Have you ever met someone and thought,
“Whatever this is, it’s never going to last”?
I have.
The first time I caught his eyes and saw his smile, I knew.
I knew that he was going to leave.
That was the time when a beginning felt like an ending.
When he was around, I only saw caution signs
telling me to turn back.
I had no guarantee. No promises. No nothing.
But I guess I was a masochist.
Because I had hope for him to stay.
But alas, he didn’t.
At the end, I was right.
He left me.
I never had a choice.
He was going to leave either way.
—  when a beginning felt like an ending // A.A

I’ve begun the beginning of the beginner’s beginnings that began a long time ago.

Therefore, I’ve ended the ending of ending’s ends on a cliffnote of an end that’s gone.

—  H. Murcia 9:44PM 2/25/2017
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She had you in the brightest days of yesterday, together, dreams were made of. She was the perfect song, the perfect sky, the perfect colors that paints the shades of love you know. She’s like a perfect fabric that you love to wear forever in your skin. She was the soul that live within you.But she left, and she took everything with her. Your yesterday, your songs, the sky, theres no color everywhere. Not even love, not even soul and you are naked, and cold. Numb from her goodbye that she didn't fight for you.
—  KRISTINA, Thoughts and High Heels