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For all the headcanons about Enjolras's family being well off and well connected, after reading your reblog, I really *really* like the idea of E's mom loving R as well :) don't you?

There are several school of thoughts on the question of Enjolras’ parents:

  • Super strict far-right whom Enjolras visits once a year for Christmas dinner, which always ends in a verbal brawl sponsored by expensive bottles of wine
  • Bobo gauchistes (rich liberal until their revolutionary ideas affects them directly) who got values and ideals into Enjolras, while hardly acting on them, leaving Enjolras with the desire to actually DO something
  • Real militants who raised Enjolras to fight for what he believes in, took him to strikes at a young age with a little sign he made himself, who then let him craft his own ideas

I personally imagine Enjolras’ parent as rich far-right people, especially with a conservative dad. His mom is more open to what makes her son happy, regardless of her political leanings. They just avoid talking politics at the table. Or ever, really.

But just imagine Enjolras bringing Grantaire to his parents’ for lunch. His parents live in a posh Parisian apartment. His father is away on a golf business trip thing. Grantaire, trying to dress up to the nines, but still looking out of place with his stubble and worn out converse shoes. Grantaire being all shy, trying not to fuck things up when they’re eating.

And all the while, Enjolras talking to his mother about how talented his boyfriend is, and how they learnt to like each other and love each other :’)

And Enj’s mom is just beaming because her son is so happy with that scruffy boy who’s very polite and too nervous for his own good

Les Mis ships as Allegiance lyrics
  • Enjolras/Grantaire: "Why would you choose a fool who'd die for his ideals?" "If I had to do it all again, I would"
  • Combeferre/Courfeyrac: "Are you the one who stays with me, through seasons of my life?"
  • Courfeyrac/Jehan: "Just close your eyes and suddenly we're dancing in our dreams"
  • Jehan/Montparnasse: "Life in here may be sink or swim, but he makes it strangely sweet"
  • Valjean/Javert: "This is not over. We are not over. You are my future not my past"
  • Cosette/Marius: "All that's left between us are some vows to say. Just you and me, and nothing in our way"
  • Marius/Eponine: "With you... with you... I cannot be with you"
  • Eponine/Cosette: "We are women who move mountains in the middle of a war! We are stronger than before!"
  • Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta: "But we cannot know how they ever go, the wishes heaven grants. If I could say to you 'not a chance but two...'"
  • Feuilly/Bahorel: "If I were with you, we would fight the world everyday"
  • Mabeuf/his books: What am I supposed to do? Pick up the pieces without you? The world is upside down, and they have come and torn my heart away. I'm done with standing by! Now it's time to do or die!
  • Bonus
  • Les Amis: "Resist! For now and ever, resist! We stand together to insist, before we fight, they do what's right"
  • Enjolras/Grantaire runner up: "I see such strength in you that I might believe it too." "I believe in you"
Curiosity, or learning how to kiss your best friend - onlyacoffee - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Enjolras has never kissed anyone before, and somehow he ends up asking Courfeyrac to teach him how to kiss. Fill for a prompt for Les Mis Rare Pair week!

Imagine Grantaire in a holding cell for public drunkenness. His father comes to bail him out. That same night, as Grantaire is leaving his holding cell, Enjolras is entering another. He was protesting without a permit on the sidewalk with a sizeable crowd. He hadn’t thought such a crowd would come, but he was going to take advantage of it. Grantaire sees Enjolras and almost gravitates towards him. Grantaire’s father is horrified: “Son, we just got out of jail! Don’t throw yourself back into jail.

Grantaire just assumed that Enjolras was one of those people who were opposed to drinking. Mainly because every time he picked up a bottle, the fearless leader gave him the most disdainful look. He’d just close his eyes and knock back another gulp of whatever his choice of poison was for the time being, hoping that when he glanced back up it would be all an illusion.

Eventually he figured maybe it wasn’t an opposition to drinking as much as it was an opposition to him. Every other member of the Amis drank at some point, so that would’ve been unreasonable at best. Besides, Enjolras prided himself on being a non judgmental warrior for the people, right?

Grantaire hadn’t actually seen him drink though.

Not until one night, when Enjolras was stressed out of his mind, the anxiety making him more antsy than usual. As soon as the meeting wrapped up, he watched Enjolras order multiple glasses of ale and chug.

He really shouldn’t have kept staring.

His definition of attractive must be really fucked up.

And yet that was the first night Grantaire got the courage to talk to Enjolras.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Bethyl/Enjoltire parallels so… I just made this thing. I’ve spent like two days on this and I’m proud so meow meow motherfuckers.

Beth Greene / Emily Kinney as fem/trans Enjolras.

Daryl Dixon / Norman Reedus as Grantaire.

“ Tell the king: casse-toi! ”

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can you share these audios: Les Miserables ||1996/07/13 London //mp3, tracked ; Les Miserables ||1997/06/19 London //mp3, tracked, Les Miserables ||1999/08/23 London //mp3, tracked [#] and Les Miserables ||2003/03/22 London ​//wma, tracked /- Ramin as Marius <3

Here, enjoy:

Les Miserables ||1996/07/13

London //mp3, tracked

  • [a] https://mega.nz/#!E0ZjTDxb!TN0Th1HOtwNqtCxJtWYCHk30L5liyUQXEnKD61v0aS8

Peter Karrie (Jean Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Alex Summer (u/s Fantine), Mario Frangoulis (Marius), Lisa Hull (Cosette), Frances Ruffelle (Eponine), David Bardsley (Enjolras), Peter Gerald (u/s Thénardier), Alix Longman (u/s Madame Thénardier), Sally Bourne (cover Factory Girl)

Les Miserables ||1997/06/19 London //mp3, tracked

John Owen Jones (u/s Valjean), Tim Morgan (u/s Javert), ania Renihan, Mandy Holliday, Peter Gerald (u/s Thenardier), Gemma Wardle, Annalene Beechey, Martin Crewes, Matthew Cammelle, Stuart Pendred, Danny Kyte, Sophie Cox

Les Miserables ||1999/08/23 London //mp3, tracked [#]

  • [a]https://mega.nz/#!1pg1WR4I!sdCFrvO2DoiXZLBXSmvGtbAruI0D2VyWDlV2A-YZ0iE

John Owen-Jones (Valjean), Hal Fowler (Javert), Gunilla Backman (Fantine), Tom Lucas (Marius), Rebecca Vere (Cosette), Amanda Salmon (Eponine), David Malek (Enjolras), Stephen Matthews (u/s Thénardier), Joanna Mays (Mme Thénardier)

Les Miserables ||2003/03/22 London //wma, tracked

Hans Peter Janssens (Valjean), Michael McCarthy (Javert), Carmen Cusack (Fantine), Rebecca Seale (u/s Eponine), Ramin Karimloo (u/s Marius), Helen French (Cosette), Paul Manuel (Enjolras), Sean Kingsley (Thenardier), Rosemary Ashe (Madame Thenardier)