i never intend to use these two for any campaign but like ,,

a half-orc bard who just wants to find a group of friends that aren’t scared of her bc of the whole half-orc thing. she just wants to play some tunes for some people who like her.

a half-elf druid who’s trying to figure out where she belongs in the world bc it sure isn’t with humans and it DEFINITELY isn’t with the elves.

they meet in a tavern and bond over feeling lost, like they don’t belong anywhere. they realize they’re heading to the same town next and end up going together and then they just. stick together. and they fall in love. and it feels like they finally have somebody that understands them and it just feels like its all come together. they travel from town to town together and the bard plays her music and the druid crafts little flowers for people who pass them by and they’re so endearing when they’re together that people don’t even bat an eye at them just because they’re so happy together.

Like the first original orcs were made from corrupted elves, and the balrogs from corrupted maia, I’d like to think that the dragons were made from tortured and corrupted eagles. I don’t know what spells or what torture goes into it, or even if there is another creature involved with it, but I just feel like the corruption of Manwe’s eagles are the base for Melkor’s dragons.

It didn’t work out easily at first, but eventually it did… and perhaps he bred two tortured and corrupted eagles and with a little song of dark power, the egg was a dragon.

like idk if we know how they were made, but if this is stupid or wrong feel free to ignore.

Plus, if you think about It, birds are the ancestors of dinosaurs. How this relates exactly idk.

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1. How old are you? A youthful 33

2. Current Job? Organizing men to install flooring in million dollar development projects – fun!

3. Dream job? Working with sea-turtles across the world, hands on! ( voluntary or not )

4. What are you talented at? Writing. Multi-tasking. Spending money I do not have. Tolkien blabbering. Some photoshop. Other things–

5. What is a big goal you are currently working towards? Attempting to escape God’s waiting room.

6. What’s your aesthetic?

elves. scarves. coffee. tolkien anything. books. chai tea. cloudy days. gardens. tall trees. winding trails. leaves in the wind. red lipstick. gemstones. incense. sage. dried flowers. classical music. candles. icicle lights. stars. teas. ( and so much more )

7. Do you collect anything? Books, I just love them.  Anything relative to turtles. Gems. Pictures of elves ( have you seen this blog? )

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation? Story ideas, roleplay – freaking elves, man. 

9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? People gaining things by means of manipulating others.. and pretending to be their friends.

10. Good advice to give? Be true to yourself. Trust and love yourself

11. Recommend 3 Songs!

1. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - This song has no words, and none are needed for this to impact you. Simply feel the emotion of the music.

2. Unpretty -  Learning to love yourself, starting with the inside. Acceptance is the start. Do not listen to what people ‘believe’ what beauty is supposed to be, or what the magazines brainwash you to think. 

3. A Elbereth Gilthoniel i - This is such an haunting and enchanting song, and of course, who would I be without posting this. One of my favorite Tolkien choir songs.

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