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the jasper school of “don’t worry, let it happen"
the monty school of “do the right thing, even if it’s hard”
and the side jaha chooses

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maybe,,,,,,,,,oregon sunset jasper??

oregon sunset jaspers are just as tough as any other jasper, except they are a bit more spacey and tend to zone out. they also have an affinity for nature !

i made this one a perfect jasper because lets face it,,,, oregon is perfect

please dont request anymore gems right now !!! i have a lot already

On second thought, maybe Jasper was stationed here, at least for some time. Maybe her treatment of Amethyst came from 5,000 years of pent up frustration from having to work with these “inferior” gems. Five thousand years of Holly Blue blaming her for everything that could possibly go wrong with this station. Five thousand years of knowing that she could be doing so much more than this. Five thousand years of having to look at those hideous loincloths

Then something happens.

Word reaches the Zoo that Yellow Diamond is looking for gems with experience on earth. A routine maintenance check has been encountering problems and has requested an escort. More incompetence from another flawed gem. Nonetheless, this is an opportunity that Jasper can’t afford to pass up. Her transfer is accepted, and she is officially put under the command of Yellow Diamond.

The trip to earth is uneventful. The Peridot remains professional, despite her many screw ups that necessitated this trip. The Lazuli is unusually quiet. Sometimes, Jasper catches her making furtive looks all around her, as if looking for an escape. Jasper makes it a point to keep a close eye on that one. Nothing that spent so much time on earth could possibly be good. Nothing except Jasper herself of course.

After all that built up tension, their arrival turns out to be underwhelming. The much vaunted “resurgence” of the Crystal Gems proves to be no more than a defective pearl, a needless fusion, and… an overcooked Amethyst? What’s she doing here? Weren’t all the quartzes from the Prime Kindergarten rounded up and put on duty at the Zoo? No matter. Even if she were twice as strong as that diminutive Carnelian back home, she’d still be no threat. 

And of course, there’s no Holly Blue here to stop Jasper from doing what she should have done to those Beta Garden rejects a long time ago…

Headcanon that after Anastasia frees Call from prison, Jasper slips away from the Magisterium and joins Call. And everyone except Call, Jasper, and Call’s mom thinks that Jasper was kidnapped. And Jasper just kind of makes sure Call doesn’t accidentally self destruct, he like, makes sure Call sleeps enough and eats. Call is kind of annoyed, but ever since Aaron died, he’s been a bit depressed. So, just imagine Jasper tagging along with Call and his mom making bad puns and momming Call, and he just shows up to a huge battle and everyone is super surprised.

“Jasper?! But you were kidnapped!”

“Tamara, please, give me some credit. Me, kidnapped by Call? Please.”

“Jasper’s actually really annoying. I was wondering if you take him off my hands, Tamara?”



“Shut up Jasper.”


By Your Side (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “I’m sorry this is kinda an odd request but could you please write something were the reader is Jasper’s human mate and she hasn’t been sleeping for several days due to nightmares that wouldn’t go away so she gave up on sleeping and one day she’s out with the whole Cullen fam and she faints and Jasper confront and comforts her about the issues?” (requested)

Word Count: 1,488

A/N: I’m slowly catching up to my requests, still I have a couple and more on my ask, so be patient, please! I’m still without wifi but at my mother’s house. Anyway, enjoy!

They didn’t stop; they just came back haunting me at night, keeping me awake for countless hours and it started to be unhealthy, the 8 hours that an average human is supposed to sleep I could only get 1 or 2 If I was lucky enough, the rest it was all caffeine, nothing else could keep me through the day. There was only one exception, and it was Jasper. Whenever he was around me I could finally sleep but I couldn’t ask him to come into my house every night just to help me sleep, even if he would agree, it was too much, or it seemed too much for me.

I sighed deeply brushing my hands against my face in frustration; I turned my head to look at my nightstand and stared at the clock.

6:45 a.m.

I moaned, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep again so I just stood up and made my way to the bathroom. Once I was ready I headed to the kitchen with my phone on my hands, luckily today it was Saturday so I wouldn’t have to deal with exhaustion and maths, also, today it was supposed to rain and that meant thunders which also meant that the Cullen were going to play baseball, and of course, Jasper invited me.

I pour myself some coffee and sat down on the couch pulling my phone out again and going through my social media trying to get my head away from the nightmares, I knew that they appeared only when I was asleep but the past few days I started to get absolutely afraid that something will trigger me and the nightmares would appear in front of me

My life was a complete mess.

At 10:35 I received a text from Jasper letting me know that he was coming for me and thank God I got ready beforehand knowing how fast he gets to my house, I had enough time to put make up on, concealing my dark circles, of course, they didn’t disappear but they didn’t look that bad, it was just the normal “I don’t sleep, I’m a teenager that spends the nights online” look.

And just as I imagined five minutes later Jasper was outside my house, with his usual charming smile that sent shivers down my spine and his mesmerizing golden eyes that I could look into all my life if I could.

“Hey, babe, ready for the game?” he asked raising one eyebrow and smirking at me, I laughed softly. “I’m winning today, just letting you know” he got closer and hugged me tightly.

“Stop lying to her, Jasper, please stop embarrassing yourself!” Emmett screamed from behind us making me laugh. I grabbed Jasper’s cold hand and gripped it tightly, at this he looked straight into my eyes and smiled again.

“Let’s go” he whispered and we started to walk to the field.

I couldn’t put into words how much I enjoyed watching the Cullen play, they just seemed so much relaxed when they were playing that made me relax as well, and the men would always end up fighting about silly things, even though Rosalie would take part on those fights too, they were extremely competitive and it was funny to watch that.

During the game, I could feel myself getting tired, keeping my eyes open became to be a struggle and I had to readjust myself from my sitting position on the ground, and Alice, who was sitting next to me, could notice that too.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” she asked softly caressing my arm with her hand and I nodded.

“Yes, just a little tired, that’s all, Al” It wasn’t a lie, I was tired as hell and there was nothing else in my mind that the thought of me going to sleep but I easily shrugged those thoughts off when the nightmares appeared on my mind again.

“(Y/N), come here! We need your help” Emmett’s voice interrupted us and I turned my head to look at him, he was grinning like mad and I had no idea what they wanted from me.

“Fuck off, Emmett, you cheated, get over it” Edward pushed him playfully and but Emmett didn’t even move an inch.

“Shut up, please, I’m talking to her” he responded looking at him but he turned quickly to look at me again almost with a pleading look in his eyes.

I groaned but got up anyway brushing my clothes trying to clean myself a little.

“Okay, I’m going” I answered but the second I started moving I had to stop, my head began to pound and everything around me looked blurry, dizziness took over me like a crashing wave and I was difficult to keep myself steady.

“(Y/N), what happens?” I could barely hear Alice’s voice behind me but before I could even answer I fell to the ground and closed my eyes before drifting into darkness Jasper’s voice was the last thing that I heard.


I slowly tried to open my eyes, which was rather difficult, there was something on the back of my mind that kept telling me to go back and let sleep consume me, but I didn’t want to.

Once I opened my eyes successfully I met those golden eyes that make my heart flutter, but this time the only thing that I could see in them was pain and concern.

I moved my body from the bed that I suspected Jasper had placed me and sat with my back placed on the headboard, Jasper made his way from the spot that he was standing and sat down next to me, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it a little.

“I know something is wrong and I want you to tell me what’s happening so I know how I can help you” he tilted his head smiling at me; I knew he was trying to soothe me with his powers and it was certainly working.

I closed my eyes and sighed before opening them again and looked at him straight into his eyes.

“It’s…it’s nothing really” I couldn’t help but to stumble through my words, I was starting to feel embarrassed about confessing to him.

The grip on my hand tightened a little bit making me wince, it didn’t hurt a lot but he surely was strong.

“I thought we trusted each other, love, tell me” he paused and rose an eyebrow at me “what’s wrong?”

I knew he wasn’t doing this on purpose to hurt me, he would never even try to harm me in any way, I knew this was his way of protecting me and showing that he cared. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to reassure myself that everything was okay.

“I’ve been having nightmares the past few days” I finally let out “they are extremely bad and I haven’t been able to sleep well so I just ditched the idea of sleeping because they always came back a-and “I sniffed and the tears were moving down from my eyes to my face almost instantly. I took a deep breath and continued “Every time I close my eyes I just see the same thing and it’s driving me crazy”

Jasper immediately pulled me into his arms hugging me close to his strong body as I let the tears fall freely down my face, sobbing uncontrollably. I could hear Jasper’s voice through my ear whispering sweet things to me and eventually, I calmed down, thankful for Jasper’s ability to make me relax enough so I wasn’t a sobbing mess.

He pulled away a little so he could see my face and moved a strand of hair out of the way before he pressed his lips onto mine, giving me a little peck and pressed our foreheads together.

“You should have told me before, (Y/N),” he whispered as his caressed my face with his thumb “I would have done anything to make those nightmares go away”

He then pulled away completely and stood up walking to the other side of the bed lying down next to me, and pulling me closer to his body, I instantly put my arms around his torso and his arms found their way to my waist; he place his chin on top of my head and I pressed my head on his chest.

I tried to force myself to stay awake afraid that the nightmares would come back, but, I knew that having Jasper by my side they probably won’t.

“Try to sleep a little, (Y/N), I know you are tired” he whispered and kiss the top of my head, letting his lips linger a little bit longer “I will be here, I will always be here”

And with that I let myself drift to sleep with his body still pressed against mine, holding him as tight as I could, knowing that for once I could have a decent sleep.  

I feel like I should really clarify here because I think there may have been a confusion about my ongoing frustrations on Lapis:

No, I am not saying “Lapis is clearly a career soldier in defiance of YD’s explanation of a Lapis Lazuli’s duties and Jasper and Pearl’s separate reactions to her”.

I am saying “We’ve been explicitly given an explanation that Lapis is a construction worker, but she is both versed in and comfortable with fighting, and is terrifyingly powerful. Can we please acknowledge that Lapis is scarily powerful and none of her behavior suggests that this is new or situational the way the fandom seems to suggest?”

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What do you think Lapis meant by her 'I am lapis lazuli' statement? Since there are other lapis gems. I took it as a kind of like when the lone cop says "I AM the police force!" Or maybe she is the oldest? What is your take?

I’ve always taken at as extremely suspicious that so far we have actually only ever heard Lapis refer to specifically herself singularly when a comparable character- Jasper, who is explicitly an exceptional and unusual Jasper- in Crack The Whip talks about her gem caste collectively. In fact, with I think the sole exception of Peridot in Barn Mates and YD in That Will Be All, Lapis has only been mentioned singularly by others as well.

We were also pretty clearly supposed to take something meaningful from that statement considering a couple of things:

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“You’ve experienced the way I can manipulate the emotions around myself, Bella, but I wonder if you realize how the feelings in a room affect me. I live every day in a climate of emotion. For the first century of my life, I lived in a world of bloodthirsty vengeance. Hate was my constant companion. It eased some when I left Maria, but I still had to feel the horror and fear of my prey.”