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Okay, so as someone who has read twist and shout, would you say that you.. regret it?

No. I wanted to know what the hype was about. Why “I can dig elvis” is quoted and plastered all over tumblr. I even saw it written on a wall in chalk once at my college (along with a lot of other spn references). College kids do love drawing on the sidewalk with chalk.

I went from


I however do not recommend the fanfic.

Good story. Will break your heart. Not really Destiel.


I did a quick sketchy doodle for vbabyj77‘s request. I had Bog channel Elvis as the lead singer, and the other goblins doing the kickline instead… because I cannot imagine Bog doing it too (I would die laughing and I cannot… I just cannot make myself do it). =p

So yea, sorry for not making Boggy kick his legs high up! But I hope you like it all the same =D

Got to do a little singing with this guy!
Elvis Costello had a big influence on me before I made The Story and his song that he wrote with T-Bone Burnett “Scarlett Tide ” influenced me to write Downpour and Cannonball.
It was an honor to share the stage with him