The Queen celebrates a major milestone with this exclusive portrait for V.F.’s latest issue.

“The most moving, important thing about this shoot is that these were all her ideas,” says Leibovitz. “She wanted to be photographed with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren; her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; her daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal; and her corgis. I was told how relaxed she was at Windsor, and it was really true. You get the sense of how at peace she was with herself, and very much enthralled with her family.”

What’s up with Lizzie?

A popular theory for chapter 116 is that Elizabeth now knows about the contract between Ciel and Sebastian (or something similar) and purposely attacked Sebastian to sever it. Of course, the other possibility is that she never got a clear look at Sebastian’s face and didn’t know she attacked him- in that case, she might pull a “oops” in 117 and the fight stops.

But assuming the first possibility is what’s going on, by virtue of Bravat and/or Undertaker’s tipping, here’s my take on what Lizzie could be planning.

Lizzie’s seen Sebastian in action- she knows how inhumanly competent and capable he is. For all we know, she also knows he was stabbed through the chest on the Campania. But she definitely knows he survived being stabbed through the chest and smashed in the head (the Murder arc). Going by that logic, it’d be awfully stupid of her to attack him with nothing but her swords.

Assuming she manages to get a “fatal” hit in, what guarantees he’ll stay down? If saving Ciel from a monster is this important to her, and she sees herself as his only chance, why would she charge so blindly?

I think there’s more up her sleeve than fancy sword tricks. 

A) There’s an ally working with her and she’s only the distraction. This ally is either Undertaker (ever since 108, it’s been hinted that he’s involved) and maybe Bravat (assuming he’s not just a regular human). Either way, the ally has access to a weapon that can take down a demon and this fight is a team effort.

B) Bouncing off of A, Lizzie is confident Sebastian won’t kill her. Maybe it’s her knowledge of his aesthetics, maybe she’s been told it goes against the contract. But if he’s obligated to keep her safe for Ciel’s sake, then that leaves him vulnerable to whatever attack she throws or is helping throw.

C) Lizzie knows she’ll lose. She wants Sebastian to kill her because she’s confident Ciel cares for her. Her death will “wake” Ciel up from his self-destructive path if she dies by his demon’s hand. If nothing else, this will be the final blow to ruin any and all trust Ciel has in Sebastian. Maybe she can’t save him, but this way, at least he may want to escape Sebastian on his own. Of course, this is just a plan and doesn’t mean she’ll definitely “succeed.”

Challenge 77: 5th Anniversary: デイジー

I can’t even begin to express how amazing these past 5 years have been! We’ve all grown and accomplished so many things, so proud of all our SC members💕

Was inspired by both Rose Quartz and the Daisy for this piece. Wanted to make a fun little illu inspired by 90′s fashion with a bright but limited palette!

Hope you guys enjoy and I’m looking forward to the years to come!!

Elizabeth B.