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i dragged out his name across the house. after not getting a response, i got up from the couch in the living room, where i was watching house hunters, and walked slowly through the house to the studio room.

i lightly knocked on the door, but when i didn’t get a response i slowly opened the door to find him sitting on a chair, shirtless, with head phones on. he seemed very focused. i walked into the room, and placed my hand on his back. he turned around and took off the head phones, with a huge grin on his face.

“hi” he said.

“hi” i replied.

shawn wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head on my stomach. one of my hands ran through his hair while the other rubbed his back.

“what’s up babe” i asked.

“i’m writing a song about you” he looked up at me.

“oh really” i smiled wide.

“yeah but you can’t hear yet”.

“mkay” i giggled, “why don’t we go to bed, it’s pretty late..”

he inhaled deeply and looked back at his work.

“i would love some sleep” he smiled.

“ok let’s go” i grinned widely…..

send me some request please!!

All y'all that love vacationing in the islands better donate because everyone will use these islands as a get away but don’t really give a fuck about the actual people that live there and the children and elderly people and even normal everyday folks that are losing everything and losing family due to people who don’t believe in global warming.

And no I won’t speak about Florida only because everyone wants to forget about the islands and leave not only my family but other people’s families to die because they’re not mainlanders or Americans. So please just fucking donate but not to the Red Cross. Fuck them.

Hey I Hate Asking For Help

Hi I’m Jeremy I’m 18 and I’m trans.

I’m stuck at my mothers home in Mississippi I have been stuck here for a month. I don’t think I have a job waiting for me anymore but being here is not good for me. I need to get home and I need a little help to get there. I know there’s a thousand posts like this and not everyone can throw money at strangers but I’m on a big downward spiral and if it continues I can’t promise I’ll be around a lot or at all. I am purposely forced into femininity and my mom takes every chance to affiliate feminine things with me. She doesn’t know how to handle me or anything to do with me. She told me the day after I got back from a behavioral ward that I wasnt allowed to ruin my body and I could be a lesbian if I wanted but I wasn’t allowed to be trans and ruin my life like that. So least to say it isn’t good being here I have to go as soon as possible. If you can throw a couple dollars at me my PayPal is photovoltaick@icloud.com and thank you for even like reading this and double thank you to anyone who shares this

アしや(芦谷)耕平✒︎芦辺露伴は動き出す on Twitter
“美少ジョ女子、描いてみよう。 #美少女描いてみよう #jojo_anime #jojo #ジョジョ #だが断る”

Beautiful Jojo women (new fanart on Kohei Ashiya’s twitter).