Kol: “How is the lovely (Y/N) doing today?”
Elijah: “I don’t know, brother.”
Kol: “She hasn’t texted yet?”
Elijah: “Why would she?”
Kol: “Because duh! You obviously like her and I’m sure she likes you too. Make a move brother. Make a move!”


Elijah: “you have to stay away from (Y/N)”
Klaus: ‘and why is that?”
Elijah: “you have a bad influence on her, she needs to be protected and kept save”
Klaus: ”I want nothing more than to keep her save, but what’s wrong with some harmless fun? i think you’re just jealous, because she likes spending time with me“
Elijah: ”this is not just harmless fun brother, she is changing and not in a good way, I’m warning you Klaus, stay away from her“
Klaus: ”i think you have to try a little harder to get me to stay away from her“ *raising his hands*