AH, i updated my initial submission after i remembered another thing, so you can use this one if you decide to post it.  but yeah, i recently watched Apocalypse Now and it was kinda reminding me of something!  Cool to see some possible inspirations for E7 going on.  I couldn’t find anything about this via google, so if i missed a previous post on this blog that compared these two, i’d love to see it!  ^^;;

(Stoner obviously resembles Che Guevara more than he resembles this character, but i thought it was interesting that they both had photojournalists that wax philosophical at times.)

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I wish you would write a fic where Jack Carter of Eureka has a completely normal non catastrophic day and the whole day is like on edge waiting for something to go terribly wrong. (Your eureka house series with sga is one of my all time fav series, ronon scaling the motherfucking house and then eating all their canned goods am I right?).

That’s SUCH cruel genius. Poor Jack. His life was just brutal. I will never get over Henry nodding while saying “no” about if aliens were real THAT SHOW WAS SO FUCKING GOOD RIGHT? 

Also, bless you, glad you liked those Eureka crossovers – they were SO much fun to write. 


So, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m working on rewriting my long Newt/Hermann coffee shop au that I wrote last year. I’m only working on it once in a while, so it’s nowhere near done, but I thought I’d like to post the finished chapters here every now and then; and so, here is the first rewritten chapter of Some Things Just Make Sense! Now with bonus scenes and moderately improved writing! You totally don’t need to have read STJMS already to understand this, btw, so if anyone unfamiliar with that fic wants to read, you should be fine. 

I hope you guys like it! I hope it’s better! Thanks for reading!

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I wish you would write a fic that combines your amazing SGA work and Eureka work and threw in some crazy (Tony) Stark nonsense in there to really burst the multiverse open. JARVIS playing Agony Aunt to SARAH/Andy? Who gets into more trouble - John or Steve? Who's more protective - Rodney or Bucky? I have questions!

Avengers + Eureka = end of the world no questions asked. Also how does Nathan Stark handle his…what, cousin? tony Stark’s arrival? WITH HIS TYPICAL GRACE AND RESTRAINT?

eureka seven is the best mecha anime because in one episode they have a mech fight in a denny’s parking lot except they couldn’t call it a denny’s so they called it daddy’s