Aria and Bethany twin theory

I see a lot of Bethany and Aria twin theories and last night I had a bit of a “Eureka!” moment and now I am almost 100% certain it is true.

Firstly I’d like to draw your attention to the “shocked faces” the girls are pulling when they see “Charles.” Notice the background:

Now take a look at the background of (presumably) the secret Carissimi room Spencer and Hanna walked by in 608.

The same! 

What could be in this room? My guess is footage from that night and NAT videos. I say this because the person who leaked the reddit spoilers  (huge spoilers, only click if you don’t mind) has said we will see “that night” (they have predicted a lot!) and it’s kind of inevitable we see it anyway. Mona also seems to be dealing with some hi-tec equipment whilst the girls are watching something too.

Someone who is undeniably shown in this footage is Bethany Young. It is likely the girls come face to face with Charles at prom, so their shocked faces whilst in the Carissimi building are probably for something else. We know promos mix up scenes usually too. The way they are standing and their reactions are simply not what I would expect from them after finally finding out who A is, you know? To me, it has to be something else.

(full cred to gif owner dilaurnts)

We all joke about how Aria looks the least shocked. To me, she looks the most genuinely shocked; you can see the realisation settling in. She looks confused. Her reaction is extremely different to the others. WHY? My guess is whatever they see is personal to her… 


Now some evidence to back it up.

Eddie Lamb recognised Aria when she volunteered at Radley. Who do we know that was a patient at Radley somewhat recently? Bethany. Did he get the two mixed up? Or did he recognise her from when she visited as a child? He did know her name after all..

Aria and mirrors is a recurring theme in the show. Mirrors make two…

Two of Aria?

Marlene has said there is a reason we haven’t seen Bethany’s face yet, and I am betting on it being because she is identical to another character.

Maybe Aria’s trip to Iceland wasn’t random. We know they went after Ali disappeared. Who else do we know that went missing that night? Bethany! Maybe they got away to protect Aria from her disturbed twin…

(P.s. before people start about hair colour; yes, hair does often change naturally over time.)

The final of Eureka Seven - Home is not a place but a person

tbh the first time I finished the anime I was a little confused(?) by the ending.

It was completely different from anything I could have expected and I wasn’t sure how to feel abou it.

But upon rewatching the show, I realized what meaning was behind the final episode and how beautiful it really was.

When I hadn’t seen the ending yet I though it would be something more intense, not necessary action-wise, but emotionally. However the confrontation between Renton and Eureka went much… smoother than expected.

What really got to me during my second viewing of episode 50 was Eureka’s line “You really came for me

It just kinda clicked when I heard her saying these words while covering her mouth with her hands and with tears floating from her eyes. (may I mention that this scene was animated gorgeously as well)

And I finally understood. Throughout the whole anime, Eureka repeatedly showed that she saw herself as a burden to others (even outright asking Renton whether he found her annoying at one point, etc)

She also constantly felt like she didn’t truly belong anywhere. She looked human and her consciousness became more and more so as time went by, but she was really a coralian. One who was supposed to communicate between coralians and mankind, too. Yet she had been used by humans to kill countless of their own kind before and a vast majority of humanity now seemed hellbound on eradicating hers, the coralians.

All around, Eureka felt lost. And Renton became her home.

The reason why she fell in love with Renton was because he reached out to her, accepted her, welcomed her back again and again, even in the worst times. He showed her that she was much more valuable than she thought. He genuinly saw her for the person she was, no matter what species.

That’s why there was no need for “drama” when they faced each other in the final episode. By risking everything to come for Eureka, Renton showed her what couldn’t have been put into words properly.

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No I love that she has acne too!! She is always so perfect that it's nice to have concrete proof that she's a human/real person. Like every time I get a zit I'm like "whyyyyyy god why??? Does kendall have a pimple? No. Does Cara? Does etc? Why me!!" But eureka, she does. (And so does Cara for the record.) Feels good to be imperfect, dunnit?



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