A new Annatar Sauron x Celebrimbor  print for my Etsy shop!

I put a real fight for this one (like Tyelpe  in this one >> ) Hope you like it people <3 It is a bit of an AU I have in my head and long story short, Sauron felt in love with Tyelpe and kidnapp him and convince Melkor he deserves a nice pet for his good service ahaha Of course Tyelpe does not agree to that plan XD


the art block is plaguing me again, so have some sketches of Kyrene’s family I had sitting around. 
Top image is Kyrene’s parents Ithelan and Irina, a few months before she was born.
Bottom image is her older [half] brother Tovin and younger sister Nehnara around the time she left for the conclave. 

iamwalkingdead1  asked:

In my story, I want to introduce alchemy (potion making), ritual magic, and guns like muskets and blunserbusses. Can all these things intermingle? Also I'm trying to think of basing elves on ancient Egyptian culture as the forest dweller trope is overdone and I would like to see how that would change their aesthetic. Is this OK?


If you can give a pretty logical reason for things to coexist, go for it. If you think outside of the box a little, you can pretty much always make things make sense within your own world. 

Your elf idea sounds cool. If you’re ever going to base a culture of a real-life one, then you need to make sure you’re doing your research and doing the culture justice. While many people argue that since ancient Egypt wasn’t an oppressed culture and therefore cannot really be appropriated, most people will not accuse you of cultural appropriation. But you still need to make sure you’re doing it right, not just playing into cartoonish versions of another culture. Show adequate knowledge and appreciation and you can’t go wrong. 

Happy building!

But more dark skinned men and women in high fantasy. Let them be portrayed majestically.  Like I’m tired of these white elves, mages, witches, etc., dominating the fantasy world.

I think this gives our society a very “white-washed” version of fantasy, when fantasy is just as multi-cultural as the world itself.

Like modern media doesn’t do us the justice we deserve and I’m downright tired of it. please, more people of color in fantasy!