Elixir drips from your lips -
words of enchanted chanting,
incantations - energy vibrations
flood my mudded, hypnotised mind.

Clouded by your magic, brain shrouded -
I can’t seem to figure out whether
you bewitch with white light -
charms with intent for goodness,
like those cast with sage and stones
under the glow of a full moon?
Or if your exotic eloquence is just another
curse, full of malicious malediction -
some mind melting voodoo type hex?
I’m vexed, I can’t place the source of your sorcery,
the cult of your occult has me perplexed;

—  I guess I am under your spell // © @rarasworldbro

spock tracing jims lips with his fingers when theyre laying in bed together in their dim room, tangled up under warm sheets, and its not even heated or leading towards anything because spock looks so absolutely reverent and jim barely even breathes for fear of shattering the stillness, and spock just keeps moving his fingers, tracing jims bottom lip, his cupids bow, memorizing the feeling with his fingertips, and finally spock just exhales beautiful and jim cant help but gather him up in his arms and just hold onto him so tightly, not even possessing the words to convey his love at that moment

Why canon is soon

It’s me again. Watched the last hug scene, again. Couldn’t help it. This is what I got from it this time:

Canon is happening in either the finale or 8.1, and it is obvious from Daryl’s actions. In that goodbye hug, he is a bit stoic, trying to keep his emotions at bay. He resists. Then Carol gives a little more by grasping him, gripping onto the Carol and Daryl she knew, and it feels so good. She can’t help it, she exhales, because it feels so natural and damn exhilarating. He’s her other half, it’s clear. But the split second she exhales and gives into him, he pushes her away.

He wants her so badly, that’s what is most clear from his action here. He came to terms with this at the Terminus hug, and it’s grown stronger since then. She is his world. When she exhales, he could totally give into her, pursue her. And yes, I mean in a sexual sense because come on, even damaged people are human. But he knows he could never be calm unless his family is okay. He knows that he couldn’t show her all the love he has for her until Negan is dead. He has to get revenge and defeat the threat that threatens the love of his life. So he pulls away, even though every fiber in his body is clasping onto her. He mentally says, “Not now, not yet.” And he pushes her away.

He does this when Carol exhales into him, because in that exact moment it would have been too easy to give in, and he doesn’t.


I am at a constant battle
with myself everyday
I am so stuck in my head
That I can’t get out
I literally don’t know how

I create chaos in my head
And get myself all riled up
Over a scenario
that hasn’t even happened
Then I find myself upset
with my boyfriend
And he didn’t even
do anything wrong
But in my head he did

I know I’m being irrational
And unfair
But I can’t stop it

My chest feels so heavy and tight
I just want to exhale it out
like smoke
but I can’t
My anxiety chokes me

I don’t even notice that I’m
digging my nails into my palm
Or tapping my palm with my finger
Until my boyfriend reaches over
and grabs my hand to stop me

I am so tired all the time
It wears you out
To be constantly fighting
with yourself everyday and
you don’t know how to stop

—  Chapters from my life

“Fuck,” Kaneki swore when his left shoe slipped off and fell to the ground a few meters below. He let go of the fire escape and dropped gracefully onto the concrete, brushing off his skirt as he straightened. Then he hopped on one foot- so that he wouldn’t tear his stocking- over to the offending shoe and carefully toed it back on. He wasn’t used to wearing flats and maybe this was a sign that he should have gotten the penny loafers instead, but the flats had been cheap.

Kaneki patted his hair to make sure that the wig was still on straight and tugged on the strap of his purse. Reassured that everything was in place, he exhaled a slow breath to calm himself and turned to exit the alleyway… and made eye contact with Hide.

“Ah,” Hide said. He was carrying an armful of cardboard boxes and stood a few feet from the dumpster.

Kaneki opened his mouth to say something witty or to excuse himself, but all that came out was a faint, strangled sound. He snapped his jaw shut.

“Trash,” Hide explained and helpfully indicated the boxes by raising them a bit, never looking away from Kaneki. “Uh, you?”

“Um,” Kaneki articulated. “Sneaking out.”

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Haunted Love

An anon requested a one-shot based off the song Skinny Love. Can I just say how much I love this song now? Because I do, so thank you anon! The cover by Birdie is beautiful, but the original by Bon Iver, is so raw with feelings. I had so many ideas for this one-shot because the song spoke to me in so many ways, but this is what came to me. Fair warning not a happy read.

Word Count: 1,978

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Strain - Alphablue

Alpha Blue, also known as Dream Diesel, is a sativa that combines Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. In 2011 this compelling blend claimed two 2nd place prizes for a sativa at the High Times’ Medical Cup in Denver and San Francisco. The aroma is a combo of tart blueberry and sour candy that create a pungent mixture of earthy, berry and Haze upon exhale. The sweet fragrance of Alpha Blue brings with it uplifting effects that produce a calming, relaxed mood without putting you to sleep. The cerebral and happy buzz is a great tool when coping with stress and anxiety.

fic: carry my love to you

[even/isak] pg. 3638 words.

Even grasped the top of the duvet and dragged it over his shoulders, snuggling into the pillow. His eyes were closed as he let out a soft sigh. Isak brushed back the fringe falling across his forehead, ran his fingers through the hair behind his ear. He wanted to erase the bruises under Even’s eyes, kiss away the inexplicable sadness lingering on the corners of his mouth. If only it were that easy.

Set directly after ep 9, Fredag (O Helga Natt)

ao3 or

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A World in Which You Don’t Exist (Part 3)

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Part 3 in which we explore the bromance between Gladio and Cor. And cry some more.



Gladio pulled his chin above the metal bar effortlessly, his muscles hardly straining under the weight it was used to bearing.


He exhaled in a grunt, hanging until his arms were taut. He looked forward, unseeing. He lifted, unfeeling.


A scream.

Inhale. Chin above bar.

He needed to protect.

Exhale. Arms taut.


A whisper.

Protect what?

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replied to your post

“I’ve been sort of working with the British Men of Letters. Aside from…”

It’s great. You should do it more often.


replied to your post

“I’ve been sort of working with the British Men of Letters. Aside from…”

You should do it more often.. .this is perfect view into dean’s mind


replied to your post

“I’ve been sort of working with the British Men of Letters. Aside from…”

Yessss, pls let me exhale with this thank youuuu


replied to your post

“I’ve been sort of working with the British Men of Letters. Aside from…”

this is therapeutic to read

Oh my gosh, thank you all. That’s pretty awesome to hear. I write little things like this all the time and then delete them. Unless it’s something funny, I don’t feel like it’s good enough. Maybe I’ll stop throwing out everything I write and just post it from now on. 

leisurely-loving  asked:

How do you calm yourself down? my audition is tomorrow and i think i might die or worse suck... 😧

I inhale in for four seconds, hold for eight, and then exhale for seven. 

I then sit down and meditate. 

Sometimes I look in the mirror and smile (even laugh), knowing that I can do whatever I’m doing and I’m just psyching myself out.

For example, I’ll look at my reflection and go: “Oh come on, Molly. We both know you can do this! Stop it, stop it, no no, staaaahp it! You can do it, you know you can, you don’t have to doubt yourself you dork!” 

But I know damn well YOU can kickass at that audition! If you ever wanna sing for me I’d listen :)

anonymous asked:


“Do you ever get scared?” Poe asks, one night. They are naked, and sharing a cigarra. Outside the window, the sky is the saturated blue-black of a bruise, and the neon lights are painting Poe’s skin like the striations of a sunset.

“Of what.”

He exhales, to the ceiling. Poe has just had him from behind, tied up to the headboard of the bed with his own belt. There are still the deep red impressions lining his wrists; Poe is touching them, idly, with his rough fingers. Hux is beginning to think that he might have a preference for being held down, which is mildly thrilling, and perhaps not as surprising as he would like it to be.

“Of what’s coming,” says Poe, taking the cigarra back. He smokes like he doesn’t really enjoy it: gingerly, a little guilty. “You know, the—stuff, out there. That’s coming. It seems bad, sometimes.”

Bad, thinks Hux, and wants to laugh. He lets his gaze wander to the window, where there is humid air, and the soft cooing of seadoves curled under eaves waiting for the daymoon to rise, and the distant raucous noise of the pleasure bar, and the sound of the tide coming in.

“No,” he says. “I’m waiting for it.”

(from Shared History, Poe/Hux/Ren collab)


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