there’s something crazy magical in the simple adventure of running somewhere brand new, when everything you encounter is a surprise and you never know quite where you’ll end up.

“Green Eyes and Purple Roses”

Title: Green Eyes and Purple Roses

Author: Anonymous

Original Imagine Link: Imagine that Dean cooks you dinner, and it’s not until the end of the meal that you realize he meant for it to be a date.

Word Count: 600

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean makes you dinner for a date, when you thought it was for ‘the family’.


You waited patiently at the door, your hair blowing across your face in the light night breeze. You turned to look at the lawn, seeing your cherry-red fastback ‘67 Mustang parked behind Dean’s Impala. Then the door opened behind you and you turned to face who had invited you over for dinner.

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more pics! mostly pictures of mika or yuu lol but I have added captions to explain (kinda?) so please look at the captions

ok turns out captions don’t work I’ll copy and paste them here, chronological order

just a beautiful pic of mika sniff sniff (hes saying he won’t trust yuus friends)

look at how smoothly yuu puts his arms around mika *COUGH*

BAYUM title drop courtesy of mika

mika getting pissed off at yuu always talking about guren hahaha

cute yuu being cute “it’s fine if you want to use me because it’s you” (to mika obv)

these will be the last pics but I am working on a sort of translation of this chapter so stay tuned dundundunn

imagine your OTP person A being tiny and smoll and working at a library desk at a University and person B calls down to the front desk absolutely pANICKING because they are stuck in the elevator and TERRIFIED because it keeps bumping around and making banging noises and not opening and they’re gonna dIE so person A stays on the phone with them while the electricians arrive and talks person B down in soothing tones for like an hour

then the elevator opens and person B turns out to be a hulking mass of beautiful who beelines straight for the desk and kisses tiny smoll person A right on the mouth the end

Do. Not. Hand-feed. Unless. You. Are. A. Professional. Please.

So. My lovely rant over from ABB from a few weeks ago is more than super relevant right now.

Hand-feeding may seem “easy” and the basic mechanics can be on the surface, but a huge problem comes from weaning your bird.

When do you wean? How do you wean? What foods should you wean on to? Do you need to prep the food in particular ways to help the transition from formula to solid good?

This week I have encountered:

A 6 month old scarlet macaw…. who is still being hand-fed and living in their baby-bin because the breeder didn’t do the weaning and the end-person wasn’t sure how to get the bird to wean, because they would refuse food and only take formula.

I encountered a 6 WEEK old conure who was only getting fed twice a day and was starving to death because that was the schedule the person could work with easily and were not told how often the baby MUST be fed (which is 3-5 times a day but ideally you’d be there to watch the crop and feed as needed).

I have seen a year old african grey who was still being hand-fed and who now absolutely refuses solid food and will starve himself until he gets formula because the people didn’t wean in time and now the bird is dependent on hand-feeding and the process of weaning is going to be so much harder now that the bird is halfway to adulthood. 

The worst part is none of these people felt they could go back to the breeder for help. All of these people were told that hand-raising is easy. Despite getting a brief prep-talk from the breeder, they had very little instruction on how to hand-feed and none on how to wean. No one knew how to get more information and they felt they couldn’t go talk to the breeder.

There is never a reason to feel as though you can’t go back to the breeder or store where you got your bird to ask questions. If questions and future contact are discouraged or never mentioned this is a huge warning sign that you shouldn’t get a bird from that person. You should always, always, feel like you can go back to the breeder with any questions and problems that crop up, they should be there to support you and your bird, not just dump them and run.

Baby birds will test you. They will scream for food until you help them recognize that dish of weird stuff is food, they will scream for formula even after they know they have food right there. You can’t just expect them to start eating on their own because you put a dish of seed and pellets in their cage between hand-feedings. Just like you wouldn’t leave a human infant with a bowl of cereal and expecting them to know how to eat without *ever* showing them how or that this is food.

You get the curious babies, you get the adventurous ones, you get the ones who put everything into their beaks anyway, but not every baby bird will just take to things that easily and even the adventurous ones can run into problems (like eating a seed without hulling the husk off and choking on the husk). Even the adventurous ones may not learn to eat on their own even if they are shoving things in their beak.

Never trust a breeder who does not do their own hand-feeding.
Never get a bird who isn’t weaned.
Please please.

For the sake of your bird, for the sake of your own head and heart, don’t hand-feed your own bird. 

I mean like Tomb Raider had this super cliche “save the princess” ending and now they don’t even bring her back despite them having a strong relationship with each other?