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Well, this is kinda angsty, but can I request a scenario where zen & mc are together and in the last rfa party zen slept with jaehee and after a few days jaehee couldn't deal with the blame and told mc in front of all rfa but MC pretended not to believe her (andthenrfa*cof*saeran*cof*tryingtocomforther). This is ridiculously specific, i know lolol but feel free if you don't want to do it, it's okay, or if you want to change anything just do it 😅 I love love love your blog and your writing ❤❤❤❤❤

Ok so this post actually ended up being realllly long and I don’t know how to do the ‘read more’ thing so I’m really sorry to anyone trying to scroll by

And I’m so glad you like my writing, and I’m also really glad I got this request because at first I wasn’t sure how to write it (I basically ended up writing a fanfiction using bullet points haha oops) but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Disclaimer: I don’t think Zen would ever cheat and I actually don’t think Jaehee has any romantic feelings for him, just admiring adoration.

And I know you said I could change things
but it’s rlly angsty 
and I’m an angst monster and I kinda love it sooo i’m gonna keep it exactly how you wrote it  

let’s do it

  • Zen had always been flirty with you
  • And at some point..you had started flirting back
  • And soon it was more than flirting and you found yourself head over heels for each other
  • Constant phone calls too each other where you’d gush over how you wished you could see each other
  • Good morning and Goodnight texts
  • The occasional shameless flirt in the public chat
  • Once you two met at the first RFA party it was like a scene from a Disney movie, you two all but ran to each other and he swung you around once he snagged you in a tight embrace
  • Looking into his eyes you swore this could be love
  • He did too.
  • He really did swear he was in love with you
  • You were everything he had hoped and more
  • You were the person that woke him up everyday and put a smile on his face, you were the person that he thought of when love songs came on the radio, when he was on stage you were his muse, when he lay down to sleep at night you were the final thought in his head, and the first one in his dreams.
  • The next RFA party was a few months after you two had first met in person, only a couple months into your very happy relationship
  • You two had spent the first half of the night joined at the hip, happily enjoying each other’s company.
  • But somewhere throughout the nights timeline you both got distracted by separate guests and acquaintances and wandered away from each other.
  • Zen started drinking. Whoever he was talking to kept egging him on and the two of them were having a good ole time, which is rare for Zen in these occasions because the guests are usually upper class aristocrats like Jumin or if they are there for Zen, it’s as fans instead of friends
  • So he thought he’d treat himself
  • It got to be a bit much
  • The other guests were starting to notice and Jumin was not going to have the press covering Zen’s drunken gusto at an RFA event
  • “Assistant Kang,” Jumin sauntered over to Jaehee while keeping his eyes on Zen. “please escort Hyun to the back where he can cool down, out of the cameras’ lines of sight.”
  • “Of course, Mr. Han” And Jaehee was off. She was relieved that she had an excuse to get Zen out of the room, she too recognized the bad press that could follow this event but felt she hadn’t had the authority to tell Zen otherwise
  • But under the guise of Jumin’s will, she was able to convince Zen to head to the back so ‘Jumin wouldn’t bitch’ (in the words of the actor).
  • Soon it was just the two of them in the back room, Jaehee giving Zen water as he yanked at his shirt collar, complaining it was hot.
  • In his drunken shenanigens he managed to undo all his buttons at some point while Jaehee was getting more water, so she came back to shirtless Zen.
  • Zen knew those eyes.
  • As the assistant stared at his pectorals with a slight blush on her cheeks, he looked into her eyes and saw something
  • Adoration. Admiration. Want.
  • She wanted him.
  • Somewhere, deep in his psyche, behind the pseudo narcissist wall, 10 year old Hyun Ryu craved the attention. The positive attention his mom said he’d never get
  • He had you
  • But in that moment he had Jaehee too, and he couldn’t turn that down
  • Jaehee doesn’t even know how it initiated, she just recalls Zen pressing her against the wall and kissing her with a passion she’s never felt before.
  • His hands undoing the buttons of her shirt
  • His lips whispering praises of how she was not only successful, but also beautiful. And so sweet. And smart. And-
  • She almost cried. Someone as talented as Zen saw something so great in someone as plain as her? Impossible.
  • But he kept assuring her, and touching her, and loving her
  • Loving her the way he should have been loving you
  • The guilt hit her, but she watched it disappear as ecstasy took over
  • Zen passed out once they were both finished, pants undone and shirt wide open, but eyes closed and soft breaths flying in and out of his lips
  • Jaehee was wide awake though.
  • She was leaning against the wall, clothes messily pulled back on and tears threatening her eyes
  • The guilt was back and it felt like the weight of the world’s biggest mistake was sitting on her shoulders
  • She put her hands over her mouth as she stared at Zen, and she started crying when she thought of you.
  • “What have I done?”
  • After every party, the RFA gets together a few days later to go over logistics. What worked, what didn’t, who came, how to convince more people to come, etc
  • Jaehee’s heart dropped as you and Zen walked in together, a bright smile on your face, a blank slate on his.
  • No not blank
  • When Jaehee met his crimson eyes she saw it, the same thing he probably saw in her eyes: Guilt. Remorse. Regret.
  • She could barely stomach the feel as you greeted her and hugged her
  • “Jaehee! Good to see you! I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party thanks to someone making a little scene” As you pulled away you playfully rolled your eyes towards Zen. 
  • He just gave a nervous chuckle
  • Jaehee opened her mouth, ready to spill her guts, only to find it was dry as cotton. 
  • You gave her a quizzical look, ready to ask what was wrong, but Jumin’s voice interrupted with “Shall we begin?” looking pointedly at the three of you.
  • “Yahoo~” Seven cheered as he plopped down next to Saeran, who had recently been getting dragged along to all the RFA meetings, given he tended to just sit in the corner and pout.
  • Much like right now. He did little more than look at you and nod, which was as courteous a greeting as you were going to get with him.
  • Yoosung nodded, signaling everyone was ready, and the discussion began
  • You all were about 30 minutes into the conversation
  • Except for Jaehee
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened the night of the party
  • She couldn’t stop looking at you and feeling guilty
  • She couldn’t stop thinking about telling you
  • “I need water” She stood up abruptly, startling everyone a bit
  • Jumin had a bit of an annoyed look on his face but conceded with “Fine. Quick 5 minute break for everyone”
  • Jaehee booked it to the kitchen
  • “Uh…I’m thirsty too.” Cue Zen bee-lining after her.
  • “Are you Okay??” He asked in a harsh whisper
  • “No I’m not okay!” Jaehee hissed back “We…we have to tell her.”
  • “No!” Zen’s eyes widened “No. You and I both know it was a mistake that will never happen again. She doesn’t need to know.”
  • “Zen if you love her-”
  • “I do love her!” He snapped back “I love her which is why I can’t lose her Jaehee. I know we messed up, I do. But..I can’t lose her over my mistakes” His eyes were pleading even more than his voice
  • Jaehee just stared into the crimson orbs, feeling the knot in her stomach grow. She just weakly nodded.
  • There was a moment of silence before she chugged her glass of water and turned to head back towards the living room where everyone was seated
  • She took a strong stride in
  • She bit her tongue
  • She was not going to-
  • You were the first face she met walking back in
  • Your smile welcoming her back to the circle
  • Your eyes cheery
  • Your heart open to her as it had been since the first day even when she treated you coldly.
  • Zen was right behind Jaehee and nearly bumped into her when she stopped dead in her tracks
  • “Jaehee?” You and he called at the same time, him due to her abrupt stop, and you because of the tears suddenly pouring from her eyes.
  • “Jaehee what’s wrong?” You rushed to her, attracting everyone’s attention
  • You caught Zen’s face from over her shoulder, his eyes wide. Knowing.
  • “M-MC” Jaehee choked out
  • “W-What is it?” You asked worriedly taking her trembling hands in yours
  • “MC” Her voice fell. There was just a moment of silence. Everyone in the room was looking, the outburst had even taken a hold of Saeran’s full attention.
  • “Zen and I…we’ve done something awful” 
  • You knew what she was suggesting but..no. No you didn’t. No way that’s what she meant you’re just confusing things.
  • “…What did you do?” You asked cautiously
  • Sniffling. Endless sniffling. You looked to Zen, who was pale and looked like he was also ready to cry.
  • “Zen…what happened?”
  • “I’m so sorry” He managed to get out before the lump in his throat clogged his vocal cords.
  • “At the party MC we- we had….” Jaehee couldn’t get the filthy three letter word out of her mouth
  • You dropped her hands and looked to Zen
  • “MC I’m so sorry” Zen repeated, his voice shaking even more
  • Everyone was quiet, waiting for your response
  • You had none. Just an empty stare and mouth slightly agape, waiting for words to come out of their own accord
  •  Finally they did
  • “This is a really cruel joke to play” You feigned a very obvious forced smile as your eyes blinked back tears “I never thought you guys would do such a thing..haha” You wiped a way a small drop ready to roll down your cheek
  • “MC!” Jaehee exclaimed “This isn’t-”
  • “Jaehee.” Your voice dropped. “I really don’t find this funny.”
  • “Neither do I!” The brown haired girl went to take your hand again but you pulled away
  • “And Zen” You turned to him “I don’t- I don’t know..how…” You couldn’t finish the sentence
  • They were everywhere. Pouring down your face, flooding your eyes, gathering in a small pool at your chin. It was an onslaught of tears rolling down your cheeks, choking your words, your thoughts, your everything.
  • “MC” Zen reached out to you, only to have his hand swatted away by yours.
  • You just stared at him and cried, forcing him to look you in the eyes as your faux smile fell to pieces. 
  • You felt a hand softly fall upon your shoulder, and you turned to see Seven looking at you, apologetic pity in his eyes. Saeran stood behind him, wearing an angrier version of his twin’s sentiment. 
  • “Let’s go for a ride, get some fresh air, huh MC?” The red head’s voice was soft
  • You softly nodded and let him guide you towards the door, not even able to muster up to energy to look back at Jaehee and Zen. 
  • Saeran did however, and he looked back towards the two with a face full of disgust, up until the moment he slammed the door
  • “what a good meeting” Jumin grumbled under his breath as he turned a disdainful eye towards Zen
  • You drove for a couple hours probably. Most of it in silence, but a comfortable one. You were in the passenger seat and Saeran was in the back, Seven at the wheel finding desolate roads and flying down them, giving the wind of your open window some sort of purifying feeling. It stung, but it felt good. Your hair whipped around and the land raced by and you occasionally sobbed but that was ok.
  • Eventually you found yourself back at the Chois’ place, sitting on the couch, staring at a TV playing a movie that you hadn’t been paying attention to for the last hour. Your mind was elsewhere, wondering what you had done wrong.
  • You looked at the carton of ice cream in your hand, only doing so because the sight of Saeran setting his own empty one on the coffee table had triggered you to remember Seven had given you your own carton to drown your sorrows in.
  • The redhead had actually gone out to buy more, so it was just you and Saeran on the black leather couch staring at the TV screen.
  • “Do you want this?” You offered the ice cream to Saeran who’s expression turned from bored to surprised, probably because you’d been silent for the past six hours aside from a sob here and there.
  • “You don’t want it?”
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • He stared at you and the carton for a second, his face unreadable.
  • He wanted to insist you eat the ice cream, because personally he found it to always make him feel better, but he figured you didn’t want to hear it.
  • He took the carton from your hands and placed it on the table in front of you two
  • Silence aside from the noise of the TV.
  • He cast a glance to you, only to find your eyes on the floor.
  • “doyou wantalk” You barely understood what he said it was so quiet
  • “What?” You looked to him
  • He thought you were asking out of surprise rather than inaudibility and “My therapist…he says that talking things out makes you feel better.” He looked indignant for a moment, likely remembering how stupid he felt when he rejected the idea only to find later that his therapist had been correct
  • “I…I have nothing to say” Your shell of a voice whispered
  • Saeran furrowed his brows at you. “Say you hate them”
  • “What?”
  • His voice raised a bit “You hate them don’t you? So say it. The therapist said talk about your feelings so start there. They’re scumbags who hurt you and deser-”
  • “No!” You’re voice hit a volume it hadn’t reached in hours. “I don’t hate them!”
  • Saeran was mixed with confusion and anger “What do you mean you don’t hate them? One of your best friends and your boyfriend fucked-”
  • There it was
  • Someone finally said it.
  • The hot tears made a return and began rolling down your cheeks as sudden sobs erupted from your mouth
  • Saeran was alarmed at the sudden show and tried to pinpoint the trigger. He supposes it could be his last sentence but it’s not as if it wasn’t something we all knew.
  • “I….I don’t hate them” You cried once the worst of the sobs subsided.”I don’t even think I want to hate them. I mean it’d be easier but…I don’t. Jaehee…it’s not her fault. She just..got wrapped up in it all. And she’s always liked Zen. How could she have said no. And he..he was drunk” You sputtered out your rationalizations to find that they only annoyed Saeran
  • “The Assistant should still no better. But fine. You know what? She’s not dating you, and clearly she triggered you finding out the truth. So let’s pretend she’s ok? What about the actor? I don’t care that he was drunk. There’s no excuse for him doing that!” The white haired boys voice had become louder and louder, fists clenching tighter and tighter as he began riling up old feelings of betrayal he once felt. “He abandoned you! He left you in the dust and for what? He failed you!”
  • You don’t know when it happened but Saeran had turned towards you and grabbed your hands, squeezing them tight in between his own. His mouth was contorted into some sort of snarl and you saw a fire raging behind his minty eyes. 
  • “Saeran..you’re hurting my hands” You squeaked out.
  • Your small voice dragged him out of whatever memory he was reliving and he sort of faded back into reality with a few blinks of his eyes before turning his attention to his hands. He let go of yours and in a flat voice uttered a “sorry”.
  • You guys were silent again, just staring at the floor, both living in whatever sad memory chose to cross your brains.
  • “You deserve better is all” He finally said.
  • “I know” You replied, voice empty of any real feeling.
  • You looked up, staring at the TV but not actually watching as a man on a horse offered a hand towards a young woman. “I just can’t stop thinking about him. About the him I fell in love with. Is he really gone?”
  • Saeran followed your gaze to the TV, looking on as the girl hopped on the horse. “I think so. That’s assuming he was the guy you thought he was at any point.”
  • “He was.” You said, a little defensive. Saeran looked towards you, watching your emotionless expression, knowing that there was a storm underneath despite the calm appearance. He knew because he often did the same, rocking a stoic appearance while watching all hell break loose in his own head.
  • “Is this the part where I say ‘It gets better’?” 
  • “Do you believe that it does?”
  • “Not a fuckin’ chance” A bitter smirk twisted his lips 
  • “I appreciate the honesty” You sighed
  • “Not in the way that we think it will anyway” He looked off into space somewhere.
  • “Hm?” You turned to him
  • “Everyone imagines that one day soon they’re going to wake up and suddenly it’s not going to hurt anymore. That there’s gonna be a day when you don’t think about this. You’re always gonna think about it. You’re always gonna wonder what you did wrong. Why God hates you. What things would be like if it didn’t happen.”
  • “You don’t think that there can be a day when it all feels ok?” You ask, partially to heal your hopeless heart, and partially because you see Saeran is projecting his own feelings and you’re curious to know how he feels.
  • “Maybe. I haven’t hit it yet though. Doubt I will.” 
  • You stared as he looked off into the distance, feeling as if you could see the scenes of his past playing in his eyes.
  • You were just about to recede back into your ball of depression and hopelessness before he spoke again and took your attention
  • “But that’s me. You’re…you, MC” your questioning look prompted him to continue “You’re…a good person.”
  • “You are to-” You went to say but he cut you off by turning and leaning towards you with a new intensity in his face.
  • “Not like you. If at all” He scoffed. “ You though, everyone loves you. And they’re right too. Because…” suddenly he stopped himself, seeming to turn a little shy.
  • “Because?” You wanted, no, needed to hear this.
  • He gulped down his fear and turned his eyes to the side, unable to look at you as he delivered his next few words, scared of you seeing through him even more than you usually do. 
  • “MC, you’re..everything. You’re smart, you’re cute, and you’re …kind. You always know what to say to help everyone. And that’s the thing. You try to help people, even people trying to hurt you…” His eyes turned back to you “You saw a good in me even when I didn’t. You risked your life to help my brother to save me. You’re…kind of like an angel.”
  • You just stared, taken aback by such kind words, from Saeran of all people. 
  • You were right to be surprised, he wasn’t usually this smooth in conveying his feelings verbally…there must have just been something about you that made it easy for him to talk.
  • “If it gets better for anyone, it’ll be for you, MC” He reached for your hand out of instinct, but pulled back instantly when your skin touched, as if he just realized what he was doing. His eyes did the same, it looked like he just realized how vulnerable he was in that moment, and a sort of wall was raised behind his irises and his whole body tensed a bit.
  • He was scared of being rejected.
  •  …
  • Your hand slowly reached out to his, which was floating in the space between you two, and when he didn’t pull back, you interlaced your fingers together. 
  • A look of awe decorated both of your faces.
  • “Thank you…Saeran.” The light of the TV bounced off your wet eyes, making them look extra glossy.
  • The boy just looked at you, wide eyed, apprehensive for a moment, then nodded and tightened his grip on your hand. It wasn’t the same anger induced bear trap grip from when he grabbed them before. Now it was just firm, reassuring, like a hug.
  • “MC…things will get better for you. If not? I’ll make them.” He gave a subtle squeeze of the hand, giving you the nostalgic feeling of a pinky promise.
  • “You already did.” You let your head, heavy from spinning and sobbing all day, fall on his shoulder.
  • He just looked at you for a moment, before taking a deep breath a pulling you closer, his free hand rubbing your back gently. 
  • Maybe he was wrong
  • Maybe things would get better for him too

Hello folks, and welcome to the blog for HarleyIvy week 2017!

If you don’t care about any reasoning behind anything, the tl;dr is: this year’s dates are August 20th to August 26th. I’ll post days in a little bit, just as soon as I come up with them and finish this fanfic I’ve been working on for almost a year now. That’s all. You can skip to the end of this post now.

All good?


Now, some of you might be wondering “What? I thought that blog was gone?”

Ok, maybe not. Maybe you didn’t search for it for months and months trying to figure out where all those wonderfully gay posts had gone. But I did, and it gave me an idea.

What if, even though I am still working on fanfiction for last year’s HarleyIvy week, I started this again?

And I thought about it, and I reblogged more HarleyIvy, and then reblogged some more, and then wrote some more (I’m still working on last year’s prompt for bad girls gone good; I decided to go with a sort of DC bombshells twist), and then I decided, you know what? I’m gonna start this blog. Because I can, and because I want to, and because it’s what the world needs in these dark and desolate times.

So! Because everyone from the age of 5 to at least 18, and sometimes 25 or older is in school during September, I decided to change the dates a little. You can look above, but if you have terrible short term memory, I’ll remind you again. HarleyIvy week 2017 is from August 20th to 26th.  If you want to debate with me as to why that’s the worst week possible (I know it’s not great for teachers, but for other people who attend school it’s ok? People who always work, I can’t help you.) send me a message or ask or tag me in a really long rant. I’m not against reconsidering, I start school this year on September 25th (starting college, woohoo!) and I’ll have time.

The themes of the days aren’t yet finalized! If you have any ideas, respond to this post, send me an ask, or message me. I’ll go over rules and guidelines once we get closer to the date, and once I have more time. Those bullet journal spreads don’t make themselves, you know!

For now though, that should be everything. Jay, out!

(I’m gonna tag some folks real quick, mainly people who ship HarleyIvy, who might be interested or might want to help promo. I’ll do it under the read more, so this post stops taking up so much precious dash space! Hope you folks don’t mind, and if you do, feel free to ignore this.)

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torpedoesarts  asked:

Hi there, and welcome to the new mods. :) Hope you're all doing well! I got a question about writing villains. I don't mind if it takes a long time to answer, so feel free to put this to the bottom of the list if you've got a backlog, I have a feeling it'll be a hard one to tackle - or if you don't answer it at all that's fine too! Here goes: I have a really hard time writing villains. I've read and absorbed loads of advice on how to write them well, that's not the problem. (1)

My problem is that I don’t CARE enough about villains. All efforts I make to flesh them out feel like a mandatory chore, and (like anything you write out of obligation rather than enthusiasm) it shows in my writing. No matter how much work I put into the villains, they feel flat, and you can tell in the narrative that I had zero enthusiasm for it, that the villain is only there at all because the hero needed an enemy. (2)

I care more about my heroes and don’t want to spend time with villains, and forcing myself to puts me in a rut and puts me off working on my story altogether. I also find most villains in other stories unappealing, especially the extremely evil, power-hungry types. Do you have any advice for how to tackle this problem, to get inspired to work on something your story needs, when you don’t want to work on that? PS. Sorry for the length of this, I didn’t realise it’d got so long! (3 - end)

Hi, love!  Thanks so much for your question :)

Many of us have felt exactly what you’re feeling right now.  Villains are such an integral part of a good story, yet they’re written so distantly (and often poorly) in modern fiction that it’s hard to get a good example.  Even the Harry Potter series, which can be hailed for many great attributes, left us wanting a bit when it came to Voldemort.  I always got that same impression from J.K. Rowling – she had all these amazing characters, but when it got down to the villain, it felt like she just thought of a menacing name, removed a random body part, and called it a day.

Originally posted by yerr-a-wizard-harry

The good news there is that, despite a somewhat two-dimensional antagonist, J.K. Rowling had no problem selling her story.  Antagonists are important, but they’re not going to make or break your story – so if this is an area where you need improvement, that’s okay.  Take it slowly and give yourself grace while you work through this :)

Writing Villains – What Makes It Difficult?

With that out of the way, I’ll address your problem.  It sounds like you’re having trouble connecting with villains, and it’s the root of that issue that interests me.  Ask yourself: what is it about a villain that feels uninteresting or unlikable to you?  What deters you?  Could it be that you struggle to write characters who…

  • are immoral or dishonorable?  You may not want to write your villains because their personalities or actions are abhorrent to you.  The more evil a villain, the more prominent this problem is – if you truly hate the antagonist’s actions, you may be reluctant to write them.  You may even feel gross when you get to their scenes.

If this is the case: I’d suggest you try to dig into the reasons why their moral compass has been compromised.  Think about the character’s past and personality.  Were there influences in their life that desensitized them to this type of behavior?  What inspires them to act this way?  The more human and realistic these reasons are, the easier it will be for you to understand their actions.

  • interrupt, harm, or conflict with your protagonist?  Sometimes when we develop our stories, we become attached to our protagonists – so much so that we begin to dislike any enemy or obstacle to the protagonist.  It may be that if you’re strongly in support of your hero and their goal, the idea of writing the antagonist becomes sour in your mind.

If this is the case: Think of how the villain’s actions will affect your protagonist positively.  Wanting to protect your protagonist from all evil (or just the really strong evil) may sound ideal, but it’s really denying your hero a chance to grow.  How do the obstacles and setbacks change your protagonist?  Does your hero grow into a more resilient person?  Do they meet new people who will change their lives forever?  Do they learn more about themselves?  If you find that the villain’s actions don’t change your character in the long-term at all, then you may have a plot problem.

  • are not relatable to you?  There can be two causes for this.  For one, we as writers naturally create protagonists who we can support, appreciate, and relate to.  So the next logical jump is to create villains who are the exact opposite of all those things.  You may need to diversify your villain – make their personality more complex, and not just bad bad bad.
    The second cause of unrelatable villains – when people do bad things in real life, others often struggle to understand why.  That’s the major question when tragedy strikes: why did this happen?  Why would they do this?  People with strong morals just don’t know how to think like that  They can’t rationalize how these actions benefit the villain, or how the villain can live with themselves afterward.

If this is the case: Rewrite the outline of the story through your villain’s perspective, as if this is their story.  Think about those big scenes where the villain succeeds, fails, plots, attacks – imagine them through their eyes.  What are they feeling?  What are they gaining and what are they losing?  What do they want, and why do they want it so badly?  Why are they doing what they’re doing?  If you can’t answer these questions, that’s your problem right there.

  • aren’t as extreme as you feel they ought to be?  For any number of reasons, many writers wind up “softening” their villains before the final draft.  For some, they feel they’re “wasting space” on the villain or letting the story become too dark or dramatic.  For others, they just feel uncomfortable unleashing their “inner evil” like that.  For some still, they never let their villains get too extreme in the first place.  Either way, if you’re writing a muted version of a true villain, it’s going to wind up boring you!

If this is the case: Let them get nasty.  Get some paper and just brainstorm the worst possible things for your villain to do (while staying true to their character and motivations).  For a second, forget about the age rating or demographic of your story.  Think of terrible things.  Think of actions that would change your story, change your protagonist’s life, in irreparable ways.  Don’t hold back!  Even if you don’t use most of these ideas, get them out there and see how they taste.  You’ll feel more freedom when the antagonist is on the page – the true sense of power, knowing that your villain (and you, by extension) could do anything and no one can stop you.

  • you know are going to fail?  Writing a story can be like watching a movie when someone’s already spoiled the ending for you.  You know exactly how things end up, and the only decision left is, are you going to take part anyway?  Is the journey important enough that you’ll watch, even when you know the endgame?  And most importantly, will knowing the ending affect how you experience the journey?  Logically, you should be able to just make the decision to watch the movie.  But it’s not that easy.

If this is the case: Consider the ending.  Is the villain truly going to lose in every way?  Are they going to come away with any kind of victory, even if they ultimately fail or die?  And even if they don’t find happiness or victory, how can you improve their journey to make it worth the time?  How can you make an interesting enough villain that you can write their story, even knowing exactly how it ends?  This is a true problem of any character, of course, but it’s the most challenging for villains, who often wind up with the worst endings.  This is, in my mind, the most challenging hurdle when writing villains.

Of course, there are other less common reasons to struggle with villains, so if none of these address your concern, send another ask and we’ll get back to you.  I hope you can find the cause behind your problem! :)

Happy writing!

- Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

☆I’m The Light Blinking At The End Of The Road☆ [Evan x Reader - Soulmate AU]

[I told myself I wouldn’t let 75% of the posts on this blog be about Evan but I’m w e a k ~Mod V]

TW: none, except a little light swearing and a little of Evan’s anxiety.

Everyone knows about the words. The ones that show up on your body as a child—inky black and scrawled in unfamiliar handwriting, impossible to scrub off. It’s common knowledge that the words will be the first ones your soulmate ever says to you.

However, not everyone acknowledges them. Some people go their entire lives without being entirely sure whether or not the person they love is their soulmate, with only simple “Hi”s and “Hello”s on their bodies. Some couples tattoo their own words, foregoing the system. Who’s the universe to say who you’re destined to be with? The universe doesn’t give a shit about any other aspect of your everyday life; why should it care about your “soulmate”?

That was a lot of people believed, anyway. Evan was one of the “lucky” ones—one of those people that got phrases so specific, it would be impossible to meet his soulmate and not know it. However, it was kind of inconvenient. He spent years wearing sweaters and long-sleeved shirts to cover up the phrase inked on his right wrist: “Are you fucking kidding me?” People gawking at his soul mark coupled with his crippling social anxiety made for a very uncomfortable cocktail of emotions.

He had tried scrubbing it off with soap and water as a kid, even considered getting it inked out with a black tattoo. But the soul marks were impossible to scrub off and he was scared of needles, so he stuck with just keeping it covered. Even with the reminder ever-present, Evan didn’t really believe in the whole “soulmates” thing. After all, his parents had been so-called soulmates, and look where that landed them. Plus, a little voice in the back of his head that sounded suspiciously like his own whispered that there was no way anyone in the universe would be meant for someone like him.

Well, that was until a quarter through his senior year.

The trees in town were turning gorgeous oranges and yellows, painting Evan’s sleepy hometown in a warm glow. He adjusted his bag on his shoulder as he waited for Jared to pick him up. The familiar maroon, junky-looking car pulled into his driveway, and Evan opened the passenger side and half-sat, half-fell into the seat.

“Evan, bro, did you finish last night’s chem homework?” Jared asked immediately. Evan had half a mind to say an indignant, “Well good morning to you too,”, but then he started thinking about whether Jared would understand what he was saying and not get the sarcasm, something he didn’t really handle well, oh god what if Jared just thought he was an idiot? He’d stop giving him rides to school and his mom would have to drive him, making her late and then she’d lose her job and he’d have to make ends meet by working at a shady bar and—

“Dude, you okay? You thinking about your weird sex dreams about one of the Murphys again?” Jared cackled. Evan turned bright red.


The rest of the ride to school was uneventful, Jared talking more about his weekend (“Yeah, I crashed a college kegger. It wasn’t cool enough for the infamously awesome Jared Kleinman, so I left after an hour. No big deal.”) while Evan just stared out at the world rushing by. He tried not to look at the tops of trees anymore, and not for too long, unless the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach returned, thinking about last summer.

“Okay, but seriously, I need to borrow your chem homework, or I’m doomed,” Jared said pulling in to his parking spot. Evan nodded—at least he didn’t have to pay gas money—and dug through his backpack.

“Uhhhh….h-here it is,” Evan said, kind of shoving it in Jared’s direction. Jared smiled wide.

“Thanks man! I’ll give it back by lunch.”

“Jared, don’t you get A’s in everything? W-Why can’t you just, I dunno…do the work, yourself, maybe?” Evan suggested, getting out of Jared’s car. He just laughed, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

“Wow, look at Hansen over here, a straight-up genius,” Jared said sarcastically. Evan looked down at the ground, focusing on a pile of leaves near the sidewalk. “Yeah, like I would do that. I’ve got way cooler things to do with my friends. My other friends.” Jared tugged on his shirt collar in something that Evan would recognize as awkwardness if everything Jared did wasn’t awkward on its own account.

“O-Okay. Um, see you at lunch?” It was more of a question than a statement, and Evan swore at himself in his head as he walked away. God, why did he always let Jared walk all over him? Because he’s your only friend,” that voice in his head said.

N-Not true! I have—I have friends,” Evan thought defensively.

Yeah, and that’s why you’re standing in the middle of the parking lot talking to yourself.”

Goddammit. He was doing this again.

Evan messed with the hem of his shirt, rolling it up and smoothing it out again, wringing it with his fingers. He tried very hard to just focus on his blue converse: stepping on a square floor tile, flecked with brown and gold spots, the way his shoe crinkled up when he stepped—


Evan yelped as he knocked into you full-force, knocking you over and onto the ground. His hands shot out to catch himself, and he did—with his arms pinned right beside your’s face. Wide eyes stared up at him, and he felt his face and neck flush a bright, embarrassed red from the position he was in, effectively landing right on topof you.

Evan opened and closed his mouth, making him look kind of like a fish. “I-I-I’m so sorry, I must have—must have tripped, and um, oh my god this is embarrassing I am so so sorry—“

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Evan’s eyes went wide, and he practically jumped off of you. There was a crowd of people forming around them now, watching the scene in the hallway. Evan felt his cheeks and the tips of his ears burning, felt the sting of tears threatening to spill. His throat felt tight and his hands were starting to shake, fingers fumbling where he was messing with his shirt hem. You shot up, glancing worriedly at the gathering crowd and grabbing your things, cursing under your breath. When you saw Evan, however, your eyes got wide again, and you grabbed Evan’s hand, both gentle and insisting.

“Come on, let’s go,” you murmured, squeezing his hand encouragingly and pointedly not looking at the other people surrounding you, and Evan nodded, getting to his feet and walking quickly away. He didn’t even notice you were holding his hand, until he thought about how warm your hand was—and oh god, were his warm too? Were they getting sweaty like they did the night he had waited for Zoe, but only got sweaty because he was thinking about them getting sweaty and now they were because he was thinking so much—

“Okay, I think we’re good,” you said, relieved, effectively stopping Evan’s runaway train of thought. You had a habit of doing that, Evan thought absently. He didn’t stop to ponder if that was a good thing or a bad thing. You had pulled him into a little alcove in a pretty deserted part of the school. Evan’s free fingers still played nervously with his hem.

“Listen, I’m—I’m sorry, about, um, whatever that w-was, and if you took me aside to say you never want to talk to me again I mean I guess that’s fine?” Evan rambled out, not thinking before he spoke.

You gave him a look of complete confusion. “Why would I not want to talk to you?” you asked. “I mean, I think this gives me more than enough reason to want to talk to you.” You made a move to take off your jacket, pulling down your t-shirt sleeve so this boy who had tripped into you could read the black words inked onto your collarbone in his messy handwriting: “I-I-I’m so sorry, I must have—must have tripped, and um, oh my god this is embarrassing I am so so sorry”.

Evan’s jaw hit the floor. This could notbe happening. He fumbled with his shirt sleeve, pulling it up to show your vulgar first words to him. “Wow, I-I can’t believe they…they even got my, um my stutter right??” Evan said, gesturing to your soul marks.

You stared at him blankly for second before laughing. Full-on cackling, bent-over-at-the-middle laughing. You even snorted a little bit, slapping a hand over your mouth. Evan suppressed a giggle; that was kind of…cute?

“This is insane,” you said, still kind of laughing. “The first thing I get when I move here is my soulmate just, showing up out of the blue? What the hell?” And then you were laughing, and Evan was smiling shyly, and then laughing along with you. Two laughing weirdos in an alcove in a high school hallway.

“I’m—I’m (Y/N),” you finally said, holding out your hand.

“E-Evan. Hansen.” He tentatively took it in his own, not objecting a bit when you threaded your fingers through his.

“Well, hello, Evan,” you said, sweetly looking into his eyes. “I’m just loving this incredibly awkward first meeting we’re having, but I don’t want to be late on my first day of classes. Maybe we could meet up later…?” you asked hesitantly. Evan felt his cheeks grow pink again.

“Oh, um, yeah! Yeah, of course. I mean, what kind of guy would say no, to his soulmate, right? God. Soulmate. Um. Wow.” Evan’s still confused and bewildered rambling made you laugh.

“Yeah. Wow.” You squeezed his hand, and he squeezed back. “I guess I’ll see you later, Evan Hansen.” You smiled at him one last time and squeezed his hand, letting your hand fall from his grasp. You could barely contain your excitement as you walked down the hallway, shoulders hunched and smile wide.

Evan watched you go, out of breath suddenly. He couldn’t believe the universe gave him such good luck—you were so pretty, and caring, and funny, and god you were just so cute, this was impossible. There was no way you were real.

Then, he glanced back down at the words on his wrist, the objectively vulgar words taking on completely new meaning. Instead of feeling like the surrounding chilly fall air, he felt like early spring, in bloom and bursting at the seams.


Fic and head canon requests are open! ~Mod V☆

Richonne Favorites Project

To spread love and our hard work as writers, let’s celebrate our fandom by promoting our own work and rec’ing our favorite stories from Richonne Fanfiction writers.

Under the cut, is a survey that has been divided in 6 parts: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.

Part I is exclusively for fic writers. Rec your work, talk about what you love. Promote yourself! Love the things you did, celebrate your creativity.

Part II -VI is for every single Richonne Fanfic reader out there.

The survey is divided it in parts:

  • favorites,
  • genres,
  • general,
  • feel good
  • smut.

You can answer all five, just one or as many as you like - it’s your decision. Just spread the love towards our fandom.

How it’ll work:

You post the survey on your blog and then submit the link to us. We won’t post submissions - we will only accept links. We will have an ongoing compiled master post with every single survey filled for your reference.  

You can also tag it as “ #richonne fanfiction project ” just to make sure we will see it.

 *Don’t forget any triggers with a warning please.*

Everyone can participate! Have fun!

The survey is under Keep Reading:

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Gruvia Week Day 6 - Loss


It meant to be one page but i ended up making three just to convey thoroughly my head cannon/idea that relates to the today’s prompt. Actually i’d been having this story since a long time(Grand Magic Arc i guess). I’m pretty glad i could able to convey it physically. I attempt to write a fanfiction about it but im not confident with my writing skill. And honestly, Gruvia is just minor cast because my true intention of this story, is to revolve the plot with the offspring of gerza as a major cast. My idea of FT next generation. Rawr. I’ll post a blog of this as main topic soon(maybe). (if i’ve got some juices to squeeze) My oc there is not just an OC to support my theme lols. He bears a role to the story i’ve been longing to write for FT. huehue 

I just fond of the ft fan story where Juvia lost her memory and Gray will be chasing her just like how Juvia chase him just to reach her feelings of romance to him. 

when Juvia’s gone, she’s conceiving her second child with Gray without his awareness. (just to add some dramatic twist and event) 

Welcome back everyone to the second N+C exchange!

With the new year, comes more news from Nitro+Chiral. Last year announced a new title, Slow Damage. This year brings Rhythm Carnival, a crossover rhythm game following the story events of N+C’s Chiral Night back in November. More people are joining the fanbases and our continued goal is to bring everyone together!

As with last year, this exchange will be focusing on N+C’s current four main titles (Togainu no Chi, Lamento: Beyond the Void, Sweet Pool, Dramatical Murder). The event consists of the following:

  • Submitting an application with all the required details (such as what you would like to receive, what you wouldn’t create, means of contact, etc) into the submission box – you have until 11 pm PST on July 19th to do so;
  • Receiving a form from another participant with the details they submitted;
  • Creating a gift for said participant;
  • On the final day, you will submit your created gift for your assigned person;
  • And, in exchange, you’ll receive a gift too!

The rules are as follow:

  • This event focuses on creating new fan-made works, so gifts can only be fanart and fanfiction;
  • For legal reasons, if you are under 18 years old you cannot create or receive sexually explicit material;
  • Please stick to the deadlines! If you are unable to meet a deadline, please contact us as soon as possible so we can give you an extension and notify your giftee;
  • If you need to drop out of the event, please contact us as soon as possible so we can contact and assign a pitch hitter to your giftee;

A pinch hitter is someone who replaces a participant who has had to drop out of the event, and who creates a gift for the withdrawn participant’s giftee (further information about this can be found in the FAQ)

  • Also, keep your submit box open! This is how you’ll receive your giftee’s information!
  • Last but not least, any kind of harassment towards anyone involved in the event will not be tolerated. 

If you want to know extra details, you can check the following links!
Rules & Guidelines | FAQ | Calendar | Participation form & Submission box

Remember the deadlines, everyone! You are also welcome to follow this blog to keep up to date.

  • July 19 (11 pm PST); Applications period ends
  • July 22 – 24; Assignments are sent
  • August 4 – 6; Check in
  • August 30; Final day and posting

Everything will still be organized under the event tag #ncexchange, as well as the AO3 Collection that was created to compile the fanfiction works. Remember to track these if you want to see and read all of the new (future) content for the fandoms!

If you need help or further information, send an ask or contact one of the mods in the chat system!

Now, this event has been created to be fun, to introduce fans who may not have met one another otherwise outside of this event. We all are a part of this because of our love for Nitro+Chiral and their VNs. So, let’s continue that. Let’s continue giving them the love we give them together. We look forward to seeing you all share your enthusiasm with one another and create to your heart’s content!

todoloquetecaemal-deactivated20  asked:

i want to make a realist character. one that's selfish, and mean to others with no apparent reasons, that hates themselves most of the time but acts agorrant. one that feels worried, insecure and mad at the most unnoticeable things (not finding their favourite oes, ruining a marker, accidentally taking off nail polish, etc), that has big goals but doesn't feel they're enough to achieve them. i dont know how to makr them not seem cliché, to make people understand them without explanation. thanks!

Thanks for your question, love!  That sounds like a complex character – and I love complex characters :)

However, no matter how likable or complex your character is, they can’t become more than a cliche without reasons behind their behavior.  I could totally get behind a character with a lot of flaws – hating themselves, acting arrogant, angered by small details, and insecure.  There are real people with all those flaws, so it’s not that it isn’t possible.  But there has to be logic behind these qualities.  Without some sort of explanation, readers have to assume that the character went from an innocent baby -> a troubled person… at some point… just because.

So my first piece of advice is to give them reasons for the person they’ve become and the way they behave.  The readers don’t have to find out the reasons immediately – in fact, it can be good to let them wonder, “Why is this person like this?  What happened to them?”  Not only do reasons make characters more realistic, but they can endear characters to us.  Did you ever see Ice Age?  The main character, Manny the Mammoth, is kind of a rough-around-the-edges, antisocial… you know, dick.  They play it for laughs, of course, but once you get into the movie, his backstory – and the reason why he’s the only mammoth in the whole movie – is revealed, and it gives context to his behavior.

The second step to a non-cliche, realistic character, though, is to give them good qualities to counteract their negative traits, as well as to give them hope for character development.  Readers have to have some reason to follow a character’s story, especially if the character isn’t immediately likable – and backstory isn’t enough.  Give them qualities that make sense for them, you know?

For example, your character gets angry over small issues… meaning they’re attentive to detail.  So when someone asks them to do something, they do it right, completely.  When someone they love is talking to them, they listen and pick up all the information.  So they’re a good listener, they’re responsible, and they’re dependable.  You also mentioned that they’re ambitious, which can be a great thing – and selfishness makes a person very protective of themselves, which means that when they love/care about someone, they’ll be protective of that person, too.  Find ways to balance your character’s good and bad traits, so they aren’t just a villain in your story.

And lastly, make sure to let your character change over the course of the story.  They can begin the story however you want, but if they end the story without having changed at all, then they’re really just a cliche.  So when you’re planning your story, plan an arc for the character so that you know where they start and where they end – how they grow, how they’re tested, etc.  This gives your character direction, which makes them much more interesting and likable.

That’s all my advice for you!  Thanks again for your question :)  If you have any more questions, be sure to hit me up and I’ll respond ASAP!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

The Effect You Have On Me I Jimin x Reader Fluff Oneshot

Happy 200 Followers! 🎉💞😍😱

In a mini traditional celebration, here’s a Jimin x Reader oneshot for my new lovely followers (/^-^)/

💙 Genre : 

 Fluff..just..fluffy fluff

💙  Description:- 

Jimin always comes home late from work, but that doesn’t stop Y/N from waiting for him.


They’ve got a year worth of knowing each other, and all the little things about her makes him fall in love a little bit more everyday.


Friday, 1 am

Jimin enters the penthouse groggily,loosening his tie.

“I’m home”, he whispers to no one as he quietly walks his way to the kitchen. He stops halfway when he sees a figure lying on the living room couch, with a laptop in her lap, the screen luminating her sleeping face.

She must’ve fell asleep while writing and waiting for him.

Jimin sighs and drops his bag and went towards her. “Aish this girl”, he thinks to himself as he quietly took the laptop off her lap.

He took the blanket off of her to pick her up …but they both know that Y/N is a light sleeper and so she woke up the minute the cold air hit her once covered feet .

She groans and rubs her eyes “Jimin you’re here.”, she says with that smile of hers. The smile of genuine affection, the kind of smile that leaves him melting a little inside. Just a little though( a lot ).

“I told you not to wait up for me”, he says softly as he helps her get up.

“You know I have extra work these days,” he continues. “Especially with the-”

“Especially with the future of the company being in my hands blah blah blah”, she interrupts him and speaks in a grumpy voice (her pitiful attempt at mocking Jimin) and rolls her eyes.

“I know, but I can’t just not wait.”, she continues as she grabs her laptop to go to their shared bedroom.

“And why can’t you just “not wait”“, he says with that signature smirk of his.

She playfully hits his shoulder and says, "come on stupid, it’s already late."she says in a angry tone but the cheeky smile plastered on her face says otherwise.


Jimin had to take a second to look at her properly.

She was wearing his white shirt (which was almost falling off her shoulder considering their size difference)

God. Why was she so beautiful? And why, after one whole year of dating her, did she still amaze Jimin so so much? He’ll  never know

Saturday, 12 pm

"Jiminiee”, a voice calls out softly.

And suddenly the bed sheet he was comfortably cocoon-wrapped in was pulled off of him and he groans.

“Come on”, he groans again and tries to block his eyes from whatever light that bugged his sight, pulling at the cover.

“Jimin, it’s 12 already and I’m not in the mood for brunch now wake up before you regret it”, she says, her words un-responded.

“Alright. I mean if you wanna play this way I’ll happily oblige ” she says in a sing-song tone and within a second, she’s on top of him.

And with that, Y/N starts tickling him in all the right spots.

She’s got a year worth of knowing Jimin so it’s only normal for her to know little things like these. That he’s ticklish at the earlobe and at the crook of his neck, the most, followed by his tummy and hips.

“Get up youuu!”,she’s still tickling him.

Jimin can’t help but laugh..“okay OK stoppp I’m awake I’m-” and within that second he manages to slip his leg over hers and turned them around, with Jimin now on top of Y/N .

“Wide awake”, he smirks as you’re now pinned under him and god he’s flustering her again.

He comes closer to her face .“Ew no!” , Y/N pushes on his chest with her small fists.

“Brush first idiot!”, she giggles.

And lord if that doesn’t make him weak in his knees.

How can she still have this much of an effect on him even if it’s been more than a year that they’ve been together?

He settles for a kiss on the cheek, pecking her softly.

“I love you Y/N”, he says with that eye smile of his as he gets up.

“ Good to know Park Jimin”, she smiles sheepishly.

“Yah. You’re supposed to say it back!” Jimin says.

But Y/N only giggles and runs away.


The End! <3

Aaah I can’t believe that it was just a week ago that this blog reached 100 followers, and now we’re at 200!! 

From now on, it’s a tradition, for every 100 followers I’ll post a special fanfiction for my adorable followers!

I hope you liked it :3 This was just pointless fluff but I love them~


Looking for friends & blogs to follow

Hey guys and girls. You might not know me; I’m pretty new to this corner of tumblr (aka the I love so many video games and I struggle to blog about them all so my blog ends up about the witcher and bioware corner). I’m already following some great people but I am looking for some more blogs that post about:

♡ witcher;
♡ final fantasy;
♡ dragon age;
♡ mass effect;
♡ elder scrolls;
♡ also, aesthetics;
♡ anime things;
♡ cute/funny things;
♡ fanfiction & writing;

I’m still working on getting my blog just right but I mainly post about the following if you wanna follow me:

♡ multiple video games;
♡ mainly witcher;
♡ and final fantasy;
♡ dragon age;
♡ aesthetics;
♡ fanfics;
♡ flowery stuff;

So reblog or like this and I’ll check out your blog! :) And feel free to drop me a message if you wanna chat!

ABC’s of Merle Dixon Challenge

Originally posted by reedusgif

Since we recently hit 500 followers, I thought it might be fun to show our love for Merle in a little writing challenge! Fan artists and fanfiction writers are both welcome to sign up! By the end of the challenge I’ll post a complete master list of everyone’s work and put it at the top of the blog for people to check out. Everyone is welcome to participate! <3

How to participate:

1- Send me an ask specifying which letter you want to do.

2- Submissions can be a drabble, oneshot or a piece of artwork.

3- Post your piece with the hashtag #MerleABC and also tag @rooker-renegades so I don’t miss your entry! If I don’t get to your piece within a week feel free to message this blog or @lucifers-trash-stash in case I missed it.


1- There are only going to be 26 slots open and I’m only going to give them away one at a time so choose carefully.

2- If you want to take a second slot you must submit your first letter.

3- Merle must be featured as the lead character.

4- Your submission can be smut, fluff, angst, anything you want as long as it relates to the letter prompt.

5- Make sure to tag your work with any warnings.

6- Have fun and let please let me know if you can’t complete your prompt. If you need a few days to a week extension please let me know and I can work something out with you.

The ABCs are DUE to be submitted before or on AUGUST 7th.

These are the prompts. Thank you so much for @simons-thirst-squad for letting me borrow the format of your challenge and for @ladylorelitany and @superprincesspea for helping me come up with prompts <3


B- Brother

C- Choking

D- Dom

E- Experience

F- Flirting

G- Grilling

H- Handcuffs

I- Ice

J- Jealous

K- Knife

L- Lazy Sunday

M- Motorcycle

N- Newborn

O- Overshirt

P- Pickup Truck

Q- Queen

R- Robe

S- Smartass

T- Tender

U- Undress

V- Virgin

W- Wildcard


Y- Yes

Z- Zipper

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Me.

One of the requested David fics! HOORAY!

Summary:  The reader is a mutant who lived with David in Clockworks.  They left when David left and now lives with David, Syd, and the rest of the gang. Takes place during the beginning of the series, revolving around that plot. Kind of angsty since David and the Reader are friends and Syd is still in the picture.

Warnings:  Mention of mental illness, hint of death but no one actually dies.

Word Count: 3,663

Author’s Note:  Thank you guys so much for the requests, likes, reblogs, and comments!  It means a lot to see that my work is liked :)  I’m sorry in advance if some of the characters seem out of character and if Syd seems more like an antagonist in this. Also I really love the song Rainbow Connection and I will probably incorporate it into more fics.  I apologize for any errors I missed. AND I’m sorry if this seems unfinished and plot-less.  The ~~ indicate a switch from present to memory.   

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

i have a diverse cast of main characters but eventually one of the characters betrays the rest. I'm afraid that I'll be antagonizing that specific group since that character is the only character of that identity. What should I do? His personality is perfect for the role. :(

Well, from reading this, I came to an assumption that I realize may be incorrect; so I’ll ask you first.  Is this character playing into a common stereotype of their race/religion/sexuality?  If not, then there should be no problem with, say, having the only Puerto Rican man or the only Catholic woman become a “traitor” character.  Those aren’t hot-buttons for those groups.  So if you’re sure you’re not pulling out any gross stereotypes (and you’re not demonizing the character in genera), then it shouldn’t be a problem.

If, however, you’re afraid of writing this character because they do play into a stereotype of their group, then I guess I have two questions for you:

  1. Is there a reason this character has to be of this group?  If your story is, for example, about a group of students in high school, then the “traitor” character could be of any race/sexuality/religion/etc.  If your story takes place in a specific country or in the middle of war between races/religions, then the group/identity of your character may be a little more limited.  So make sure that if you’re playing into a stereotype, it’s not just because that’s what came to you first.  It should be important that your character is of this specific group.
  2. Is there a reason this character is the only character of their group?  Unless it’s a story with a very limited amount of characters, there’s no reason that your character would need to be the only representation of this group.  If you can, try to include another character – even a small one – from this group who does not share in this stereotype.  It’s usually good to have more than one member of a group anyway, to avoid tokenization or stereotypes.

If it is a story with a limited cast – e.g. a survival story where society is put at a distance – and your character must be in this group, then I think your best bet may be to have the character themselves show self-awareness of the stereotype.  Everyone has an internal battle between who they are and who they want to be – what they do vs. what they are expected to do.  Perhaps they played into this role because it was what was expected of them – perhaps there are extenuating circumstances that brought your character to this point.  Any explanation will serve you better than, “They’re Muslim and they just happen to be a terrorist,” or “They’re black so they’re in a gang,” or, “They’re Mexican so they’re desperate for money.”

I mean, ideally, you don’t want to write stereotypes at all – so if you can avoid it, do.  If you can’t, try to humanize and develop the character as much as possible so that their stereotypical behavior is drawn from logic instead of “this is how they are, the end.”  And if you have any further questions about how to do that, hit me up and I’ll try to help as best I can.

Thanks for your question, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

anonymous asked:

headcanons for what it would be like to live/work with the outlaws (red hood, arsenal, starfire)??

I am in love with all three of the Outlaws so here we go (I’m writing these with civilian!reader bc I love the idea of joyfire having a non-vigilante friend who kind of acts as an emotional anchor, but I can do another one for vigilante!reader if you want) 

living with them would include…

  • A lot of late night fast food runs. And those 24/7 breakfast places. Why do you keep ending up at Waffle House at 3:00 a.m.
  • If you have any kind of cooking skills, Jason drags you into helping him in the kitchen between missions, when he has time to cook. If you don’t have cooking skills, you get banished from the kitchen along with Roy and Kori.
  • There is a lot of platonic cuddling with these three, so you get roped into a lot of cuddle piles. (Roy is the biggest offender – gives a lot of bear hugs.)
  • It’s pretty nice except that Jason has hands and feet like ICE and puts them on people on purpose just to be an asshole. You accidentally punched him one time because he stuck his foot on you.
  • Kori, on the other hand, gets her powers from solar energy from what I understand, it’s kinda weird how they explain it in the comics so she’s basically a living energy conductor and is very warm all the time. She also smells significantly better than either of the boys, most of the time. 
  • If you weren’t already fully trained in first aid you will be soon because these kids come home with a lot of cuts, scrapes, and broken ribs (well, Jason and Roy at least – Kori’s nearly indestructible) 
  • Their sleep schedules are all a mess. Sometimes all three of them will sleep through an entire day and you’ll essentially have the house to yourself.
  • Kori disappears for days at a time sometimes??? You don’t know where she goes. You think she’s in space, but you’re scared to ask honestly
  • Roy takes you with him when he goes to visit Lian because she adores you. People have seen the three of you out and about and mistaken you for Lian’s other parent more than once, which leads to a lot of awkward stuttering from you and Roy.
  • Jason “Something’s going down in Gotham and I know they need my help but I really don’t want to face my dad alone” Todd finding totally lame excuses to bring you with him.
  • Kori floats around the house like a pretty magical cloud princess especially when she’s tired/deep in thought/not paying attention and it’s the most adorable thing. 
  • You start picking up little bits of Spanish, Navajo, and Tamaranian and they’re all super amused but also secretly touched by it 
  • All three of them have some pretty nasty nightmares. Whenever one of them wakes up and can’t go back to sleep, they’ll come into your room. Sometimes they don’t even wake you up because just seeing that you’re okay makes them feel calmer and more in control. 
  • BUT if the nightmare was really bad they’ll gently wake you up and shyly tell you what happened and you’ll get up and make hot chocolate and talk to them until they feel better.
  • If one of them is sick or injured and can’t go with the others on a mission, you get put on babysitting duty, which usually means ordering takeout and watching bad movies together to try to keep from worrying about the others.
  • They’re constantly worried about leaving you alone. Jason has taught you how to shoot and showed you all the places in the house where he has guns stashed, and Roy has rigged up a bunch of booby traps that you can activate if you think someone might attack the house. Kori teaches you hand-to-hand combat.
  • There’s a lot of post-mission cuddle piles that end up with all of you falling asleep on your couch or in the living room floor because they’re too tired to drag themselves to bed.

I kind of got carried away with this, oops. Also, I just want to point you towards this fic on AO3, because it has a lot of similarities to my headcanons. (The author’s blog is @karas-fanfiction, if you want to check them out!) I realize that this request was pretty similar to the premise of their fic, and that we have similar ideas, so I just want to give them a shoutout because I never want to feel like I’m stepping on the toes of another fic writer! 

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I can not, for the life of me, find these two fics I remember reading on your blog. They were both nsfw, one was from the letters to my sister au, and the other was one directly after they defeated the kishin on the moon, were after like, almost dying and stuff they go to bed together and end up having fluffy feelsy confession sex??? Maybe the second one wasn't on your blog but I know the first one was.

Those are definitely both mine. Both are on FFN–easier than digging up the blog posts. The Letters UA short is called “The Cave” and is number 21 in Bedtime Stories. You can find it here:


The second was written for the Insanity prompt for soma week several years back. You can find it here:


Enjoy :)

theleackycauldron  asked:

How the hell does a person get followers and shit? Like I know I've been on tumblr for less than 5 minutes and have one post but stipulates, how are people meant to discover me??

So… joined tumblr to follow a writer, and then ended up adding ‘follow me on tumblr’ to the notes at the foot of my fanfiction. In general I think if you create original content - in my corner of the world it’s hp fandom content I look for, specifically edits/aesthetics I can reblog - people will start to follow you. Use the tagging system so you come up on searches.

I know I see more new followers when a popular blog reblogs a text post or I write a ficlet that gets reblogged around.

And welcome to tumblr. It can eat your time but it’s the social media platform I enjoy most. My twitter feed is mostly lamenting the world is going to die, my Facebook feed is fictionalized accounts of how good other people are at parenting and their vacation photos, but tumblr is writing friends and pretty models assembled in collages. It’s pretty great.

well, to anyone who may not have noticed, my smite sideblog is gone. i deleted it. i have no plans to remake in the future.

the reason stems from the consistent shit i got for playing susano so much. the god means a lot to me and after awhile the jokes became too much for me to stomach. i ended up quite outcasted. while i want to be a part of the community, i did not expect to be the target of a lot of garbage revolving around my main and the character i based my blog off of. the community honestly frequently made me feel like shit.

with that said, i will be posting my fanfiction on THIS blog, for those of you who have been awaiting the bellama sequel.

thanks for reading.

heartlikethunder  asked:

How do you tackle two characters who are meant to fall in love at the end of the story or are already falling in love when one character is prejudice against a group of people and the other character is nurturing and consider of that group and thus does not support the prejudice?

Thanks for your question dear!  This sounds like an interesting romantic plot (i.e. a romance that doesn’t cling to the stereotypical girl-likes-boy, boy-has-mean-girlfriend, girl-gets-boy) and that gets you 1000 brownie pts!

Originally posted by distinguidos

Sorry.  I had to express my gratitude.

Okay, so what you’re dealing with seems to come back to one common issue in romantic writing – especially modern-day writing.  It’s the paradox of Love Before Intimacy.  By intimacy, I mean to say, “an intimate knowledge of each other’s thoughts, feelings, goals, and ideals.”  This is especially common in romantic situations driven by sexual desire, mutual benefit (arranged marriage), or necessity (unplanned pregnancy).  Why does this happen?

Friendships are built on similar interests and values, typically, while romantic relationships develop from (sometimes unwanted) physical attraction and emotional attachment between two people.  “Falling in love” can be a sudden progression; it can happen before the people involved really know each other.  Then a single future conversation can create intense conflict, as the two people realize they’re actually quite different.  This is one of the main reasons for the higher divorce rate in the world today!

So how do you write two characters into this situation?   What are the possible outcomes of this situation?

Love Before Intimacy (and How to Resolve It)

Firstly, I’m going to address the basic question of Love Before Intimacy situations: how do these characters arrive at the problem?  How do they realistically fall in love despite their different beliefs or habits?

The first thing you need to do is determine how important this conflict is to your characters.  This is vital to the timeline of your story.  If the conflict is superficial (e.g. one is messy while the other is neat) then it could be that your characters noticed these traits before committing to each other, and they didn’t care.  But if it’s a fundamental conflict (e.g. politics, morals, ethics, etc.) then it’s not so easily avoided.  So when do your characters discover this conflict of opinion?

  1. When they meet – in which case you’ll need to develop a strong emotional and physical attraction between the two characters.  For someone to overlook a fundamental “flaw” in another person, they have to be driven by something strong.  It could be a shared experience that connects them – perhaps emotional codependence.  Maybe the characters use each other as an “escape” from their living situations.  One way or another, there has to be something stronger than their moral compass that pushes these two people together – and it can’t just be the sex.  I mean, it can start out as just the sex, but it can’t always just be the sex.
  2. When they’ve fallen in love – This is a very different situation.  Once two people have truly fallen in love with each other, small disagreements are easily overlooked – and big problems are either avoided or discussed sporadically over time.  Understand that once an emotional attachment has formed, it’s hard to look at someone’s opinions objectively.  This can cause Character A to look at Character B and think, “I know they’re wrong, but maybe it’s not so bad.  Maybe they have a point somehow.”  Bad morals or ideas can be rationalized; conflict can be buried or handled passive-aggressively.  In this “honeymoon period”, a person’s innate desire is to keep the relationship alive – no matter the cost.
  3. When they’ve made a commitment – the ultimate disaster.  Once the honeymoon period has worn off and two characters no longer see each other through rose-colored glasses, moral conflicts are nothing to be brushed under the rug.  The two have become comfortable with each other, enough that they are more willing to be honest.  This is where fights (and often insults to the other person’s intelligence, empathy, heart, and mind) can become powerful and escalated.  Also recognize that once the honeymoon has faded, a person is less likely to be willing to change themselves for their partner.  This, in turn, can be interpreted as a loss of respect or love for each other – and then things can start to spiral.

So clearly, the later you introduce the conflict to the relationship, the more difficult it is to resolve.  It’s important to think about the timeline of this issue, in order to write your characters realistically.

So Now, What?

Once you’ve determined when the conflict arises and how your characters feel about it, you have to think about the resolution.  What are the possible outcomes, and what do they say about your morals and opinions as the writer?

I’m going to create my own example for this post, involving two characters I’ll name Jack and Jill.  Here is their story:

Jack and Jill have just moved into their new house, which is located in front of deep woods.  These woods are full of spiders.  Jack is scared of spiders and kills them upon sight.  Jill loves spiders and always releases them outdoors.  One day, Jill witnesses Jack kill a spider, and she’s furious with him.  Jack argues that he’s afraid of spiders, and they could be poisonous.  Jill argues that she loves them, and they are living creatures.  They cannot convince each other and reach a stalemate.  What do they do?

(I know this is kind of a silly example, but I wanted to keep away from any pressing issues that might offend my followers.)

So let’s assess the situation at hand: Jack and Jill have moved into a house together, meaning they are at a point of commitment.  Judging from Jill’s anger with him, not only are they out of the honeymoon phase, but this is an issue that is very important to Jill.  She loves spiders, which is an emotional driver – and beyond that, she argues about the state of a spider’s right to life.  But it also seems important to Jack, who is driven by another strong emotion: fear.  His poison argument suggests that he doesn’t value the life of a spider as equal to the life of a human.  This creates an emotional and moral dilemma.

There are a few different resolutions to Jack and Jill’s conflict:

  • Mutual Compromise (both surrender partially) – This kind of conflict resolution is best suited for situations which have no clear right or wrong.  This means that both arguments, on either side, maintain an equal level of moral and logical validity.  When Character A can’t convince Character B of something fundamental to their morals, they have to compromise – to make some kind agreement that satisfies both parties partially.  The disagreement may still remain, but the conflict should cease.

In the example: Neither Jack nor Jill change their opinion on the spider’s life.  They decide to have their house assessed for cracks in the insulation, so that they can minimize the spiders altogether – keeping them away for Jack, and keeping them safe for Jill.

  • One-Way Compromise (one surrenders) – A.K.A. the Beat ‘Em situation.  In this resolution, neither of your characters’ opinions change, but for the good of the relationship, Character B surrenders to Character A.  This solution can sometimes be temporary, building resentment in the relationship.  But in other instances, it can work out, and may be the only compromise that works – either because Character A is more emotionally attached to their argument, or because Character B is a more passive person.  A manipulative person can make one-way compromise seem like mutual compromise, but it’s important to know the difference.  Character B could also play it off as a mutual solution (below), which could lead to more conflict in the future.

In this example: Neither Jack nor Jill change their opinion on the spider’s life.  Jack decides that, because Jill cares so much about the spiders, he will not kill them anymore.  He might continue to fear spiders forever, or he might become less afraid of them with time.  But he makes the decision for Jill’s sake – not for the spiders’ sake.

  • Mutual Solution (a shared opinion is reached) – And this is the Join ‘Em situation.  Here, Character A and Character B wind up resolving the issue by dissolving the issue – one or both of their arguments changes the other’s opinion, until they both arrive at the same conclusion.  It may be that one character realizes they were wrong all along; it may be that the final answer lies somewhere between their two opinions.  Either way, this is usually the healthiest (and most difficult to attain) conflict resolution to reach.

In this example: Jill decides that because they live so close to the woods, these spiders could actually be poisonous.  She agrees with Jack that she values their lives more than a spider’s, so they have the house sprayed – killing the existing spiders, and preventing more spiders from coming.  She does not feel guilty about this, because Jack’s arguments have changed her viewpoint.  Both Jack and Jill are content with this resolution.

And of course, there is the unfortunate fourth outcome of No Resolution, in which the two characters cannot reconcile their differences and either live on in disagreement and possible harbored resentment, or decide to part ways.  This can be a poignant sad-ending that emphasizes the relativity of the issue at hand, raising the question: if one or both of them were open to changing their minds, would they have been happy together?

I won’t put Jack and Jill through that, though.  They deserve a happy ending ♥

Originally posted by fairytale-christmas

I hope this helps you get started on that story, friend!  If I’ve grossly misinterpreted your question, hit me up again and I’ll do better, I swear!  Thanks as always for asking :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

I was wondering when I would end up writing fanfiction for Pokemon and apparently it wasn’t until Team Skull showed up.

I was thinking about how there are three pillows on Guzma’s bed. Maybe he just likes pillows but I also immediately thought about how he could go to sleep on the bed with Golisopod and Ariados, if they want to, and each would get a pillow.

So this is around 1500 words of silliness (and one, more serious spot) where Golisopod is taking up most of the bed and Guzma is trying to get it to move over.  There is some swearing and implied violence, because I do believe Team Skull would be swearing if it weren’t for the fact the game was rated E.

Keep reading