honestly that scene where keith rescues lance from the corrupted airlock is so cute because

well, one, keith risks his life to save lance. but he’s a defender of the universe after all, so of course he would. but also

once he does — even though keith literally just evaded getting his head cut off by a gladiator bot — the first thing he thinks to do is ask lance “what were you doing out there!?” … and lance, even though he almost died too, doesn’t even answer him. he just screams “who was that guy!?” … and it’s only after they’ve asked about each other that keith tells lance the gladiator bot was trying to kill him. and lance tells keith the castle is out to get him too. like … they checked on each other first … and that’s just so cute.

( ,, also … it kind of reminds me of another iconic red/blue “did they hurt you?” “no no, i’m okay. did they hurt you?” “who cares?” “i do!” scene … just a little bit tbh … )

Watching Rose looking at baby sour cream like his the most precious thing in the world makes me want to cry because she didn’t have the chance to look at steven the way she looked at baby sour cream.

She’s a part of steven, but I feel like she would’ve been just the most beautiful and sweetest mom.