It’s so funny. Like in 2004 Christiano was this rising star and little whiny bitch, now 8 years later he is still whiny little bitch, but captain. Why, who made him a captain, so everyone will look at him and learn how to be a crying ass?

I was worried about Iker. I almost cried when i saw him. I mean, i so didn’t want him to be the man to blame. But he saved ESPANA! AH, once again. Like he always does, because why? BECAUSE HE IS THE BEEEEEEST GOALKEEPER EVEEEER! I mean seriously. Dude, is amazing. He is only 31 and already played 136 matches. I mean come on. Slow down, NOT! 

Iker, man, i love you.

About fake ronaldo and my hatred to him.

I admit and i admire his talent, that boy has some legs and he can play soooo good like maybe no other right now.


so…i do think he is amazing player, but i’ll just keep on hating :P