Santigold's Gold Standard
By Puja Patel

In her twenties, she served as an A&R rep at Epic Records and fronted the punk band Stiffed; she has helped write songs for Christina Aguilera, Lily Allen, and Ashlee Simpson. And thanks to songs like “L.E.S. Artistes” and “Creator” becoming music-blog and commercial staples, she has toured with Björk, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kanye West and Jay-Z. The Roc-a-Fella mogul and Nets co-owner even sampled her heady dub chant “Shove It” on his song “Brooklyn We Go Hard.”

But with that out-of-the-gate success came creative confusion, which led to a long period of time between her first and second albums. “When you’re out giving, giving, giving, you put a seal on the emotional part of you, and it hardens,” she says. “I really had to do a lot of work to get back to the private, personal part of myself to write. And when I got there, I had to re-evaluate.” [Read More]

All-New Wolverine #13: Enemy of the State II sneak preview part 2.

After the first look at new All-New Wolverine artist Nik Virella’s Laura, here’s another early WiP image. It’s easy to draw too many conclusions based on a small teaser like this, but this would appear to be a scene where Laura is “awakening” from the influence of the trigger scent to find dead bodies scattered on the ground. Sad Laura is sad. :(



spokenking replied to your post:If you’re implying my brother is hurt let me prove…

“Too late. You’re involved. I can give more to your cause then he can anyways.”

      ❛ …So you will give me the locations of all of the unmarked nuclear weapons and mechs in this country so that they can be properly contained? That’s generous.  ❜

Lady Chikako, Empress of Destruction, and her three Dork Lords Demonic Guardians.

(Yes, this is my actual strategy for expeditions. No, I have no shame)


Hoo, there you go, another shitty comic.

Basically this was what made me pick dva’s golden guns

I can now punch people in the face with pure gold

I also got an extra 300 points for being above rank 65 and got hanzo’s anyway. I’m now fabulous in both short and long range


here’s the new dishonored 2 gameplay footage!

wisherbystarlight  asked:

Imagine Steve being pressured into writing an autobiography and he finally gives in, but he's a little shit about it, but then Bucky comes back and points out everything Steve completely made up that the avengers had just assumed was true.

“You did not throw a tank through the gate to a HYDRA facility.”  

Apparently, Bucky was back from the bookstore and had found Steve’s autobiography.


“-I was not your wingman.

“-I meant after the serum.  When we were fighting HYDRA.”

Bucky shook the book menacingly at Steve.  “This book is full of that nonsense, isn’t it?” 

Bruce walked in, munching on a kale and faro salad.  “What nonsense?”

“Steve’s autobiography.” Bucky’s tone suggested the book’s mere existence was painful for him.

Bruce gave Steve a perplexed glance.  “…You made it up?”

Steve groaned, putting his head in his hands and then dropping his hands to his sides.  “They were hounding me about writing one. So it was my way of getting in a little …screw you to them, without them knowing.”

“Who’s ‘them’?”

“My agent.  S.H.I.E.L.D. agreed; the less mystery around me and my reappearance the less people would dig.”

Bucky nodded.

Bruce chewed slowly, contemplative.  “So…does that mean you didn’t have the Commados dress up as USO girls to infiltrate a HYDRA-occupied village?”

Goddamnit.”  Bucky threw the book at –correction, through- one of the windows.

“No, I saw that in Mulan.” Steve smiled.  “But I did knock out Adolph Hitler over 200 times.”