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Vay be. İki günde takipçi kasmışsındır ha. O değilde neden herkes cümlenin sonuna amk yazıyor. Neyse bi bildikleri vardır. Bende amk yazarak bitiyorum. Beni takip etmeye ne dersin amk?

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Attended the vigil for fallen Officer Thompson, of my hometown. An amazing service with hundreds of people celebrating the life of a man who served others. I never met Officer Thompson but we thank him for his service and ultimate sacrifice. May he Rest in Peace. EOW: 7-7-16
#RIP #dallasstrong #unitedfordallas #ripOfficerThompson #bluestrong #corsicana #DPD #dartofficers

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Fic Update Days

Good News : I didn’t plan it so, but the next BLBF chapter is going to be over 20k words!!!!! 

Bad News : ^^^ Fuck my life.

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BLBF - I hope to finish the rest or majority of it tonight and tomorrow. I haven’t been feeling well so it will most certainly be posted tomorrow. 

EOW - Hopefully that will be coming up next, BEFORE my trip. Hopefully.

TM-ONE - YeahNoProbablyNotIGotShitToDo.

I will be gone from the 6th to the 14th. I’ll try and get a chapter for each fic done and setup to publish while I am gone. I will come home and just splurge in comments. 

Hopefully my mother will remember to water and feed Seymour. O_O”