Despite everything, kissing that night was inevitable… Elizabeth couldn’t tell exactly who reached for who first, just knew that in a blink of an eye, her hand was tangled in his hair and Meliodas had his arms wrapped around her waist, their lips desperately moving against each other, in a dance they’d long become skilled in.

So two amazing things happened yesterday?

First of all, Chapter 2 of After the War by the incredible @baconwaffle2016 was published. Are you reading this fic? If not, WHY? It has to be the best fic that has come along since Enlighten My Darkness. It’s absolutely incredible, and I have been screaming about this chapter for days. So please, go read it at FFnet or AO3. You won’t be sorry. (Btw, I happen to be the beta… and I got a look at chapter 3… hold onto your hats!)

I was so inspired by this fic that I actually drew four pictures from this chapter alone. Here’s the first, and I’ll publish more in the upcoming days. Please, please, go read this fic.

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Isaac: “She’s out with that boy again, isn’t she? Mum, what should I do about it?”

Elizabeth: “Just leave her alone. I’ve never tried to do anything to keep you and Zoey or Katie and Dora away from each other. If Carrie Lynn is happy with Chris, then just let them be together.”

Isaac: “But she’s my little girl -”

Elizabeth: “She’s not a child anymore, Isaac. Besides, I’m sure Carrie Lynn knows what she’s doing. Trust her a little.”

Riverdale!Heathers AU Masterlist


Act 0.5 (Prologue)

Act 1 - Beautiful

Act 2 - Candy Store

Act 3 - Fight for me

Act 4 - Freeze your brain

Act 5 - Dead girl walking

Act 6 - Our love is god

Act 7 - Seventeen

Act 8 - Yo girl

Act 9 - Meant to be yours/Dead girl walking (reprise)

Act 10 - I am damaged

Act 11 - Seventeen (reprise)