Using Emoji Spells In Kemeticism

Emoji spells work really well with Kemeticism as our heka is visual based and integrated in the power of words and symbol. I can use emoji to transcribe a prayer calling out to my NTRW quite easily. For example:


That is just the opening of my emoji heka rites and essentially translates to:

“Dua Bast (my Divine Parent), Fiery Lady, Eye of Ra. The fire burns, the incense shines. The incense burns, the fire shines. The breath of you lifts me up. I offer cool water to you, may you be cooled. *Henu Motion* O Bast, may you satisfy Yourself with the repast to the right and to the left (the offering of food and drink). I ask you to hear my prayer…”

Sometimes I will put in a lot of ears and telephones to symbolize the “godphone” or ear tablet/prayer stela in AE. As such:



I then go into symbolizing my prayer, mostly about helping financially and to help me get a job.

After I finish my heka I then prostrate on the floor and “remove the foot” followed by sentimental things like saying how I love NTRW and thanking them.


Sometimes I will even bribe them with presents:


“Send money to me soon and I’ll give you presents! Okay? Cool. Love you.”

And so far, I’ve had pretty good outcomes! So it seems to work for me lol But yeah, that is essentially how I do emoji heka in Kemeticism 😎