Angry Kisses

Because I made myself sad with that last Tamlen ficlet I posted, here’s one with a happier tone

Tamlen clenched his jaw and had to loosen his hands from fists as Mahariel stalked away from him. The Brecilian forest was quite, as if sensing the anger that was radiating between the two elves. Zevran and Alistair stood to the side, trying and failing not to look awkward as they listened to the lovers.

“You have always been soft towards the shemlen,” Tamlen threw at her retreating back. “You show them a kindness they do not deserve!”

“I have an open mind when it comes to the humans,” Mahariel snarled, spinning on her heel and marching stiffly back to him, her back ramrod straight. “While you remain in your hatred I move past mine.”

It was an old argument from since they children. In normal circumstances, it would have be a light hearted, somewhat teasing fight that would have ended on a hunt. But with the group out looking for the creature that controlled the werewolves, Mahariel’s decision to save the were’s had incensed Tamlen so much he couldn’t hold back his tongue.

“My hatred is completely justified! His kind,” Tamlen gestured violently at Alistair–who brought up his hands in helplessness, “drove our people from our home. I see no reason why we should save these werewolves from their fate. It is justice as far as I’m concerned.”

“Justice,” Mahariel ground out slowly through gritted teeth. Now Tamlen knew she was furious–she only spoke as such when she was really riled up. “Is when the aggressor of the original crime was dealt the punishment. Not their descendents who were not even alive during the injustice.”

Tamlen swore under his breath. “You are a naive, careless, softhearted fool.”

“And you are a close-minded, uptight, arrogant bastard.” Mahariel returned, jabbing a finger at Tamlen’s chest.

“Oh, is that all that I am?”

“No, you are also a–mmph!”

She was cut off as Tamlen roughly grabbed her and kissed her hard enough that their teeth clacked. Mahariel fought him for only a second, but Tamlen smiled when she pulled herself closer and moaned quietly when he ran his tongue over her lips. He felt her fingers thread into his hair, gripping the strands tight when he gently scraped his teeth across her lower lip.

And then he pulled away, both of them slightly out of breath.

“If your sympathetic nature gets us killed,” he stated, trying to catch his breath, “I’m blaming you.”

Mahariel, dazed enough it made Tamlen smile smugly, pointed her finger at him. “Nice try but you haven’t won this argument. As soon as we get back to camp you’re in trouble.” She turned and stalked away, listing to one side slightly before correcting herself.

Tamlen heard a chuckle and turned to look at his other companions–whom he had completely forgotten were there.

“That was quite impressive,” Zevran said with a wicked grin. “I wonder if this “trouble” you are in will take place in your tent.”

Tamlen flushed red. “That is none of your business.”

“Right you are,” Alistair said, a little red himself. “I suggest we move on so I can pretend that I didn’t see or hear anything that just happened.”

Tamlen shook his head in disgust and motioned with his bow for them to go before him. He waited until they were ahead before letting himself smile as he reached up to touch his lips with the tips of his fingers, the taste of Mahariel lingering behind.

So this is the sort of “mosaic” pictograph thing I want to start for the Galestorm lore story because I have it pretty solidly done in my head. I’ll still need to time to work on it as I finish commissions, so expect slow updates.

But the main points are as follows:

  • After the Sundering, Azshara and her Highborne loyals turned into the Naga when the city of the Zin-Azshari sunk to the ocean floor. Bitter at their defeat and forced to the seas, the Naga started launching assaults on the newly growing Teldrassil during the Third War to prevent the Night Elves from establishing a foothold in the waters of the Veiled Sea - all seas of which the Naga considered their realm.
  • Though the Night Elves had the advantage and their druids could defend strongly against the Naga when they arrived, they could not continue to merely wait for the Naga to assault when they needed their efforts to grow Teldrassil.
  • A group of druids were chosen to keep to the seas, permanently, and take the battle to the Nagas right at the waters. They were given a large ship made from the wood of Teldrassil and a small seed of the future Galetree to act as a home burrow den since they could not return to land. 
  • The druids fought the Naga in the water, taking their ship wherever the serpent people gathered. The Galetree grew as ages passed, its roots taking over the ship, molding it, growing so large that it looked as if an immense floating forest traversed the oceans.
  • The druids grew adept at both underwater combat and controlling of the Galetree, becoming the first Druids of the Depths and Timbermancers. All night elves of the Galestorm, druid or not, became expert Naga hunters.
  • As the mortal races also took to the seas in their own seafaring ways, Khalind Starlock, captain and Shan’do of the Galestorm, grew bitter and possessive over the waters. At first they only scared ships away from their seas, but soon began attacking them if they sailed too close. Because the Galestorm did not need to dock it was difficult to track these “pirates” down, turning the stories of a thundering floating forest of the seas into myth.
  • During Deathwing’s fiery re-awakening during the Cataclysm, mistaking the Galestorm for an island, the dragon burnt down the ship in its path. Only a handful of night elves and a root of the original Galetree survived.

Also, fun fact:

  • The Pandaren of the Wandering Isle and the Night Elves of the Galestorm actually met at sea when a hungry Shen-zi Su stopped to graze on the trees of the Galestorm forest, much to the dismay of the ship’s inhabitants.

Elves are scattered throughout The Santa Clause in Scott and Charlie’s world. The little blonde girl walking away from the window at the opening of the movie; the little boy putting his jacket on and wearing a red scarf as Scott and Charlie are led to their seat in Denny’s; the girl walking behind the bench when Scott has kids lined up at Charlie’s soccer game; the girl in the purple coat who walks by Scott and Charlie in the park when Scott wants Charlie to stop talking about the Santa Claus; and the attentive little boy in the blue turtleneck behind Charlie’s desk during show and tell are all elves. They show up as a group at the end of the movie when Scott flies away from the Miller house, and they are the kids who run and skip off.