Ok, here we are with a new shitty quick try for another book cover. First of all I must say that I’m literally obsessed with Pacific Rim and what’s better than big robots, Dinosaur-aliens, Pharmercy and epic way of write reunited in only one chapter? 
Here to you a book cover for @gravehelm‘s Equilibrium. Trust me, guys, you really should read it. I’m sooo serious.

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture.

My head is all over the place at the moment and I seem to have gone on a smut hiatus…

I wanted to concentrate on finishing Penance, and I have approx 2k words of the next chapter, and it’s all fluffy.  I think it’s upset my equilibrium.

I want to write more Pixie Dust, but all I can seem to write is the angsty stuff that happens further down the line rather than the smutty smut that is due to happen in the next chapter

I’ve written some stuff for the next chapter of Neverland, the majority of which involves Emma finding Belle’s panties at Gold’s house.

I have written NOTHING for BFAE or The Stranger in months, and I seem to have a mental block on that front right now, despite knowing where I want both of those stories to go

I have no idea how to fix The Course of True Love.  At the moment all I have is Rumple snarking at Granny, Emma and Regina, and Belle crying

But does my brain want to solve any of these problems?  NO!

Instead my brain wants to think about a post-apocalyptic Rushbelle AU

Also one of the monthly rumbelling prompts which I thought of something really angsty for.  If it doesn’t get picked I may write it anyway

In short I suck


Scourge: The process that keeps me alive is… horrific. It is an ancient Sith artifact, known as the “Stasis Cell." It freezes every atom in my body in a punctuated equilibrium, giving me the energy to move, but not to feel. It is… hard. I am ready for a change.

 JK: What change?

Scourge: What I want is to live. The remainder of my days. As any man does.

Scourge: When there was cause, it was worth the price. Now? The Sith taught me to embrace passions, to indulge the senses, to give in to lust as easily as anger. For three hundred years, I have been trapped in celibacy, with no spice in my food or scent of blood in my kills. I have nearly been a Jedi.

@perspectivemax yeah bro the Walther WA-2000 was a super accurate sniper rifle that had only 176 made with like 15 imported into the US. They use it in Equilibrium to execute dogs, when a car with the windows rolled up in the hot sun would have sufficed.

Okay but you better believe Marshal trains fighting type Pokemon to become service Pokemon. He trains Machoke, Machop, and Machamp to go to various hospitals to help with wheelchairs and such, Hitmontop and Hitmonlee to help with trainers/people with balance/equilibrium problems. He also trains various other fighting types to assist with trainers/people with chronic fatigue, low spoon counts, and so on. 

tldr; Marshal is a certified Service Fighting Type Pokemon trainer and outsources to all regions- not just to Unova.

oh also WHILE I’M THINKING ABOUT IT another reason s11 pissed me the fuck off is because the entirety of sam and lucifer’s relationship in s5 was lucifer talking to sam and telling him “hey we’re alike and i get that you don’t want to accept that but you must see that so please just consider these ways we’re alike and it’s cool if we never agree but you’d be so much happier if we did” and sam steadfastly resisting because that’s who sam is, but at the eND OF THE SEASON sam finally kind of accepted it or at least got to a point where he was starting to, and lucifer meanwhile was changing his own mind abt his viewpoints because of shit sam had said/done, and they were reaching an equilibrium of some kind and then they went in the cage, and then in s11 they should’ve come back to that same point, just with six years between them, and sam should’ve had more of an open mind and lucifer should have too and yet it was like none of s5 ever happened and not just because lucifer was written so out of character but also because sam had reverted right back to “i hate you and i don’t care that you’re right and that we’re alike i refuse to accept that or listen” when he had clearly moved PAST that point by 5x22, and lucifer had reverted to some form of a stereotypical portrayal of himself he was NEVER at in s5 so idk where THAT came from, and just. it was so stupid because they had so much potential and they went nowhere with it and did nothing and that’s why i’m doing a s11 rewrite but also it’s why i’m crying on the floor at two in the goddamn morning

Metal Parts versus Flesh and Bones


“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here on Earth. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply until every natural resource is consumed, gone, depleted and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same exact pattern as you humans. Do you know what it is?” An ominous voice asked. It sounded oddly robotic/electronic. You could see it’s eyes, a bright amber color. He was in a snow white dress shirt, a obsidian black tie attached, with a midnight black suit jacket and pants. His style looked like it was from the 20th century, and the early 20th century to be honest. Cloud white spats over his dark, pitch-black loafers. He had a cane with him, not some elder cane, no that old rag-time cane, with the white near the curved part. He also had a nice fedora, black with white lines running around it, and a white band. It also displayed a colorful array of feathers stuck onto the hat permanent like.


Once Hanzo has some equilibrium with Genji and Overwatch, his dragons refuse to stay hidden. If Genji is around, they’re all over him and his dragon, so fucking pleased to be reunited. Hanzo is frustrated as hell with their lack of calm, but he can’t really do anything about it because there’s a difference between calling the dragons to smite his enemies and getting them to stay put.

The rest of Overwatch starts using the dragons to gauge Hanzo’s mood because there’s a strong correlation. If he’s happy, the dragons play. If he’s brooding, they curl up and can only be prodded into motion by a mission or Genji’s dragon.

This is also how nearly everyone figures out that Hanzo has a crush on Jesse, because his dragons *adore* McCree. Like, fly over to him as soon as he walks into the room and start winding around him like affectionate cats levels of adoration. Jesse is oblivious and thinks it’s just because he as a way with animals. He figured out what kinds of treats spirit dragons can have and where they tend to like getting petted from when he used to interact with Genji and his dragon back in the old days. 

Jesse remembers these kinds of things: favorite foods, the way people take their morning beverages, little things that will make them smile when their mood is teetering on the edge of bad, because he’s gotten used to being unable to reliably celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or other socially-significant events. It’s the way he shows he cares, but he thinks nothing of doing these small (inconsequential, he insists) things for people.

He doesn’t even consider that Hanzo could read these gestures as flirting or even courting. Hanzo is so far out of his league that they’re playing different sports in different parts of the world, after all.

The Boyfriend Shirt™

pairing: reader x jeon jungkook

genre/components: fluff // jungkook, your adorable fuck buddy, was ready to give his favorite white shirt up if you looked that good in it all the time

count: 3220 words

a/n: inspired by jungkook’s sinful shirt from baepsae dance practice and just fratboy jungkook // © image
warning: implied sex

Jungkook never liked people touching his things. There was a system as to how he arranged and wore his things, a very organized system, which could be shattered by a single tilt to the equilibrium if anyone were to touch any of it.

In other words, he just really fucking hated people touching his things.

When he was five, he’d keep the ninja turtle figurines from the playroom all to himself, hiding them from the other kids, who incessantly cried, and earning an earful from the teacher (in his defense, she only hated him because Jungkook never got the math questions right). The pet peeve carried on to adulthood, to his four years in college. It was even more difficult to avoid getting irked by such a small detail when he was living with a handful of guys who had no sense of personal space, especially Taehyung who loved to “borrow” his underwear. Then again life had its way of changing the winds of his courses.

For one, living in a frat house was something he never pictured himself doing. Let alone, joining a frat at all. The frat he was in (thankfully) was smaller and directed more towards finding career pathways for those interested in professionally pursuing music and performance. Though, it was easy to doubt that mission statement when you saw the shenanigans that happened in the house (there was that one incident with Namjoon, a cat, and a jukebox on the roof). And not to mention the ridiculous house parties.

Aside from being part of a tight-knit brotherhood, he never thought he’d be one to do casual, though undeniably satisfying, hookups either. He always pictured himself settling down with one person, keeping it low key and mellow, and staying with them until he popped the big question. But college was a different battlefield altogether. Nobody had a set plan, and neither did he. Turns out, he was more than happy to sate his hormones with quick drunk fucks. Well, in his case, it turned out to be multiple nights with the same ‘one night stand’.

To sum it up, Jungkook had become your go-to fuck buddy.

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cosmic witchcraft 101: plutonian magick ♇

Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt. As of now, Pluto is believed to be the largest object in the Kuiper Belt, although it used to be considered the smallest planet.

In 2006, the International Astronomical Union defined a planet as having three key characteristics: 1) in orbit around the sun; 2) has sufficient mass to assume hydrostatic equilibrium (a basically round shape); 3) cleared the neighborhood around its orbit. Pluto did not meet the third condition, as it’s only 0.07 times more massive than objects that share its orbit, and was reclassified as a dwarf planet.

A lot of controversy exists around Pluto’s change in status, but I think it’s important to remember that there are multiple definitions of the word planet: you have a scientific definition of planet, and a cultural definition of planet. For the purposes of astronomy, classifying Pluto as a planet would require as many as 50 other objects in the solar system to be considered planets, and possibly as many as 200.

Although it may not make practical sense to consider Pluto a scientific planet, it can wholeheartedly be considered a cultural planet. Astrology has considered the Sun, Moon, and Pluto planets for as long as we’ve known about them! Pluto’s classification as a dwarf planet doesn’t diminish its importance in our culture; rather, its significance is amplified. Pluto was the first dwarf planet to be discovered, leading astronomers to search for a whole new kind of stellar object within our solar system. It’s the gatekeeper to the Kuiper Belt, which may hold far greater mysteries than we could possibly imagine. What Pluto means to each person individually is far more important than how astronomers classify it for scientific purposes, and Plutonian magick is some of the most powerful planetary magick out there.


  • Our Moon is 6 times more massive than Pluto.
  • Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, has a diameter more than half as long as Pluto’s.
  • Pluto was named by an 11-year-old schoolgirl in Oxford, England.
  • Pluto’s orbit crosses Neptune’s when viewed from directly above, but the two are aligned in such a way that they’ll never collide.
  • More than 98% of Pluto’s surface is covered with nitrogen ice.
  • Pluto entered Cancer in 1913, just before the start of World War I.

Magickal Correspondences*

Colors: black, white, scarlet

Intents: meditation, transformation, letting go, revealing the unknown, astral travel, dreamwork, starting anew, radical change, duality, cultural change, shadow work, cursing

Herbs: acacia, passionflower, dogwood, echinacea, patchouli, wormwood, fern, black pansy

Crystals: howlite, snowflake obsidian, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, topaz, obsidian, hematite, magnetite, black opal, jet

*some of these correspondences are based on traditional associations and some are based on my personal associations


El desayuno es la primera comida del día, separada de la anterior por muchas horas. Tras esas horas de ayuno es fundamental proporcionar al organismo la energía y los nutrientes necesarios para hacer frente a todas las actividades que se realizan en esta parte del día. De no ser así, se obliga a recurrir a las reservas, lo cual no es deseable, ya que esta situación favorece la tendencia al “ahorro” y, por tanto, al sobrepeso.

Además, está demostrado que las personas que no desayunan, o desayunan poco, tienen un rendimiento y una capacidad de mantener la atención menor que las que sí lo hacen. En la edad escolar esta diferencia puede ser fundamental para conseguir aprovechar mejor la labor educativa del colegio.


Equilibrium: n.  a state in which all opposing forces or influences are balanced.

Balance is beautiful. 

We’ve created several forms of art centered on balance despite motion, balance despite heights. 

Balance is necessary, in the equilibrium of our bodies, the chemistry of our world, the physics of our universe. 

Balance is hard. It is transient. As you soon as you find it, you must find it again.

There are imbalanced influences constantly pulling at us. 

One extreme saying gluten/salt/sugar/wine will kill you.
The other saying you’ll die without it; somewhere therein lies the balance.

One extreme saying religion is the justification for hate, war, and judgement;
the other saying without religious devotion one cannot be moral, and somewhere therein lies the balance.

One extreme saying only humans that are stick skinny are beautiful, airbrushing away the curves of the body. 
The other extreme praising gluttony and obesity as a celebrated alternative to health and fitness. And somewhere therein lies the balance. 

One extreme saying that people are lazy, that we should not give to the poor because the poverty is what will make them work harder for human progress.
The other saying that the wealthy, corporations, and capital are intrinsically evil; that they should be dismantled and distributed to all for human progress.  And somewhere therein lies the balance.

Equilibrium is an aspiration. 

To obsess over nothing, and yet to give all matters the consideration they deserve. 

To not call the Uber before even getting dressed, and yet to not get stuck waiting in the rain because I forgot until I stepped outside. 

To not eat the Paleo diet the first two weeks of the month, and then nothing but Cheesecake Factory and Taco Bell the other two. 

To hold strong beliefs, without clinging to any misguided opinions or inaccurate concepts. 

To not give in to faking charm, and yet not be called “evil or “snob” so often either.

To be patient, without being passive. To be aggressive, without overpowering.

To ignore the noise of those who would make a social cause out of every individual or social issue, but yet speak without hesitation in defense of those oppressed or abandoned. 

To love with unrestrained wanting, and yet yield to restraint in holding.

To never be content with my own imperfections, and yet to embrace the imperfections of others.

To fight with passion and naked honesty, and yet find compromise and the rose colored glasses needed for peace. 

To let a stranger kiss me in the thrill of the moment, without worrying whether I will see her again; and yet to not seduce her into breaking her own rules without mentioning my flight leaves before sunrise. To be guarded, selective, and tasteful about who I become vulnerable with, but still let love in.

To create music that is raw and wild, but polished and pleasing. 

To “just be myself” but still improve myself.  In all things rational, centered, balanced.

I wish I could say I’ve achieved it; that I have found eternal balance and can worry myself with finding it no more.

But, as any athlete or dancer could explain better than I: the day we say those words is the day we fall.