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Bon finally got out if the hospital and was walking home with foxy... His appearance was different... He had a few wires coming out of his back and his body was covered in lengthy scars... "....hey foxy.....how long is it till we get home....?" He asked as he put one of his arms around her.

“About five minutes,emmy has missed you!”

Going public (Nate Maloley Imagine)

A/N: Hope you enjoy! There’s definitely time jumps in this one, so bare with me because I tried my best. Keep sending in requests! || MASTERLIST

Requested by Anonymous: Hey, you can make an Imagine where Nate begins dating a famous teenage actress 18 years being so young and winning awards like Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy … and then after the two take their courtship media starts about them? PS: I love their Imagines, they are perfect!

Pairing: Reader + Nate Maloley || Word Count: 3000+

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Neil Patrick Harris on Marriage Equality: TV Is an Immersive Environment for Change

Neil Patrick Harris has hosted the Oscars and Tonys (winning four Emmys), and last year took home a Tony for ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch.’

What’s your earliest memory of gay characters on TV?

“Soap” with Billy Crystal. But it all seemed very on the outskirts. It was not something that resonated with me. When Ellen came out on her show, that was a much larger conversation. She represented more of a personality coming out as opposed to a character within a show.

What did that mean to you?

I was interested in seeing whether the media would behave like piranhas or whether they would be overly gracious. It was lovely to see in our society there was not a lot of hellfire and brimstone. For all the naysayers, there was an impressive amount of support for that kind of standing tall.

How did it affect you and your decision to come out?

I attributed my personal life growing up to a magician. Magicians throughout history have been tight-lipped about their lives, about their identities. I was intrigued by the idea of not using specific pronouns, and being able to have an element of mystery surrounding me. I didn’t like it when I was aware that people were gay and were going out of their way to say they weren’t. So that was the road that I took. I figured it was an inevitability. I wasn’t trying to pretend I was something I wasn’t.

How did coming out affect your career?

I do the best job that I can do in any given role. I’ve been fortunate in getting to play against type while people know what my actual type is. That’s been empowering to others, and certainly to me, that I can tweet pictures of my husband and my kids. I can make out with David at the Tonys. And I can still play opposite Rosamund Pike in a movie, and have sex with her, and people aren’t conflicted. I think it speaks to society’s shift in what they deem important.

What role has TV played in changing attitudes?

I think TV has played a massive role, by the fact that it comes into people’s homes. If you watch a film, you have to choose to watch it again. Whereas on TV, if it’s a scripted show, you’re getting hundreds of episodes. It’s that repetition. There’s different levels to me of advocacy. Some people possess this innate ability, and push and cause change. That’s incredibly necessary and super-effective. But one can also accomplish impressive things with very little aggression — just through immersion. Thankfully the industry is great; there’s so much representation now. It levels the playing field.

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Comet, 2014, Dir. Sam Esmail

“I feel like I’m the wrong world.
‘Cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together. I don’t.
There are parallel universes out there where this didn’t happen.
Where I was with you, and you were with me.
And whatever universe that is that’s the one where my heart lives in. “

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Could you be so kind as to write a tadashi x reader fic about the two of them doing a couple cosplay? :)

You looked at Tadashi with raised eyebrows, “C’mon, prima donna, we’ll be late.” Biting your bottom lip, you leaned against the fake weapon in your hand and fiddled with the blond wig on your head. You could hear him mumbled something as he walked out of the bathroom, readjusting the brown, auburn ear length wig. “You look cute, babe.” You laughed and looked at him from head to toe.

“I’m supposed to looking viking like, (Name),” he flexed playfully, the armor on his body shifting as he held his character helmet in his left hand. “Do I look viking like?” 

You swooned playfully and tilted your head back, “Yes, Hiccup.” You teased and gave him a cute wink.

Sitting down the helmet next to you, he leaned in and pecked your mouth in the smallest touch, not wanting to mix his makeup with yours too much. “Thank you, Astrid.” He pursed his mouth, “I feel like I’m missing something though and I can’t think of what it is.” Tadashi stood straight and picked his item back up whilst holding his hand out for you to take. Standing up with the help of Tadashi, you gave him a warm smile and patted his back gently. “Am I missing anything?

Humming quietly, you dropped your hands and began braiding the unfamiliar hair of his wig, “Did you know the only reason Hiccup allows the braids in his hair is because of Astrid? He doesn’t really like them.”

“I’ll tolerate them for the sake of you,” He chuckled gently, giving you a cheeky grin as he placed a kiss to your cheek. “and the cosplay.”

Hiro’s screeching voice boomed through the room, accompanied by a loud bang at the wooden door. “Are you two ready?! It’s embarrassing enough to be in this cosplay, but it’s worse being out here alone. Like, five different Hiccup’s have already asked if they could ride on my back!”

“It was a good idea to bring him along as Toothless,” You chuckled and walked towards the door, “Just don’t y’know. Ride on his back. I’m pretty sure Hiro has his limits.”

“If I decide to, make sure to get it on camera so I have some blackmail.”


Robin, Gotham and the Emmys

Alright Everybody. Some important information.

The Cartermatt article that was published on June 4, 2015 and has Robin Lord Taylor, Tobias Menzies and Tom Cavanagh, etc., in a poll might have no bearing on the Emmys whatsoever since it is a public opinion poll. However, any publicity is good publicity so keep voting!

Members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are the ones who vote in the nominating and final round voting process. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here. The official first round of voting already ended on June 26 and nominations will be announced on July 16.

Robin’s nominating ballot number is 842. He is a contender for the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Also, other Gotham cast members are potential nominees. 

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Ben Mckenzie.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: John Doman, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Cory Michael Smith, David Zayas.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series: Nicholas D’Agosto, Cameron Monaghan, Milo Ventimiglia.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Jada Pinkett Smith.

Outstanding Guest Actress: Clare Foley, Carol Kane.

All of these individuals are Emmy contenders. On July 16, we will find out if any of the Gotham cast members are nominees. Then, the final round voting will take place from August 17 to August 28 and here, the winners will be determined.

The Emmys will air on FOX on September 20, one day before Gotham’s S2 Premiere.