father, tell me - can you hear me suffocating behind these walls?

these walls are thin,
and your words are harsh. 
you think i can’t hear,
but i catch every word.

you tell me i’m loved,
but the walls disagree. 
all the things you never said
run wild through these halls. 
they echo through windows. 
they climb through doors.

you once told me ‘forever,’
but now i’m not so sure. 
what happened to all we were?
what happened to all your love?

we had days so gold;
days filled with laughter,
days filled with smiles. 
now there are only nights;
nights of darkness,
nights of tears.

i cry out in fear of being lost,
but no hears a single thing.
for walls so thin,
they’re great at keeping everything in.


I was inspired to create this latest photo edit by the awesome blog post by @dynamicsymmetry (many thanks to her for her permission to use her passage in this edit) that cuts right to the heart of how and why 💘Bethyl💘 was and IS without any shred of a doubt an undeniable and indelible romantic ship. ❤️
Anyone who watches ‘The Walking Dead’ and could not see this happening is definitely not astute. 😕

I was painting a black mermaid tonight at the art show thing and these two black ladies came up and got so excited!

One of them actually looked like this mermaid that I have been painting for 3 weeks and she noticed, too. “That’s me!  I’m gonna tell all my friends that you painted me as a mermaid!” 

It was so good.  It made me so happy.  If I had been finished with the painting, I probably would have just given it to her for free.  Representation matters so much.  They’re not the only WOC that watched me paint that over the past couple of Fridays and got excited and I’m so happy to be able to do that for them.