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Top Five Childhood Movies Challenge!

Alright, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a challenge and I figured it’d be fitting for a Sunday Evening! XP

Rules: You have to list your Top Five movies that you watched as a child and then tag 20 people! =) Sounds fun, right? =) Let’s get started! =D

My top five in no particular order that I’d watch to this day include:

Digimon the Movie-Hey this movie had an AWESOME Digi-Rap and Reblogging literally saved the world! XP Plus Omnimon was powerful! =P

Pokemon the Movie 2000-This was the first Pokemon Movie I ever saw and I STILL own it on VHS! :3

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge-I saw it when my older cousins had it on DVD back when I was five and thought Cooler was Frieza who I LOVED! :3

Toy Story (The Original)-My cousins had it and lent it to me when I was six and I LOVED this movie! :3 Plus Buzz Light year was awesome! XP

And lastly, The Lion King! Need I explain why this is on the list!? XP Total Feels overload! T_T

And now I choose to tag:

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And to those I tagged, please remember you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna as it’s simply for fun! ^_^ Happy fun, guys! ;D

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Mikala: Well, folks, the end has come. 

Emmy: Actually, it’s just the end of the week that’s come, Mikala. 

Mikala: You’re exactly right, Em! And that means it’s time to say goodbye to Dean and Tony! 

Dean: It’s been great, girls. Thanks for having us. 

Tony: Yeah, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. 

Emmy: *glares at Tony*

Tony: Sorry, sorry! I mean, it was fun! Thanks for inviting us! 

Emmy: That’s better. Say goodbye, boys. 

Dean: See ya!

Tony: Until next time, kids. 

Mikala: Stay tuned, everyone! Episode 1 of The Hunters & Heroes Show has come to and end, but Episode 2 is just beginning! Up next: Sam Winchester and Thor Odinson! 

My latest collage edit… inspired by Emily’s latest Instagram pic post today (Oct. 23rd, 2016) of her in her new gorilla onesie! 💗
With some cute ‘n’ cuddly Norman too! 😍
Some much-needed adorable 🎈Normily🎈feels and humor therapy in the face of some ugly stuff that’s gonna go down on TWD tonight.

TH&HS Episode 2!

Emmy: Hello and welcome back to The Hunters & Heroes Show! 

Mikala: We’re very excited to introduce this week’s special guests, Sam Winchester and Thor Odinson! 

Sam: Wonderful to be here, thanks for having us. 

Thor: Thank you, Lady Emma and Lady Mikala! I am honored that you have invited me to be on your speaking show. 

Sam: I think it’s “Talk Show.”

Mikala: Shh, he can call it whatever he wants, Sam. 

Emmy: Okay, anyway! Sam and Thor will be here all week, so feel free to send in your questions and comments at anytime!

Yep!!! TONIGHT–October 23rd, 2016–is finally the night of the oh-so-long-awaited Season 7 premiere of TWD–the show that we fans adore, but that also drives us crazy. LOL! 😝
I wish we were entering this season under less dreaded and stressful circumstances, but what else do you expect from a TV show that has made it the norm to push boundaries with every successive season?!? No matter who in Team Family gets violently Lucilled, it’s gonna be so utterly tragic. 😔
Anyway, despite all that sadness, we Team Delusional Bethylers should start this season off with some positivity: the hope and FAITH that we will see Beth Greene’s return! 💚👱🏻‍♀️💚
I was watching the Season 6 marathon on AMC this morning and while watching the episode–“Thank You”–in particular, I was inspired by the scene in which Daryl Dixon on his motorcycle splits from Abraham and Sasha (who are driving the car to lead the herd of walkers away from Alexandria) to churn out this new collage photo edit. To me, it has always stuck out as a shining parallel (and NOT coincidental!) of the scene with Beth and Daryl from Season 4’s “Inmates” episode.
And it also ties in with what I’m urging you Bethyl believers here… HAVE FAITH that the love story of our fave couple will soon resume!
Also, how cool is it that Daryl’s “faith” line is from the episode by the name of “Thank You”–as in Beth writing her THANK YOU note at the funeral home in Season 4’s “Alone” episode..: right before she was stolen away from Daryl. 😭