I just want to say I am so proud of wonho for what he did in the last ep of right now. He was so brave!, i mean he’s usually scared of even going up the stairs. I really respect wonho and always have and always will and this time more because he managed to turn around to the camera and say “Monsta X will succeed” while he was literally shaking and crying! and he also said “Kids(monsta x) I love you” just before he jump make me think he must really love his team. In the air all he did was screaming “Monsta X fighting” and when he landed he look at the camera and said “MonBebe i love you”.I know what I’m saying might sound very biased right now but really his heart is full of love if you know him very well. The love Wonho have for us, the fandom and his team is indescribable. He really is one special guy and i just love him so much for his bravery and his honest love! 

things that cat grant (aka a woman who fires like everyone) let “kara” get away with in the span of a few hours:

  • being 3 hours late
  • talking back to her
  • being straight up bad at her job duties
  • getting her drink order wrong
  • trying to manipulate her
  • asking for the day off
  • breaking the cardinal rule of no crying

one tree hill » Last Known Surroundings

“I have two children…boys. They have their entire lives ahead of them, just like my friend Quentin Fields once did. Like Xavier Daniels once did. I hope that when they’re adults, they’ll believe in redemption and rehabilitation. I hope they’ll believe in forgiveness, because I do. I just don’t believe in it for Xavier Daniels. I don’t believe he’s changed, I don’t believe he’s sorry, and I don’t believe he’s paid for his crimes. He is an angry, hateful, violent human being and I’m sorry, but it would be a mistake to release him. I won’t feel safe and neither should any of you. Can he change? I hope so. But has he? No, I don’t think he has. And I don’t think he will.”