I wanted to do a few of these tonight but alas I was late getting home and only got one done. This one was a C6 Genji for anon. I’m not that great with Genji’s armour so forgive me with that part…

He was practicing throwing shuriken, and well, let’s just say it ended… “poorly” for Genji.

Original meme by @hhhanele : http://hhhanele.tumblr.com/post/157424820514/an-expression-sheet-of-my-own-feel-free-to-reblog

Ofc I just HAD to use the badass Genji from here by @kingsdarga / @ourtastytexturestuff : http://ourtastytexturesstuff.tumblr.com/post/156495652504/so-instead-of-doing-something-along-the-lines-of

Edgedancer Chapter 19

“I failed weeks ago,” Nale said. “I knew it then. Oh, God. God the Almighty. It has returned!”
“I’m sorry,” Lift said.
He looked to her, face lit red by the continuous lightning, tears mixing with the rain.
“You actually are,” he said, then felt at his face. “I wasn’t always like this. I am getting worse, aren’t I? It’s true.”
“I don’t know,” Lift said. And then, by instinct, she did something she would never have thought possible.
She hugged Darkness.
He clung to her, this monster, this callous thing that had once been a Herald. He clung to her and wept in the storm.

That scene! Actually this is for the emoji challenge, but it turns out to be far more emotional than I once expected. So there =)