Your Signed Books and Artwork Just Got Harder to Sell in California :: Eureka Books: New, Used, and Rare Books in Old Town

Hey, so, this is a thing that is happening in California! Effective 1/1/17. bullet point version:

  • autographed/signed things being sold for over $5 will need a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)
  • A very specific CoA. Like if it’s being signed in front of you it requires location, date, and a witness to be valid
  • If the seller is not the signer, the CoA must include the name and address of who the seller got the item from. 
  • So new CoAs have to be issued with every sale.
  • Also, if you sell a signed thing to a dealer, the dealer will have to put your name/address on the CoA when they sell it on to the next person.
  • This is not limited to memorabilia (in fact the previous law was just sports memorabilia, but this law was changed specifically to include ALL Items).
  • All signed items valued over $5. FIVE DOLLARS.
  • so this will affect artists and art galleries (signed prints, signed original work), authors, booksellers (and author events at booksellers), Conventions, and dealers at conventions (I believe WorldCon 2018 is in San Jose, plus ComiCon, etc.) etc.
  • oh, and I forgot to mention, sellers are required to keep a copy of this CoA for Seven Years. 

This is ridiculous and it was done kind of quietly. If you’re in CA, maybe write your state legislator and point out how ridiculous this is.


Stained Glass Ensembles

Thought I’d do a gathered post of my recent stained glass pieces. It is an interesting style to work with and a lot of people seem to like them. 

As a reminder these ensemble style pieces are commission-able if you have a series you want to see one for! They start at $60 and will be negotiated based on number of characters/complexity. If you’d like one message me on here or email me at cboara@gmail.com!