You want to know what this is? This is the one moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the moment where Clarke reaches that turning point with Lexa. Not only is this yet another completely vulnerable Lexa scene, but Clarke opens herself up too. She gives Lexa the tiniest glimpse before shutting herself away and locking it up tight again.

Clarke and Lexa are talking about Ontari and the ambassadors, but the subtext is so blatant. Clarke tells Lexa that the only reason she was on her side was because she was doing what was right for her people. (How often as she used that overly rehearsed line by now? Honestly, Clarke.) Clarke then asks Lexa how she plans to move on after her ambassadors betrayed her, but we know the words are much more personal than they seem, since we know Lexa betrayed Clarke. Clarke’s prodding. She’s searching for answers. Lexa says they were doing what they thought was best for their people. Just like Lexa was at Mount Weather, just like Clarke was when she joined the Coalition. Then we see it click in Clarke’s mind, she finally gets it. Lexa betrayed her at Mount Weather for her people, and Clarke was just an unfortunate casualty. Clarke then cuts the conversation, because what is she supposed to say? She shuts herself off completely, she doesn’t let the conversation get any deeper. Why? Probably because she doesn’t trust herself and her feelings. She probably doesn’t want to trust Lexa, doesn’t want to have those feelings again, yet look at the way she looks at her. Clarke, please. Chill. (Another reason could be that she’s gotten all that she needs from the conversation. She’s gotten what she was searching for with Lexa, and she can finally start moving on.)

This scene is 3x04′s bow scene. It’s all Lexa and no Commander, with absolutely no bullshit. Lexa thanks her, twice, because Clarke is the reason she’s still alive. Technically Clarke didn’t have to, of course, but she’s put her faith in Lexa that she’ll do right by her people. This one moment seals everything. Once again, Lexa has caught Clarke off guard with her sincerity. Not to mention, Lexa has never looked at Clarke with more adoration, and you can most certainly see it in Clarke’s eyes too. Beautifully portrayed, as always. This entire idea is also emphasized by the fact that it seems to be the last quiet moment before shit hits the fan in 3x05, much like the kiss was the last quiet moment before the war in 2x14. (requested by anonymous)


Roses can be red / Violets are purple, not blue / Poem now haiku

Hey, got a Valentine?  Or just someone you really like?  Send a special ROMEO AND/OR JULIET VALENTINE to your sweetie this weekend, featuring all-new art by Kate Beaton and/or Noelle Stevenson!  Romeo And/Or Juliet is my choose-your-own-path version of Shakespeare and it’s gonna be OFF THE HOOK

My sexuality...

Commander Lexa not allowing anyone to fight on her behalf
Commander Lexa being adamant about her decision
Commander Lexa fighting a guy twice her size
Commander Lexa twirling her sword
Commander Lexa killing Nia
Commander Lexa being badass
Lexa in a nightgown and hair let down
Lexa being a love struck puppy
Lexa with heart eyes
Lexa smiling
Lexa saying “goodnight ambassador”
Lexa. Basically.

A Coliver 2x10 Coda

Connor plucked the empty glass from Asher’s hand and threw a blanket over his sleeping classmate as he stood.

“Finally.” Oliver muttered. “Never thought he’d go down.” He tucked the game controllers away and stood next to Connor. “How much did he have?”

“Enough. Apparently,” Connor breathed out and headed into the kitchen. 

“I know but still…” 

With a final glance at their sleeping houseguest, Oliver wandered over to join Connor in the kitchen. He leaned over the counter and watched while Connor put dirty glasses in the dishwasher. 

“Hey, can I ask you something?” Oliver asked, plucking up an empty bottle to tuck it away in the recycling. 

“Shoot,” Connor answered, wondering if the dishwasher was full enough to run. Sometimes Oliver got pissed if Connor ran it and it wasn’t full ‘enough.’

“What did he mean?”

Connor knew exactly what Oliver was asked about but stalled anyway. “What are you talking about?” 

“Asher. When he said that – that his dad was murdered. Murdered to cover something up. He said it happens all the time.” Oliver paused then and Connor didn’t look up, couldn’t look up. “What did he mean, Connor?” 

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it took me 4729 years but I’m finally, finally, FINALLY finished with lady chat noir. there are little impurrfections here or there, but honestly i’m so happy with how it turned out (*ΦωΦ*)

I’ll be wearing chat friday evening & saturday at katsu–and I’ll be handing out valentines! Hope to meet some more miraculers this weekend❤️🐞

 ive seen so many larries be attacked for things they don’t specifically do ???? yall be bringing up blanket statements that dont even apply to the person ur arguing with and its fruitless?? like jus say you hate all larries and then leave them alone instead of trying to tell everyone what they actually do when they aint bothering anyone but you because you dont share the same beliefs