’t leave your side once since you entered that hospital room. He abandons everything else and all his attention is on you. When you first got on your wheelchair, he was so emotional that he couldn’t stop the tears from falling.

“Sorry jagi. I’m fine.”

Kris: He’s angry at himself and blames himself for everything that happened that night. He probably will need time away from you but once he recollects himself, he supports you and helps you out whenever you need it.

“I should have never let you get in that car, I’m sorry.”

Suho: He’d practically do everything for you and although it might be annoying, you know he has good intentions. He’s constantly worried for you and even his health starts to deteriorate because of it.

“Do you need anything? Are you ok? You must be tired of pushing your wheelchair. Let me do it for you.”

Lay: He’s heartbroken. He wants to magically fix you or take your place since seeing you in so much pain is the worst thing to happen to him. He has no idea how to handle the situation, but he remains by your side throughout recovery.

“I’ll never leave you again.”

Baekhyun: Since the accident, both of you were not the same. You’d become emotional and distant, but he would make extra sure you never gave up hope. He would crack jokes and go the extra mile just to see you smile again.

“I’m getting tteokbokki tonight! Do you want some?”

Chen: The last thing he wants is for you to feel alone in this recovery journey, so he becomes the most supportive and helpful boyfriend. He buys you gifts and pushes your wheelchair through the hospital halls, making sure you have the best time.

“You’re having fun, right? See, we can make this a good experience.”

Chanyeol: He’s with you throughout your whole recovery and doesn’t falter once. He’s too happy that you’re alive to focus on the negative. He would be the reason you gain confidence despite being in a wheelchair.

“I found a park with a wheelchair accessible trail Y/N, let’s go!”

D.O: He realizes how you feel about being in a wheelchair, so he comforts you and gives you wise words of wisdom when you feel down.

“I know this sucks and it’s not easy and you just want it to be over but don’t give up. You’ll be able to walk again Y/N, I promise.”

Tao: He has mixed emotions about the whole situation: anger, sadness, relief… He is grateful that you are still alive. The one thing that’s certain, though, is that he would do anything to make you feel better, whether it be physically or mentally.

“If you need anything, I’ll be available 24/7. Call or text me anytime.”

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Kai: Knowing himself what it’s like to be in a wheelchair, even if it was for a shorter time, he’s the most helpful boyfriend there is. He teaches you how to use it, what you can do with it, and practically becomes doctor Kai.

“These are the brakes, and you put your hands here to push yourself.”

Sehun: He’s super emotional about the whole situation. He doesn’t know what he should do to help you because he’s afraid that he might do something wrong, but he offers his full support regardless. He always puts on a happy face and treats you like he did before the accident.

“Please tell me if you need anything. I’ll try my best.”

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