Wes Craven

So sad to hear of the passing of this great writer/director who was the genius behind some of most iconic horror characters. 

Some of the films he had written and/or directed were…

The Last House on the Left (1972) & (2009)
The Hills Have Eyes (1977) & (2006)
Swamp Thing (1982)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Shocker (1989)
Scream (1996) Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000)
Cursed (2005)
My Soul to Take (2010)
Anything Freddy Krueger related  

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Thank you for the Horror films you written/directed.

Thank you for making me terrified of little girls playing jump-rope and children singing; and ensuring I’ll never buy a house that was on Elm Street. 

When I was younger your movies were always picked for slumber parties when we needed a scary movie. (Shout out: Scream!) 

Thank you, Wes. You will be missed!

Wes Craven 


The Wes Craven Filmography Ranked: 

1. The People Under The Stairs

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street

3. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

4.. The Serpent And The Rainbow

5. Scream

6. Scream 4

7. Vampire In Brooklyn

8. The Hills Have Eyes

9. Shocker

10.  The Last House On The Left

11. Cursed

12. My Soul To Take

13. Redeye

14. The Hills Have Eyes 2 

15. Scream 2

16. Swamp Thing

17. Scream 3 

My first #horror #film was #nightmareonelmstreet … It didn’t mess me up at all… Yep, kids birthday party, #vhs #freddykrueger slicing fool #teenagers up. That’s how it started. Thank you for creating #wescraven !! Your #films will be immortal. #legend #horror #freddy #elmstreetslasher #mysticmonster #scares

RIP Wes Craven. You will be dearly missed. Growing up I would watch Craven films all the time along with John carpenter and other horror movie directors. That’s all I would rent from the video store. And Halloween was my favorite time of the year where I would rent horror movie pop popcorn and stay in to watch horror movie. He was and forever will be a genius in the horror movie genre and if I ever decide on a career in directing or writing, I will use his work for inspiration. Thank you for all the great films Mr. Craven.
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