makowolf96 submitted:

One of my favorite sci-fi takes on a modern weapon that I thought you might appreciate, the modified AK-47/AKM in the movie Elysium .

The modified AK-47/AKM takes inspiration from the XM-25 experimental airburst grenade launcher. It has a fictional attachment that combines a holosight, targeting laser, and rangefinder into an advanced targeting system. This targeting system links up with fictional airburst ammunition, programming the distance at which the round will detonate based on the range from the target. Each round has a kill radius of 5 meters, giving each about the equivalent explosive force of your average modern day 40mm grenade round. As demonstrated in the gif, this enables the modified AK-47/AKM to tear enemies apart, whether organic or robotic.

I’m not a huge fan of the AK, but this is perhaps one of my top favorite ballistic science fiction weapons, because it takes an already iconic rifle, and turns it into an absolute monster in an time setting where it is probably almost 200 years old, but without dramatically leaving the realm of realistic possibility in my opinion.

Such an interesting concept, and so easily overlooked during the film itself!

can-ii-get-a-amen  asked:

So Bendy CAN remember his rampage? He just tries not to? Or can he just not remember it unless certain things are brought up?

“I remember it from start to finish…didn’t enjoy the dying part. But Mick saved me. Second chances and all that. I don’t like talking about it.” - Bendy


Great space colonies.

From top to bottom:

  1. Angus McKie - The High Frontier from the book The Flights of Icarus (1977) by Donald Lehmkuhl with Martyn and Roger Dean.
  2. Painting by Don Davis from his Space Colony series, 1975
  3. The Three Island Space Colony by Roy Coombes from Harry Harrison’s book ‘Mechanismo’ (1978).
  4. Space station Illustration by Russian artist Andrei Sokolov, 1981.
  5. Space colony painting by Don Davis (1975)
  6. Stanford Torus colony - Gerard O'Neill 1974
  7. Space Station Interior for National Georgraphic magazine by Syd Mead from the book The Guide to Fantasy Art Techniques (1984)

cuddlykanin  asked:

I know it says Bendy was stopped by the protector of Toontown, but how exactly did they get him to stop/calm down?

Mickey has a lot of bad memories from the events of The Bad Thing. But, he’s a forgiving sort. Some say too forgiving.

Bendy begged for his life as he lay dying, all of Toon Town eagerly watching him melt out of existence. Only one toon couldn’t abide to stand and watch…

The protector of Toon Town is called Elysium.