I just love Alex so much. I want people to appreciate a woman’s body without getting upset seeing it. I took the measurements of Alex’ canon body from Kohske to draw this picture. I don’t think her breasts are in any way too surreal and it would be terribly awesome if people started calling them breasts again instead of tits. Alex is such a frail girl, so breakable but terribly beautiful. I don’t understand people who see her drawn naked and immediately get appalled. What is it that she has that you don’t? She is curvy, she has breasts, she has a nice waist, nice thighs, what exactly is it you don’t like on her? And please don’t just say ‘she is a fanservice’ because that doesn’t count. 

Alas, Alex is simply beautiful and Kohske drawing her naked will just cause one thing: people to finally accept a female naked body of a nice curvy woman with big breasts. Not more, not less. So no need to get appalled seeing a naked body. We were all born naked. We should know by now what we’re looking like (all of us, male and female).

i mean on the one hand, what the fuck kind of therapist doesn’t AT LEAST list her name somewhere on her voicemail message, if not a disclaimer about where to call if you’re in crisis, some office hours, whether she’s currently taking clients, etc. etc. 

on the other hand, for only 65 bucks a session my uninsured ass can’t afford to say shit, so