Then the heart of Eowyn changed, or else at last she understood it. And suddenly her winter passed, and the sun shone on her. 

‘I stand in Minas Anor, the Tower of the Sun,’ she said; 'and behold! the Shadow has departed! I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.’ And again she looked at Faramir. 'No longer do I desire to be a queen,’ she said.

Middle Earth Meme: 3 DEATHS
2) The Witch-king of Angmar [Artwork by John Howe]

Then tottering, struggling up, with her last strength she drove her sword between crown and mantle, as the great shoulders bowed before her. The sword broke sparkling into many shards. The crown rolled away with a clang. Éowyn fell forward upon her fallen foe. But lo! the mantle and hauberk were empty.

Shapeless they lay now on the ground, torn and tumbled; and a cry went up into the shuddering air, and faded to a shrill wailing, passing with the wind, a voice bodiless and thin that died, and was swallowed up, and was never heard again in that age of this world.

- The Battle of the Pelennor fields, The Return of the King

Kuro Fic Appreciation Post

In honor of Fanfiction Appreciation Day, I’d like to shout out to my most favorite Kuro fic writers who I know are on tumblr. This is a long list, of course, because this fandom is chock-full of talent. I’ve got even more favorites in yet unknown corners of tumblr, as well as many who (gasp!) have escaped the vortex of this site entirely.

Dear @xabjectlessonsx, I fall at your feet in adoration. “Stain the Water Clear” had me whimpering aloud over your exquisite imagery.

Dear @jaena-eowyn​, “Death Watch” is a massive undertaking, bursting with creativity and innovative plot twists, and I can’t wait to see where you go with it!

Dear @silverwing26​ and @2oulle22-lover, you are fandom legends, and rightfully so. Professor Michaelis makes me laugh so much.

Dear @spillingashes​, your fics can be so short and deceptively simple, and yet they break me.

Dear @queenswatchcatt​ and @sondermichaelis​, the entire time I read “Pygmalion,” I was bouncing up and down in my chair. The premise is sheer brilliance, and so is the execution. Sci-fi fans, check this one out!

Dear @thesightlesssniper​, you’re a true master of writing shippy fluff, and I’m also loving your foray into angst-land with Vignettes. Also … “You’re not my mother, my lord!” (Incidentally, have I mentioned you are the sweetest friend? Thank you for putting with  my stream of consciousness fandom flailing and increasingly implausible headcanons!)

Dear @unholity​, your work is dark and occasionally frightening, and I love it. You also occasionally bring the fluff, and I love that too!

Dear @lizmidford​, your fics are the sweetest things on the planet. Also, omg omg omg Demonology omg. So excited to see where that goes.

Dear @piscaria​, I just love the way you craft your prose. More specifically, I find “Centuries and Seconds,” your meditation on Sebastian’s perception of time, fascinating.

Dearest @aroturier​, @eglentyne-mcqueen​, @haldolhs​– I’ve got you grouped together in my mind as “the first three people who commented on Finis,” which is how I met two of you. Also as “3 of the most remarkable people I’ve met in this fandom,” and also as “3 of my favorite writers ever.” Over the past year, seeing your work has inspired me to explore far more in my fic than I ever expected. I am truly grateful.

Roturier, I’m a huge fan of your clever premises and snappy style– seriously, nobody puts together a sentence like you do.

Eglentyne, I love the psychological drama you weave into your works– “Gnossienne” comes to mind here– and I admire the complex, detailed worlds you create. I can’t wait to learn more about Sebastian Michaelis, “one hell of a barista.”

Haldolhs– I adore you. I just re-read “Like a Sunless Garden,” btw, and am simultaneously terrified and in love (rather like Ciel, hm?). And really, I don’t know if I’d still be in this fandom if not for your kindness and encouragement.

Thank you to you all. Please, continue blessing this fandom with your magnificent fic :-)