Lot #3- Tibetan quartz and kyanite $20 free shipping in the US

You get everything you see in the pictures, perfect for someone learning how to wire wrap!

Please message me if you’re interested with the lot number, and your paypal email and I will send you an invoice. But when writing your email, please don’t put a “.com” or tumblr won’t send the message. Just put “blahblah@gmail” or “blahblah@gmail(.)com” or sometihng. (or message me the lot number on etsy if you’d prefer I make an etsy listing for you)

5164) I love dresses, but since I'm pre everything I look very feminine in them and it ruins it for me. I never wear them in public, not even in front of my family, 'cause I feel so ashamed for liking these things. I fear that people won't believe I'm trans just because I'm not that masculine.

a facebook friend of mine made a post like ‘if you’re straight don’t turn your icon rainbow’, and regardless whether you agree w the statement or not, the thread was immediately filled with comments from cishets saying ‘the flag is for EVERYONE!!! I am being SUPPORTIVE!!!’ and other queer ppl raving about allies and it’s just like

It’s sort of amazing how the moment you tell cishets and allies they aren’t allowed to have something or participate in something they lose it and act like they should be entitled to our spaces

this is why I don’t trust cishets bc like. it’s like they only support us if they get to participate in our community, let them into our celebrations and parades and discussions. they don’t actually care about us, they just want to look good for being supporters and have a say in what happens to us like everything is about them


Lot #4- Labradorite cabochons, quartz crystals, amethyst crystals, black tourmaline pendant, labradorite bracelet- you get everything you see in the pictures!

$30 with free shipping in the US

Please message me if you’re interested with the lot number, and your paypal email and I will send you an invoice. But when writing your email, please don’t put a “.com” or tumblr won’t send the message. Just put “blahblah@gmail” or “blahblah@gmail(.)com” or sometihng. (or message me the lot number on etsy if you’d prefer I make an etsy listing for you)

hey are any museums in Chicago open After Dark? what should I, a tiny 20 year old girl, do completely alone in Chicago for a night? I am staying in a hotel right on Lake Michigan on Lakeshore and everything seems fancy and I am very cute and wanna have fun. open to any suggestions. I have $60 worth of free uber rides!

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My package came in today!! I spent the morning smiling like a doof and reading your doujin. They were perfect!! And the youkaiAU booklet, and the baby KouAo postcard, and the packaging!! Just all of it was great and amazing to get. <3

I know others who didn’t order by EMS probably haven’t gotten their packages yet, so I’m not posting the pictures to tumblr without permission in case you wanted the little bonuses to be a surprise, but attached are my pics of your lovely additions to my Dmmd collection~  Thank you so much! Good luck with all your future projects! I am glad I could contribute to your sales with these pieces! :3

Ah yay!! ;w; Glad everything has reached you, thank you for joining the preorder and i’m happy you like it! Have a nice day! *u*

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pynch where no one remembers adam's birthday except ronan pls

I got this request in MARCH. I’m the slowest, but still working through prompts when I can! This just seemed like an appropriate thing to warm up with today, in light of it being Adam’s birthday. ❤ I hope you like it, anon. 

Cabeswater’s been tugging at Adam all day as he moved from one job to another. Just gently pulling the threads at the edge of his mind. It isn’t the terror of before, but it’s also more than he’s received in close to a month. The forest had gone eerily still after it all. After they found more than Gansey had been looking for and after people stopped trying to steal away the greywaren and after it had stopped having to sustain such a constant stream of energy to hold everything together and protect itself. Adam is still getting used to the quiet. He welcomes the feeling of another presence, especially today of all days, so he goes to it.

It’s close to ten when he pulls off the winding mountain road and onto the grass. His headlights illuminate the BMW, perched next to the trees some hundred yards away, and his throat dries out a bit. It’s not that he’s been avoiding everyone on purpose all day, it’s just that he prefers to spend his birthdays alone, so he hasn’t tried to reach any of them. It’s a ritual, thinking about everything he’s lost and gained and examining the holes in his gut and seeing if he can’t fill any of them in. And anyway, they haven’t tried to contact him either.

Birthdays have always been complicated for Adam, reminders that he was an inconvenience, but also that eventually he would be free of feeling that way. Always one year closer to being the self-sufficient sort of man he wanted to be. Now, having tripped across July the third from eighteen to nineteen, he’s been that man for a year and it hardly feels real. He doesn’t feel any more mature or prepared than he usually does. He eases open the car door and climbs out, shutting it gently behind him, trying not to disturb the night.

It’s also night in Cabeswater when he steps through the transition. He’s immediately greeted by a swarm of fireflies, some of which cling to him as he walks forward, rendering his tanned skin and blue t-shirt into dotted galaxies in the darkness.

“Ronan?” he calls quietly, unable to raise his voice, affected by the hush and beauty of magic and night.

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I was tagged by the gawjuss fstopsteph and as I happened to be dicking about with make up and taking selfies the drop everything and take a selfie meme is perfect for me rn!

I tag liammedaddy niallschestrug myfrogsonharold zaynlirry nickiminage 1d-mumblings smut-reading-mum rahn-burgundeh sorrynotharry aaaand 1976mak!

I’m sorry if I missed anyone! Also if anyone else wants to do it tag me and I’ll look at your pretty faces!!! :D ❤️❤️❤️

What the hell is going on with Backpage? — Tits and Sass

This tactic worked, faster than even Dart could have dared to dream. MasterCard pulled out the following day, with a statement that said “MasterCard has rules that prohibit our cards from being used for illegal or brand-damaging activities.” Visa followed suit a day later, with a statement saying “Visa’s rules prohibit our network from being used for illegal activity.”

In fact, their actions went far beyond the reach of law. Backpage is used in over 80 countries; because credit card companies’ reach is global, their cutting off service to the site affects sex workers worldwide, including those whose work is legal in their jurisdictions. And what the site itself was doing was legally protected, as courts had found time and time again.

But who’s counting? Anti-sex work advocates were thrilled with the response, hailing the circumvention of due process as a “progressive” way of going after the site since everything else they had tried had failed to stand up to scrutiny. Dart himself declared it “a great day for all who are engaged in the anti-sex trafficking struggle,” since the companies pulling out would “make the average trafficker or pimp’s life much more difficult.”

If anything, the new restrictions will make it easier for the few traffickers or pimps on Backpage to hide, by making it so that people can only pay for advertising via anonymous means instead of traceable ones with their names and information attached. But efforts to combat sex work under the guise of trafficking are often counterproductive to their stated purpose. What is new, and alarming, is the precedent this sets. One cop can shut down a site’s ability to do business simply because it engages in speech he doesn’t like, even if that speech is legally protected. All he has to do is ask!

What constitutes “brand-damaging” is a matter of opinion. Visa and MasterCard are fine with doing business with the KKK, for example. Given recent events, it seems plausible that many cops may not have a problem with that, but it’s easy to imagine other kinds of speech they might not like. Political or community groups that might be critical of them? Art or sexualities that might offend someone? Independent news media? Us?

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I want to do an exchange program and live in Copenhagen for 5 months should I do it?? What kinds of things are there to do there?

If you mean what you can do in your spare time, there are tons of things! It’s the capital so you can legit pretty much do everything 😄👌🏼

people here get offended over everything. ive only accepted my skin colour a couple of months ago and now that i finally have, after even tumblr users calling me “dirty” “too dark” and insisting my race is black (but saying it in the most racist way possible) because of my brown colour, now they’re getting pissy that im accepting it and saying im not dark enough to be dark. 😒 if you’re brown you’re never allowed to embrace yourself basically lmao