Choice! ―チョイス!― 

Milky Chain has announced their newest series! From the looks of it, this series will play around with the concept of “what if?” scenarios, and alternate routes. The first volume will feature a scenario involving your boyfriend’s first time… 

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

As mentioned, the first volume will feature your boyfriend, 仁科恵 (Nishina Kei), a 21-year-old university student currently living alone. While he’s straightforward and lively, he also has a bit of a short temper. 

Kei, who always wants to maintain a “manly” front, often gets embarrassed—in addition to being bad at expressing feelings of love. Due to these tendencies of his, even though it’s been half a year since you two have started dating, you and Kei haven’t done anything more than just kiss. 

Kei is also hiding the fact that he’s still a virgin…

Route options:

A Route: Kei musters his own courage to finish the deed…

B Route: You take matters into your own hands and lead him instead…*


CV: 夜乃かずお (???)

Release Date: April 12th, 2017.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm working on a story where the best student of this college class has to help this other student pass. There are two problems she has about this though: one, he's seems to be the type of guy good girls should stay away from, and two, they don't like each other. At all. I was wondering if could help me with some dialogue prompts. Please?

I will certainly try! 

1. “Is there seriously NO ONE ELSE who could help me?”

“Afraid not, Princess. Guess you’re stuck with me.”

2. “Don’t start. I know what they say about you, you know?”

“Really? That’s funny, ‘cause I know what they say about you, too. I prefer what they say about me.””

3. “Listen, I don’t care about any of this, but you do. If you want me to help you, stop picking fights and let me help you.”

“Well, aren’t you a gentleman?”

4. “I didn’t ask for this any more than you did, okay?”

“… Then why are you here?”

5. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“What you just did-”

“What? It doesn’t fit into your ‘useless human being’ image of me?”

“I never said-”

“You didn’t have to.”

6. “I’m sorry for… Everything. Can we call a truce, and get back to tutoring?”

“Nothing to be sorry for. I deserved it.”

7. “So, I guess… This is it.”

“Yeah. See you around, Princess.”

I hope these helped!!!

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