Karamel family/fans
  • Hello karamel family, I would like t ask a huge favor but it's for the benefit of all of us karamel fans. Can someone who's great with gifs do a sequence gif of Kara being upset for being called supergirl in S1E1, followed by her aunt calling her "little one", then her uncle calling her "little one", Mick calling her "skirt" (from the crossover episode), followed by roulette calling her "little girl", followed by mon el's mother calling her "kryptonion girl" and ending it with mon el calling her WOMAN.
  • I know it's too much to ask for but I would really appreciate it. Thank you
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What we could’ve been

THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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La La Land teaches us no matter how deep you fall in love with someone, sometimes you’re just not meant to be.


La La Land at the 2017 Golden Globes


La La Land (2016)
Directed by Damien Chazelle