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fucking let me go back to 2014 so i can tell beginner-producer me what this god damn shitty-ass hobby will lead my life to. please.

Barely Dressed; Never Snogging

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The first time Lily Evans wore James Potter’s shirt was an accident.

Lily grabbed it from the clean laundry pile that the House Elves placed on her trunk the night before. She threw it over her head and as it slid down her face into place she realized how good the shirt smelled. She mused that when her clothes came back from the elves, they never smelled so…good.

She didn’t notice it wasn’t one of her Gryffindor shirts until the hem fell right above her knees like a very short dress. The soft cotton was well worn and soft against her bare skin, colored scarlet with a lion rearing on the front majestically. Lily pulled it off just as quickly as she’d put it on, checking the tag and seeing no name written in. When she flipped it over to view the back she was in luck.

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I don’t know how but I’ve been thinking about how the Vox Machina could fit in the Dragon Age setting.

  • Grog would be a Quinari that either became Tal-Vashoth, alternativly he’d be Valshoth and never born into the Qun at all.  
  • Keyleth would be a Dalish Elf with the Ashari as her wandering tribe in The Dales.
  • Vex and Vax would both be City Born Elves in Fereldan. Their father may-or-may-not have a connection to the royalty somewhere, they don’t know and frankly don’t care.
  • Pike would be a Sister in the Chantry. One day she picked up a mace to defend herself, never put it back down.
  • Percy was born in the Orlesian court but after most of his family was murdered in a coup, he’s spent most of his life walking the earth, picking up plenty on the road but never losing connection to his roots. They haven’t really got guns in Thedas so he just happens to know how to make Quinari Black Powder. I dunno whether he’d be a fighter or a rogue using projectiles in some form.
  • Tiberius and Taryon would both be Tevinter Mages with powerful families, the formers family supposedly having dragon blood mixed into their veins while Taryon is just rich. With Tib’s companion quest, there is a chance of you screwing up the choice selection and the probability is that he ends up either leaving the party or suffers permadeath.
  • Scanlan’s family died in a darkspawn attack and keeps his magic ability a secret, simply pretending his music is just that Good.
(Feanorian Week 3: Celegorm) Strength and Beauty

Celegorm slid the last hairpin into place, smiling with satisfaction when his hair remained secure after he removed his hands.

It was considered a bit disgraceful to wear all of one’s hair pinned up by Noldo society’s standards, but an exception was made for the Hunters of Lord Oromë. Beauty and all was important in day-to-day life, but having long hair kept unbound when it came time for the chase was incredibly unwise. (Sometimes, the very youngest acolytes of Oromë tried leaving it loose on their first hunt; none ever made that mistake a second time.)

Some of the most devoted hunters even cut their hair to a scandalously-short chin length, a hairstyle that traditionally only the very young wore. Celegorm was a bit too vain for that, but he respected the elves’ dedication to their calling.

No, Celegorm was far too aware of his own beauty to despoil it like that, even if it was remarkably freeing to braid his hair up and pin it into place and off of his neck.

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anonymous asked:

Elgangs reaction when they got in an argument with a close friend of theirs and later regret it when they noticed how actually pissed their friend was and is willing to throw the friendship away. (Can be their so)

Elsword is actually devastated.  He didn’t mean to drive his friend off with such a dumb argument!  He apologizes quickly, showing his remorse by changing his actions.

Aisha takes a bit longer to realize her friend is actually serious.  Once she does, she’s just as unhappy, but she’s not sure how to deal with it. It takes quite a bit of time for her to realize she needs to apologize.

Rena gets over the argument quickly, is confused when her friend doesn’t, and does everything in her power to apologize.  With the long lifespan of elves, she’s learned that getting along with others is imperative.

Raven is also not very good at apologizing.  He does it, and quickly, but it’s awkward and might not seem completely sincere.

Eve doesn’t understand why her friend is so angry.  Her calm questioning might serve to just drive them further away.

Chung mopes around for a few days until someone hits him over the head and makes him realize he might be able to salvage his friendship.  He apologizes and pleads with his friend to not throw away what they have.

Ara gets clingy, not wanting her friend to leave her.

Elesis gets really, really awkward and meek around her friend, waiting for a sign that they’ve either forgiven her or that they’re cutting the friendship completely.

Add disappears.  He’s still angry about the argument, and doesn’t regret it until it’s too late.

Lu tries to order her friend to stay with her.  Yeah, that doesn’t work.  She apologizes when prompted by Ciel, but she does it rather… haughtily.

Ciel has dealt with people before, and he knows how to apologize properly.  So he does.  He tries to make his friend not totally discard their friendship.

Rose entertains thoughts of the worst, and basically makes herself all depressed and sobby.  She apologizes in tears.  Why is she in tears?  Who knows.

Ain couldn’t give less of a shit.  His friend was useful; now they aren’t.  Elsword is okay, so all is well.

alzar197  asked:

Might i ask how you find your face claims?

If you mean how I decide on who I want my characters to resemble, usually what it is is that I have a general idea of how I want my character to look (face shape, sweet or serious looking, ethnicity, etc), then I go to Google Images and type in something like “Actresses/models with/who are _____”.

In Kallen’s case (just as an example), I wanted to make her East Asian with a longer face (because most of the elves in DA have a longer or narrow face). So I looked for Chinese actresses on Google, went through the list (Google will often have their own list when you look up different actresses, but you can also check imdb), then browsed through several photos of each actress one-by-one to see if they kind of fit with what I have in mind for Kallen. 

Eventually I found Li Bingbing and saw she had the right face I was looking for, but what really won me over was Li’s smile. Like, she just has such a perfect smile that really fits with Kallen’s friendly and enthusiastic personality.

Sometimes it’s really fast and easy (like with Chloe), other times it takes me forever (like with Etain, and even she’s got two actresses because I really couldn’t decide). 

It’s also important to keep in mind that I don’t really ever make my characters look 100% like their faceclaims. I mean, Tara has green eyes despite her faceclaim having brown, and Alaia’s hair is red even though her faceclaim has black hair. Like I said, my characters are mean to kind of resemble their faceclaims, not be a clone (which I don’t think is how faceclaims work, but w/e xD).

robotdeathmonkey  asked:

Who will you be romancing in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Jaal, in all likelihood. Apparently my BioWare interests are strictly relegated to elves and bizarre-looking aliens.

To be honest, I don’t find the cast nearly as compelling this time around, and often find myself thinking wistfully of Shepard’s crew. But, this is what we have now, so… I shall endure.

randomgeekelf  asked:

Wait... what wow race is your characters favorites (like double amd taro and all them)

Out of the ones that actually play… Double likes the draenei but he plays a human, Taro likes the orcs. Anya likes Blood Elves, Zaid likes the Tauren

and Jiro likes the Pandaren.