Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs
The South’s manufacturing renaissance comes with a heavy price.

Regina Elsea was a year old in 1997 when the first vehicle rolled off the Mercedes-Benz assembly line near Tuscaloosa. That gleaming M-Class SUV was historic. Alabama, the nation’s fifth-poorest state, had wagered a quarter-billion dollars in tax breaks and other public giveaways to land the first major Mercedes factory outside Germany. Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai followed with Alabama plants of their own. Kia built a factory just over the border in West Point, Ga. The auto parts makers came next. By the time Elsea and her five siblings were teenagers, the country roads and old cotton fields around their home had come alive with 18-wheelers shuttling instruments and stamped metal among the car plants and 160 parts suppliers that had sprouted up across the state.

A good student, Elsea loved reading, horses, and dogs, especially her Florida cracker cur, named Cow. She dreamed of becoming a pediatrician. She enrolled in community college on a federal Pell Grant, with plans to transfer to Auburn University, about 30 miles from her home in Five Points. But she fell in love with a kindergarten sweetheart, who’d become a stocker at a local Walmart, and dropped out of school to make money so they could rent their own place.

Elsea went to work in February 2016 at Ajin USA in Cusseta, Ala., the same South Korean supplier of auto parts for Hyundai and Kia where her sister and stepdad worked. Her mother, Angel Ogle, warned her against it. She’d worked at two other parts suppliers in the area and found the pace and pressure unbearable.

Elsea was 20 and not easily deterred. “She thought she was rich when she brought home that first paycheck,” Ogle says. Elsea and her boyfriend got engaged. She worked 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, hoping to move from temporary status at Ajin to full time, which would bring a raise from $8.75 an hour to $10.50. College can wait, she told her mom and stepdad.

On June 18, Elsea was working the day shift when a computer flashed “Stud Fault” on Robot 23. Bolts often got stuck in that machine, which mounted pillars for sideview mirrors onto dashboard frames. Elsea was at the adjacent workstation when the assembly line stopped. Her team called maintenance to clear the fault, but no one showed up. A video obtained by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows Elsea and three co-workers waiting impatiently. The team had a quota of 420 dashboard frames per shift but seldom made more than 350, says Amber Meadows, 23, who worked beside Elsea on the line. “We were always trying to make our numbers so we could go home,” Meadows says. “Everybody was always tired.”

After several minutes, Elsea grabbed a tool—on the video it looks like a screwdriver—and entered the screened-off area around the robot to clear the fault herself. Whatever she did to Robot 23, it surged back to life, crushing Elsea against a steel dashboard frame and impaling her upper body with a pair of welding tips. A co-worker hit the line’s emergency shut-off. Elsea was trapped in the machine—hunched over, eyes open, conscious but speechless.

No one knew how to make the robot release her. The team leader jumped on a forklift and raced across the factory floor to the break room, where he grabbed a maintenance man and drove him back on his lap. The technician, from a different part of the plant, had no idea what to do. Tempers erupted as Elsea’s co-workers shoved the frightened man, who was Korean and barely spoke English, toward the robot, demanding he make it retract. He fought them off and ran away, Meadows says. When emergency crews arrived several minutes later, Elsea was still stuck. The rescue workers finally did what Elsea had failed to do: locked out the machine’s emergency power switch so it couldn’t reenergize again—a basic precaution that all factory workers are supposed to take before troubleshooting any industrial robot. Ajin, according to OSHA, had never given the workers their own safety locks and training on how to use them, as required by federal law. Ajin is contesting that finding.

An ambulance took Elsea to a nearby hospital; from there she was flown by helicopter to a trauma center in Birmingham. She died the next day. Her mom still hasn’t heard a word from Ajin’s owners or senior executives. They sent a single artificial flower to her funeral.

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Josh Dun

In My Place

Her Name is Spooky

The Theatre

I Lost My Best Friend

Panic! In Our Hotel Room

Building Bridges

Nurse Josh

Late Nights and Rough Fights

I’m Back, For Good

Inside My Dream

Wedding Bells

Older Sister Blues

Our Future Hearts

Innocence (Joshler)

Not Today

I (Don’t) Ship That

Marker Mischief 


Stay the Night

Like Nobody Else

A Million Miles

Striptease in my Dreams

All Tour

Cock Block Tyler

The Afterparty

First Timers

Movie Marathon

We Did It

Couples War

Can’t Keep My Hands Off You

Not Your Fault

Bedtime Stories (Joshler)

Josh’s Little Girl

Little Lie

Baby Pilot

You’ll Make It


Glass Elevator

His Jacket





Tyler Joseph


Badly Worded

I Lost My Best Friend

Oh, Memories

Figure It Out, Together

Panic! In Our Hotel Room

Innocence (Joshler)

Seven Minutes in a Closet

Not Today

Existence (Background Josher)

I (Don’t) Ship That


Couples War

My Hero (Pt. 1)

My Hero (Pt. 2)

Last Few Days (Pt. 1)

Last Few Days (Pt. 2)

Bedtime Stories (Joshler)


Secret Love (Pt. 1)

You’ll Be Fine

Inside & Out


MNSTR (Pt. 1)

MNSTR (Pt. 2)


Coffee Shop Love


Alone Time

It’s love
Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else
A rush
A glance
A touch
A dance
A look in somebody’s eyes
To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I’ll be here
And you’ll be alright

La La Land (2016)

Tom Lehrer - The Masochism Tango

I ache for the touch of your lips dear,
But much more for the touch of your whips dear,
You can raise welts like nobody else
As we dance to the Masochism Tango

(Thank you @mskadamtoyou​ for showing this song to me omg)

“Happy Mercenary day! As a treat I’ll display my tail feathers~”

The Archetypes
Marina and The Diamonds
The Archetypes

Housewife, Beauty Queen, Homewrecker, Idle teen
The ugly years of being a fool
Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?
Queen of no identity
I always feel like someone else
A living myth
I grew up in a lie
I can be anyone (anyone)
A study in identity
An ode to Cindy (anyone)
A living film
A real fake
And you will never know
Will never know
Electra Heart are a full real?
“Through the others, we become ourselves”
The archetypes

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rewatching carmilla and just fcking bury me in hollstein and how much they love each other. Like their little touches? the way they look at each other in the latter half of s3? You can just see the world dissepearing and they never smile so genuinely with anything elseas they do in those moments. Carm, 300 year old vampire whose killed people but when she’s with laura and she just looks so young and so deeply in love, Laura thinks of Carmilla as the axis that her world turn ones PANTS MY HEARTTT

dont speak to me ever again

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Holy moly I just read your doctor au tag and PART 9 IS EXTREMELY NECESSARY RIGHT NOW

  • Percy sat huddled in the main hallway of the 10th floor with the other hostages, his mind replaying his blissful morning with Annabeth– her in his bed, and his shirt, moving through the space with him like they had never known anything else
  • as he stood up, he couldn’t help but think how much he would miss that
  • Mr. Rhodes watched with nervous eyes as Percy rose from the group and began to walk towards him 
  • “That’s close enough, Dr. Jackson.” 
  • “What are you doing, Mike? Where’s Lisa?” 
  • Mike deflated a bit at the questions, his outstretched arm showing the hint of a tremble 
  • “We’re getting divorced. Since Jessie… we can barely look at each other. Not to mention the bills we can barely pay. And the food I can’t put on the table for my other two kids.” 
  • Percy felt his chest tighten, and he knew he was feeling only a fraction of the pain the man across from his was feeling. 
  • “And you blame me?” 
  • “I blame all of you!” he screamed, waving his gun at the crowd of medical professionals sitting on the floor. “All of you are why I don’t have my little girl anymore. This whole god damn floor stole her from me!” 
  • Percy stepped between Mike and the crowd, “No. You blame me. I was Jessie’s doctor. I’m the one who couldn’t save her. This is on me.” He glanced back at his colleagues, people he considered friends, and then back at Mike. “All of this is on me. I’m the one who sat in that consolation room and told you I could help your daughter. I asked you not to take her home so that we could do the drug trial. I’m the reason you didn’t take your little girl home so that she could die in her own bed.”  
  • Hazel watched with a horrified look on her face as she saw the tears streaming down Mike’s face, his whole body shaking now, but gun still pointed firmly at Percy 
  • “You’re right. This is all your fault.” 
  • “I take full responsibility. So let’s finish this the way we started it, Mike. Just you and me. Man to man. Let everyone else go, and we can have whatever conversation you want to have.” 
  • Mike’s breathing steadied, and he straighten his back to stand tall, a rage filled gaze meeting Percy’s sad eyes 
  • “Please, Mike. Jessie wouldn’t want all these kids to suffer. You have to let them all go.” 
  • “Fine. Everyone leaves. Except for you.” 


  • Hazel was the last nurse to clear out, doing a final check of the floor and confirming that the only two people left were Mike and Percy. 
  • Percy stopped her before she could get on the elevator, pressing a small, velvet box into her hand 
  • “I need to you do something for me, Hazel.” 


  • Annabeth stood at the police barricade, searching each wave of released hostages for a mop of black hair and bright green eyes but to no avail 
  • finally, she spotted the familiar golden curls of Hazel as she was retrieved by police and escorted to the safety perimeter that had been set 
  • Annabeth pushed through the throngs of people towards the ambulances where hostages were being checked for injuries
  • the police tried to stop her but she held up her hospital badge, “I’m a doctor, let me through.” 
  • she rushed to Hazel, and when their eyes met, an empty feeling sunk into Annabeth’s gut 
  • “Hazel, where’s Percy? Why isn’t he down here yet?” 
  • Hazel tried to speak, but her mouth closed almost as soon as it opened, and tears welled at the brim of her eyes
  • she reached into her pocket, taking out a small, velvet box and pressing it into Annabeth’s hand
  • Hazel’s voice was small and weak, “He said to tell you that no matter what, taking the elevator with you that day was the best thing he’s ever done.” 
  • Annabeth’s hand tightened around the box as she tightened her eyes, fighting away tears and the feeling that everything was about to change 


  • BREAKING: Glass Shatters As Gunshots Ring Out From 10th Floor of Olympia Hospital 

Life can be stressful

EDM is our love and escape from reality

This moment right here captures that

We get so lost but yet fall so in love with the music that our mind completely shuts down everything else

A brick wall in your head that none of your problem can penetrate.

Only the love and beauty that is EDM can go through

People around you all strangers, yet united as one you are

Dancing to your favortte DJ and his set

Having the most wonderful time of your life

And all of your problems become non existrent

It Started with Goodbye, Christina June

Netgalley copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Blurb

Sixteen-year-old Tatum Elsea is bracing for the worst summer of her life. After being falsely accused of a crime, she’s stuck under stepmother-imposed house arrest and her BFF’s gone ghost. Tatum fills her newfound free time with community service by day and working at her covert graphic design business at night (which includes trading emails with a cute cello-playing client). When Tatum discovers she’s not the only one in the house keeping secrets, she finds she has the chance to make amends with her family and friends. Equipped with a new perspective, and assisted by her feisty step-abuela-slash-fairy-godmother, Tatum is ready to start fresh and maybe even get her happy ending along the way. 

My Thoughts

I have a new favourite, and soon you’ll have one too!

If you love fairytales, give this Cinderella retelling a try and you won’t regret it.

This book was everything, the perfect combination of great writing style, strong and loveable characters and great plot.

I enjoyed reading Tatum’s story, and her voice was young and endearing from the beginning. She was a very realistic and vibrant character, and she managed to make the whole story charming and fascinating, despite the somehow heavy subject it started with.

The plot was adorable, it read very easily, I think this book will be perfect for Spring and Summer and I already want to read it again!

I loved, loved, loved it !



Title: Your lips feel warm to the touch 

Summary: Turns out listening to music full volume while having sex is not such a good idea as you don’t hear when someone gets in your house. 

(Or Phan fucking to Drones by Muse get caught by their landlord)

Genre: porn

Words: 843 

What to expect: gay sex, caught/interrupted, song lyrics, top!dan

Warnings: Food mention, and yeah, sex, I think nothing else

A/N: I literally wrote this in june last year when Drones came out why am I publishing this now the world may never know I’m such a mess sorry

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[LYRICS] Zico - Pride and Prejudice (feat. Suran)

I’m thorough in everything

Because I’m cynical
Giving affection to a woman
Is just something of a waste
Look at those who have to date like they’re thieves
In order to not get hurt
They have to become lies for each other
In that kind of unfavorable circumstance
It’s not easy to have determination
I step back because of the trap called romance
It was over the moment I ran into you
As I couldn’t portray what I wanted to say through pictures or words
I called with no particular business
And I overacted with a lame joke
I pretend that our story is about someone else
As I check out my friend’s reaction
But my face glows instead
It’s embarrassing but
I guess love is a thing that is hard for even one’s own self to accept
Life is just like that
Even if you sincerely desire something
It doesn’t come to you easily

Pride and prejudice
Tell me what is more important
I thought wrong
Ain’t nothing but love
People change
In all my life, I’ve never been like this
Even if it’s painful
Stay in your lane

I relax my expression and practice talking gently
Various coincidences that had intentions
If you fall in love at first sight
Even a realistic person becomes rash
To get what is mine
I tried to erase the colors
But instead they smeared on the canvas
Even when opening and closing the book
It’s the same page and the same passage
With just your existence
You’ve made a mark in my life
I’ve become a detective chasing those tracks
My love song is a made-up fantasy
But after a few days of heart-ache
Even without books or movies
My story just carried on
Was it fear
Or was I being foolish
In the end, even if we lived so close to each other
We lived as strangers
At the end of my open-ended farewell
You calmly placed a period
I shouldn’t have loved you in silence
The more sadness is held in, the more it overflows

Pride and prejudice
Tell me what is more important
I thought wrong
Ain’t nothing but love
People change
In all my life, I’ve never been like this
Even if it’s painful
Stay in your lane

By saying I’m busy, I excused myself from
Meaningless meetings
And impulsive one-night loves
In truth, it was all just my pride

Pride and prejudice
Tell me what is more important
I thought wrong
Ain’t nothing but love
People change
In all my life, I’ve never been like this
Even if it’s painful
Stay in your lane

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl
Please take out with source.

Australian ice hockey commentators are like 939482034982093842 times funnier than EVERYONE ELSE

a player started tobleed profusely from the nose and the commentators…

“he’s a strong boy”

“one of rhonda rouseys victims”

“a good time to clear the sinuses”

“I just want to assure his parents that he’s perfectly alright”

“get two plugs up there and he’ll be ready to go”

Nothing But the Tooth - a DaiSuga fanfic

Title: Nothing But the Tooth
Pairing: Daichi/Suga
Word Count: just shy of 4k (gulp)
Warnings: Bit of swearing, not much else
A/N: this was written for the 30dayhqwriting challenge and the prompt was ‘sickness’ 
A/A/N: This is based on a friend of mine when she had a wisdom tooth out at college, and is dedicated to the lovely man who walked her back to our house. Not that she tried anything. She’s not Suga. 
A/A/A/N: I nicked ‘sucky sweet’ from Mrs Foreboys in ‘One Foot in the Grave’

Summary: As a favour to Suga’s mum, Daichi escorts Suga home after he has a wisdom tooth removed. He has money in his pocket for a cab, so what could go wrong?

Well, quite a lot as it happens.


Daichi looked up from the programme he was watching to see his Mum standing in the doorway, the telephone in her hand. “Yep.”

“It’s Koushi’s mother.”

“Oh!” He fumbled for the remote control, his mind working furiously. What the heck does she want?  Breathe. No, it’s fine, Mum doesn’t look mad. Must just be something normal. Homework, maybe. Although why would she be calling? If Sug had a problem, which isn’t likely, he’d call me.

“She wants to ask you something. I’ve already said it’s fine.”

“Er … okay,” he said warily, but he took the receiver from her hand. “Hello…”

“Daichi-kun,” Suga’s mum sounded flustered, vague, her mind elsewhere. In his mind, he could see her birdlike gesture as she tilted her chin to one side. He heard her swallow before she continued. “I need to ask a favour.  Has your mother explained?”

“No, but, how can I help?”he said, hoping he sounded polite … and unsuspicious and not at all as if he’d spent the evening before making out with her son.

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‘The Minghao texts…oh god I liked that a lot haha ^^ Request: you get mad at Joshua because he was with your best friend, who happened to have a huge crush on him, but he was just buying your birthday present’

text - you find out that joshua was with your bestfriend when buying your birthday present but you think it was something else

a/n - wow i really got into this one lmaooo   

Something Else (Stiles x Reader)

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Birthday

Title: Something Else

A/N: I think Stiles is a great character that doesn’t get quite the recognizition he desserves just because he’s not a supernatural creature. So here’s to Stiles, my favourite character from Teen Wolf :)

Warning: Slight swearing.

Summary: Stiles wants to give Y/N a cool birthday and decides to take her out during a class day even if he’s feeling a little anguished. That day they share a special moment.

After all that supernatural crap, it was nice to have a break for a change and have a normal day as a teenager. It was my birthday, and Stiles talked me into skipping class and goof around Beacon Hills instead.

I had been Stiles’ friend for just a few months. I arrived at the high school he and his friends went just this year. I moved from New York, and I apparently caught his eye, because he started to talk to me out of nowhere, offering to show me around. He even introduced me to his friends Scott, Lydia, Allison and somehow Derek.

We ate in our favourite fast food restaurant (even though I didn’t want him to, he offered to pay for us both), we went to the cinema and saw a movie and finally went for a long walk in the woods.

After that, it started to get dark. And cold, really really cold.

Although Stiles was the one that suggested going out, he seemed off. I didn’t really know him too well, but I sensed a change in his usual demeanor.

I stared at him as we walked back to his precious Jeep. 

He didn’t seem to be as cold as I was, he was wearing a warm sweater. I, instead, was wearing a t-shirt and I was freezing.

“Stiles, what’s wrong?” I finally asked him. He wasn’t in a good mood, since he didn’t make a joke in a long time, and he seemed too still for a hyper kid. Maybe even sad.

He just sighed, but then shrugged.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

I rolled my eyes, knowing that there was something definitely wrong.

“Don’t tell me that. It is something, I know.” I hated to know that he was having a bad time. Specially because I knew the feeling, and it wasn’t much fun.

I had always been a pessimistic, always feeling bad about myself and everything that happened to me. I had been really depressed in New York, and that only changed slightly when I arrived in Beacon Hills.

“Y/N, it’s your birthday, I’m not gonna ruin it for you.”

I held his arm to keep him from walking any further and we both stopped at the front of the car. He looked at me with his big caramel eyes.

“I don’t fucking care if it’s my birthday!” I said, slowly letting his arm go.

Stiles clicked his tongue, nervous. He seemed hesitant, perhaps deciding whether he should tell me or not. I stared at him with determination, inquiring an explanation.

“It’s just…” He started to say, scratching the back of his head in frustration. “All this mess.”

“I know.” I instantly knew the whole situation of werewolves, hunters and banshees was getting on his nerves. I gave him a sympathetic look. “But I guess it will all turn out good.”

To my surprise, Stiles shook his head, like as though he disagreed.

“You don’t understand.”

I frowned and tried to meet his glare, but he was staring at the ground, directly at his black converse.

“What?” I asked him, not really understanding what he meant now.

“Look, Scott became a werewolf. Cora and Derek were born werewolves.” He explained, a restless look crossing his face. “Allison’s a hunter, Lydia’s a banshee. But me… I’m only human.”

It was then when I got what he was talking about. Maybe we were similar and had much in common, but I felt like I could relate to his emotions and thoughts. Almost like I knew him nonetheless.  

But I didn’t agree with him at all. He was much more than ‘only human’. If only he saw himself like I saw him.

“So you mean to say that just because you’re a human you can’t do anything?” I burst out. It made me angry that he felt like that, because I saw him a whole different way.

He didn’t answer, but just kept looking away. Glaring anywhere but into my eyes.

“Stiles, you’re not just a human. You’re a hero; you helped so many people, even though you have no super powers or werewolf skills. You’re brave and you-“

“I’m not a hero” He abruptly cut me, shaking his head and with his eyes watery. “It was my fault that Scott got bit in the first place.”

I opened my mouth wide in astonishment.

“It wasn’t your fault” Stiles opened his mouth to talk, but I rose up a finger so he would let me finish. “You can’t control the things that happen in this crazy city. It’s not your fault that Beacon Hills is such an insane place.”

Stiles frowned and rubbed his eyes, still not daring to meet my eyes. He was near to tears, but didn’t want to show in front of me. But that only caused me to get angry.

“You would help your friends in any possible and impossible ways that you can, Stiles!” I couldn’t help it, my voice started to rise, and he looked up, startled. “And to make sure they’re safe. You’re strong, much more than you think. Of course you have your bad moments, you’re not invincible, but…”

My voice cracked as a sob came out of my throat. With that, he looked at me, feeling sorry for everything he’d say. He seemed panicked, trying to think what to do to keep me from crying or how to act if I bursted out.

Before I started to cry, I straightened up and kept on talking.

“Damn it, Stiles!” I was already yelling, and I punched the hood of Stiles’ Jeep with my fist, unable to handle my anger at that very moment. “If I was a little more like you, just a little bit, everything would be different. I wouldn’t be depressed all the time, I wouldn’t be scared. But you’re here, saying you’re ‘just human’, like if you were nothing at all! I wish I was like you, because I’m not like you, I’m not strong, I’m weak!”

Stiles looked at me at last. I could feel him staring at me as I spoke. When I finished talking, I was too ashamed to look at his face, so I looked away. He didn’t think twice and rushed to pull me in for a tight hug.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He apologized. “Really, I’m sorry.”

A shaky sigh broke the silence that surrounded us. I hid my face in his shoulder as I rested my trembling hands on his chest. I tried to hold back my tears, but I had been doing so for too long, so I broke down and cried.

I wanted to talk, tell him anything, but my sobs wouldn’t let me, so I focused in my breath to calm down and stop crying. At least, it felt nice to be hugged by him, and the sound of his heart beating relaxed me somehow. I felt how Stiles held me tightly, trying to comfort me, and how he rubbed my back. It felt safe and warm to know that he was there for me. He was the first person that had ever been there. Maybe that was why I liked him that much, despiting the fact that he had a charming personality, although a little wacky.

When he felt I started to stop crying, he sweetly pulled away to see me, his hands firmly over my arms and a tender glare over his eyes.


I wiped my tears and nodded.

“I’m fine, sorry about that.”

He, for the first time in the day, smiled that wide smile I knew so well. Then, he grabbed my left hand carefully.

“Are you okay? How’s your hand?”

I had to laugh when I remembered the hard hit I gave to the poor Jeep.

“It’s okay, I guess. It stings a little, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“That’s because of the adrenaline, it will hurt later.” That was one of the things I liked so much about him. He could be extremely goofy, but deep down he was so smart.

I just sighed, holding my left hand when Stiles let go of it.

“Come on, I’ll take you home.”

I nodded, putting my hair behind my ear, and walked to the passenger’s seat of the Jeep, hoping into the car. He joined me at the driver’s seat and glared at me for a second before he started the engine. Then, we drove off to my place.

For a while, the ride in the Jeep was silent. I leaned my head against the cold window, lazily and absently looking outside. It began to softly rain, and the glass started to get covered with fog. A chill went down my back and then the rest of my body, so I pulled away from the window. I still shivered, though.

Stiles took his eyes away from the road for one second and pointed over his shoulder.

“I keep a sweater in there, in case you’re cold.”

“Thanks.” I smiled, because he noticed. He was really sweet.

I turned around and picked up a gray sportive jacket that was lying in the back of the car, behind the seats. I put it on, and if felt so warm and nice.

“No problem.” He replied, smiling back.

While I covered my hands with the end of the sleeves, which were too long for me anyway, since Stiles was pretty slim, he then began to talk.

“That was a great way to celebrate your birthday, huh?”

I laughed, starring into the seat as I started to get drowsy. The sudden warmness of Stiles’ jacket compared to the rainy and cold weather outside gave me peaceful and familiar feelings that made me feel like home. Happy past memories slid through my head as I cuddled over myself, placing my knees up to my chest.

“It was okay. The walk in the woods was nice. At least I didn’t spend the day in class.” I joked, thanking him somehow for talking me into skipping class for at least that day.

Harris managed to find any excuses to send us both to detention. I admit that Stiles and I talked a lot in class, but even if we were quiet, he didn’t care. He just hated us.

What I didn’t tell Stiles was that I was thankful I didn’t spend it alone and with him instead, but it was on my mind.

“Yes.” He said with a big smile. “It would have been horrible dealing with Harris in your birthday.”

“You bet. Detention doesn’t appeal to me.” I laughed, resting my head in the seat and closing my eyes.

I could hear how Stiles grinned, and I sheepishly smiled too. The continuous rattling and sound of the Jeep driving by the road made me want to go to sleep, but I knew for sure I wasn’t going to. I couldn’t fall asleep anywhere but my bed.

“Y/N…” He started to say, making me open my eyes to stare at him in response, along with a questioning look. “Thanks for all the things you said about me.”

I raised the corner of my lips and nodded with a kind expression.

“And one more thing” He kept saying after a few seconds of silence.


“I swear, if you damage my Jeep again, I’m gonna kill you, Y/L/N.” Stiles stated, keeping his eyes in the road ahead.

I smiled so wide that my cheeks started to hurt. Then, after looking at him for a second, I leaned in the window again, closing my eyes once more. That stupid smile wouldn’t go away even if I tried.

Even if I wouldn’t fall asleep, I might as well keep my eyes shut and relax for a while, hearing Stiles’ old Jeep slightly bouncing and the boy’s fingers sometimes drumming the steering wheel or his voice humming some catchy song.

It was cozy to have something like that. Someone like that. It sent shivers down my spine and a warm feeling across my stomach. Like when you find your favourite toy as a child, or when you see a picture of your family from some years ago. Or when you get an old friendship back. It was such a warm and pleasant feeling.

Stiles was someone special. We hadn’t been friends for that long, but we teased each other like we were childhood friends. The sibling affection was there as well, and the looking out for each other. But there was something else now. I didn’t know what, but it felt too good to be something bad.

Open and Close

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Word Count: 747

Warnings: Angst, arguing, I’m not spoiling anything else

A/N: I have no words as to why I’d look through the angst tag of @otpprompts but an idea just came to me and I needed to write it down. And @winchester-writes this is what I was telling you about! Enjoy!

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Dean didn’t see the envelope from his pillow fall on to the floor the night you stormed out of the bunker. He had just been with Crowley, someone who you didn’t like, and Dean had been cooperating with more and more within the past months. You had enough of it when he came to the bunker with a strange scar on his arm.

“You have the Mark of Cain on your arm?! What the hell, Dean?!”

“Y/N, listen–”

You were clearly angered. “Why, so you can tell me it’s for the greater good? To kill Abbadon? This mark will consume you, Dean, and I don’t want to be around to watch that transformation!”

Those were the last words you would ever tell Dean Winchester to his face.

The two of you just stood there, chests heaving from the shouts and Dean clenching and unclenching his fists. It was a while before either one of you moved, but you broke the tension by speed walking to your room and grabbing the packed duffel. You shoved right past him when he attempted to stop you. With a slam of the door, you just severed the last string that was keeping you afloat.

When you walked out on that fateful night, you instantly regretted the decision to leave your life with the Winchester brothers behind.

It was a year later when Dean found the letter under his bed. Still bearing the Mark of Cain plagued him everyday, just like you told him it would. The white envelope covered in dust brought out his curiosity, so he sat it down on the bed and stared at your loopy scrawl staining the whiteness of the envelope. He took the letter in his hands, opening the envelope and began to read.


You’re my closest friend, and you have been since we were kids. Recently, something’s changed. I find my face turning red when you crack a joke. I feel butterflies when you brush your hand against mine or tweak something in my form when we’re training. I grow jealous when you flirt with every living thing with a nice rack in the bars after a long hunt, but all of this is beside the point I’m trying to make in this letter… Dean, I love you. From the moment we met back up again in New Orleans, I knew I was gone. I know you were never one for many attachments in the life… I’d hope that you would make one last exception for me.

Love, Y/N

“God, why did I let you leave?” he muttered.

The letter slipped out of his hands. Now he had to find you.


If Sam and Dean knew you, they began with searching your hometown for any sign that you were there. Dean had a list of old friends and went door to door while Sam stayed at the motel and tried to trace your phone.

So far, both ideas led to nowhere.

As Dean came up to a wooden door of a red brick house, he suddenly began to feel nervous. Why, he had no idea. You hadn’t bothered to keep contact with him, so why would he think you would come back with them when he still had the Mark on his arm? His hand shook when he brought it up to knock on the door. It flew open as a younger man appeared in Dean’s line of vision.

“Can I help you?” The man behind the door barely poked his head out, as if he was disturbed by Dean’s presence. Dean gave the man his friendliest smile and marched on with his mission.

“Are you Steve Hamilton?”

The man nodded. “Yeah, why?”

Dean retrieved a picture of you and him sitting together on the Impala and showed it to Steve. “Have you seen her?” The man stayed silent. Dean was growing impatient all day, but this one simple thing set him off. “Steve, have you seen her?!”

“Yeah, I did!” Steve yanked the door open, causing Dean to lose his balance and stumble into the house. “Everyone in the town did! We just don’t talk about her around these parts anymore…”

Dean was catching his breath as he stood up. “Anymore? Why not?” He was praying to anyone who could hear that what he thought was happening wouldn’t come true. Steve heaved a huge sigh and refused to meet Dean’s eyes.

“Y/N… She’s been dead for an entire year.”

REQUEST 84 ~ Somebody else

A/N: 1975 are so incredibly good. Thank you anon, i have been wanting to write a song fic with one of their songs.

Dan’s Pov:

‘So i heard you found, somebody else.’

The rumours that she was with someone else made my heart ache. Surely this wasn’t real. The fact that i threw our relationship away was hard enough to think about, let alone that fact that another man would be able to receive and give the love with her.

‘And at first, i thought, it was a lie.’

I found out through twitter when i saw people tweeting me about it. My common sense told me to ignore it, it wouldn’t be true, it was just people trying to get me to feel upset and then get a response from me. I wasn’t going to feed into it. However that all disappeared when a photo was posted of the pair stood together, his arm holding her waist, hers wrapped around his neck. 

‘I took all my things that made a sound, the rest i could do with out.’

I went to her apartment to get the last of my things. As i approached the door i could hear giggling coming from the other side, I sighed and tried to hold back my tears. I knocked on her door, It opened revealing her standing grinning back at her new boyfriend as he held her from behind. Her smiled dropped instantly once she saw it was me. “Oh, um, hi Dan.” She nervously spoke. Just the fact she was nervous around me made want to cry. “Um, yeah, i was just wondering if i could get the last of my stuff?” She nodded and let me in. I walked swiftly to her room, memories flooding my brain as i walked. All the times i would bring her home after dates, when she got so drunk on them that she would just start to fumble about and try to get on my back for a piggy back ride. 

I entered the room, nothing much had really changed, just the pictures around her room that used to be of me and her but are now her and him. I only things that i really wanted to get back were my c.d’s i had left here accidentally that i don’t even think she knew i had. I left the shirt that i had worn the first time i stayed the night here with her, the same one that she had slept in. I still wanted her to have it, maybe she might see it and dump him for me.

‘I don’t want your body, but i need to think about you with somebody else.’

It had been about a month since i broke up with her. It was getting a lot easier to get past it, i was no longer wanting her back, i just couldn’t stop thinking about someone else having her. It was definitely my jealously that was setting in, The problem was that everywhere i looked was them, my twitter was full of people talking about them. My tumblr was even worse with it. It was as if it was haunting me and the only way to combat it was to think about it.

‘Our love has gone cold, you’ve intertwined your soul soul with somebody else.’

One night of seeing her face constantly i began to drink. I wanted to drown my thoughts about her in alcohol. One drink lead to two and then three and so on until i was so drunk that realistic thoughts and ideas were long gone. I pulled out my phone, my vision blurring my screen as i went to my phone book. I hadn’t deleted her number because i couldn’t bring myself to. I put my phone to my ear, hiccuping in the process. 


“y/n, baby, i love youuu.” I slurred into the phone as i gripped the bottle of beer in my hand.

“Dan, is that you?” He voice made me smile in my drunken state.

“Oh yeah baby, and i needed to tell you i love you.”

There was silence and she sighed.

“Dan, you are drunk and you most likely won’t remember this. But Dan, i don’t love you anymore. I’m sorry.” She hung up leaving me sat still holding the phone to my ear. 

I may have been drunk out my skull but i won’t ever be able to forget that.