I will have an artist table at the Bookfair in Leipzig next month, so I ifgured it´s about time I work on something to sell :´D I´ve spend my weekend drawing this elfen mage. The ink is as good as done, and my hand hurts, but I am very happy with how he turned out : > I will post the finished piece before the bookfair. I also plan to draw mermaids and other mythical creatures, or maybe another mage? Idk, the month is still long (haha :´D)

Shuffle Tag

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Title of the first song describes how you die ~

Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR (oh my god ._.)

Second song describes your love life ~

I Do - Apink (If there was a song called “Forever Alone” it would be perfect for this one)

Third song will be played at your wedding ~

Break Down - Super Junior - M (well okay then)

Add in my pants to the title of the fourth song ~

Mamacita in my pants (Super Junior) XDD

Fifth song will be played at your funeral ~

Maybe Tomorrow (instrumental) - Ryeowook (omg T_T throwback)

Sixth song is your theme song ~

Unfair (Chinese Version) - EXO (bc my life be unfair XD)

Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love ~

Destiny - Super Junior - M (awww)

Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song ~

Baby Don’t Cry with a shovel and a screwdriver (I wasn’t planning on doing that anyway ._.) (Exo, Chinese version)

Ninth song will describe your week ~

Hello - BoA

Tenth song will play when you miss someone ~

Blue Blossom - Vixx

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5 (if i can find that many) things i like about myself

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ok ananya i’m really sorry but i don’t know if i’ll be able to find 5 

1. i learn dances easily?

2. makeup “skills?”

3. i weigh 103 lbs on average?

idk these are just things that i feel i’m good at compared to the average person but i’m still mediocre compared to the level of achievement that i’d like to be at        ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

like do you get what i’m saying

ok last 2 are stolen from you

4. my drawing skills??? (jennie why you gotta roast me though)

5. my unafraidness to be “different and adorable?????” idk when did i do this LOL

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Send  ♀ ♀ for a specific memory my muse has of their mother from their childhood.

“Nana! Nana! Look what I found!”

The elfling was young, and his face was still dominated by a babyish appearance: wispy blond curls, big blue eyes and a grin that featured a single missing tooth. Though the cheeks were round and ruddy, below them lingered stark cheekbones and a firm jawline that would, one day, show themselves as prominent parts of his appearance.

He dashed over to his mother, who sat upon the grassy space beneath the tree that her son had just scrambled up. Within the memory, her face is blurred. And, yet, he knows it is her from her voice, and the tone of it. It seems that, as time passes, her face is becoming harder and harder to draw to mind.

“Nana! B-Baby–baby p-pine-cones!” With her, he could stutter and pay it no mind. All thoughts of self-consciousness were long gone when she was there to watch over him. 

He held a handful of small pine-cones, still sticky with sap, out to the figure. Many weeks ago his pine-cone collection had began, but it was rare to find them so small, yet still perfectly shaped. The smile on his face was broad, and his cheeks ached from the force of it, but he did not care; he was happy, and the baby pine-cones would make Nana happy, too, which would make him even more happy. He would not stop smiling just because his cheeks did not want to anymore. That was so absurd a thought, in fact, that he very nearly scoffed. He had learned that word today in his lessons: scoffed. Legolas wanted to be like Ada, and Ada seemed to do an awful lot of scoffing

“Baby pine-cones? How wonderful!” Even if he cannot remember her face, he can remember the feeling of her hands as she held them out, and how soft they were when they brushed his own. Not a warrior’s hands, but a mother’s, a queen’s. And yet, her lack of knowledge with a weapon made her no lesser than any other elf within the kingdom. She smiled at him, as she took the small cones into her hand and observed them carefully. That is the one part of her face he can remember. Her smile. Legolas, who had plopped down to sit by her side, watched her look them over, an intense look on his small face.

“They are yet small, just like you,” she said, and Legolas’ face broke out into a grin again as she reached out to gently brush some of his hair aside with one hand. “But, unlike the baby pine-cones, you will grow. But, in the meantime, you must find Ada and Nana pine-cones, as well–otherwise, who will take care of the baby pine-cones?”

She brought up a very good question, and the elfling’s face scrunched with thought for a short moment before he leaped up, clambering up the tree once more in search of a perfect pair of pine-cones–Ada and Nana were, after all, the people he loved most in the whole wide world.

Well, especially Nana.

Timely Meeting || Closed RP


Erissel normally hated diplomatic meetings. Her father had always drug her along on such inconvenient trips to discuss mind-numbingly boring negotiations or something of that sort with people who had such forgettable faces. However, once they arrived in the Faewild, she wanted to believe that this time would be different. All of the beautiful nature that dominated the world around them stunned her, and to an extent, Tirnel as well.

As the young elfling followed her father deeper into the realm to find the Fae palace where they would then be escorted, she also led her dragon along who walked behind them at a leisurely pace. He was not yet fully grown, his shoulder just a few heads taller than his Rider. In a few months time, he would grow over twice as much. He kept silent as he followed behind the two, but he knew where they were going more than his companions and would gently inform Erissel when they strayed in the wrong direction.

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After Maglor took in Elrond and his twin he found that he loved everything about the elflings in a truly sappy way. If he were to pick out one thing that he liked especially about Elrond it was his intelligence. Elrond could pick up on things around their home that Maglor would miss entirely, and it always impressed him when this happened. 

          She does not watch the sea anymore — it is only, desolate, even for the comfort it brings to hear the havoc of the surf against the shores. And it is only rarely, even in paradise, that she ventures from her forest home so near the bluffs, but this day there is something in the blood that calls, draws her away. And like this she wanders, and finds herself standing in a garden, confronted by several elflings who fawn and frolic, who laugh and greet. 

            — Good morning, girls. Take me to your guardian, if you would.  


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“Who’s this cutie?”

Send “Who’s this cutie?” for your muse to find an old photo/painting of my muse.

Legolas turned to Mikhail with a question on the tip of his tongue, when he spotted the small portrait that the other held in his hands and immediately found himself blushing. The child in the portrait had chubby, rosy cheeks and bright eyes that seemed to take up the entirety of his face, which was framed by curls of blond hair. A wide grin was on the elfling’s face, one of his teeth missing.

 “That’s me,” he said with a small smile. “A very long time ago.”

❂ { @mikhailvalhidris } ❂

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"I will always be there for you."

The 100 ways to say ‘I love you’ OTH edition

“N- no you w- won’t,” Tauriel whimpered, her breath shaky.  The elfling never looked up at him while she spoke, her face buried in the prince’s chest and her eyes shut tight in what was almost an attempt to deny what was happening.  

“Not if you go… you can’ go to Mordor, you can’t!”  


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✌:You’re awesome ♡:I love your blog ❁:You’re beautiful 🌸:You're attractive ✖:I would give you the greatest hug ™:You're a cinnamon roll ❄️:I cherish you :D

<3 ily and your blog too sweetie, and wish we would’ve had more time in Helsinki weeps :’c You’re my precious, beautiful elfling cinnamon roll too aahhh♡

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"I'm trying to sleep here!"

Seating himself mere inches away from his father, the elfling only shook his head at the complaint, his little hands gripping the blanket. “But there’s something out there, I saw it! What if it’s a bear?” he kept going on in urgent whispers, fully dressed - even with his bow and quiver - despite the odd hour.

musinshadw asked:

Does his Highness have a death wish tonight? Galadriel's going to leave him walking funny and singing soprano - possibly this is why they only had the one elfling?

LOL. Apparently he does have one. I suspect actually that he finds her very sexy when she is angry…so he sometimes goes out of his way to antagonize her.

My Marron “puppy face” Lavellan. Skilled and seasoned archer who is perfectly at home in the tree tops, but will trip over his own feet on the ground. He was usually the one helping to look after the elflings in the clan, playing the role of big brother and jungle gym as he was perfectly willing to let himself be tackled and climbed on. Never had any contact with humans before he got embroiled in the mess with the conclave so waking to find himself shackled and accused of murder with a furious human in his face was nothing short of terrifying.

Marron can be shy around new people, and a bit naive, but with those he’s comfortable around he’s just a big goof. Very feline in his mannerisms, always loves a good cuddle with friends, very affectionate and tactile with those he considers “his”.

He always tries to accommodate people, wants everyone to get along, tries to make friends, and will always try for a peaceful solution first and foremost, but will not back down from a fight if he thinks it’s right or he’s protecting those he cares for and loves.

25 at the start of inquisition, only stands 5'4", older brother to a younger half sister who ends up acting like the older sister instead. Prefers to be up high on rooftops and trees. Drug all the bedding from his room in Skyhold to make a nest on the balcony above the bed rather than sleeping in the bed itself. The joke around Skyhold is if you ever can’t find Marron just look up. Hates wearing shoes and will ditch the boots he was given at any and all opportunities.

Cheek scar is from falling out of a tree, lip scar from not paying attention and wandering in front of the target dummies and into the path of an arrow, vertical scar across his eye from wandering around a corner and into the path of a very angry mother bear. Started wearing green eye shadow at Haven to bring the focus onto his eyes and distract from his large ears as being around so many humans and their comments has made him self conscious of them.

Can’t play any instruments worth anything, but actually has a rather nice singing voice if you can get him comfortable enough to sing for you. Also has rather decent cooking skills, is rather handy with a needle and thread, enough to repair most of his clothes and gear, and can make simple garments. 

Has ADHD, anxiety, is the life long partner and lover to @kveikjum‘s Yan Tabris,  recently found to be the cousin to @kinkyfenris‘s half qunari Adhlea Lavellan :D, and is old clan buddies with @slugette‘s Osiris Lavellan and @kveikjum’s Thyrin Lavellan   :3

Beni Duyuyor musun?

Ne çok söylenmiş, söylenen, söyleniyor olan ve söylenecek sözler var değil mi? Bazen sözle, bazen yazıyla, bazen resimle, bazen de bakışla… Bir de kalpten geçenler var ya hani dışarı çıkarken giyecek kelime bulamayıp yumru yumru boğazda tıkanıp kalıverenler. Usul usul bükerken duygularını öne doğru bir daralıp bir genişleyen göğüs kafesine inerler tekrar. Buğulanan gözler sözcüksüz kalmış ruhlarına ‘Beni duyuyor musun?’ dercesine son bir umut olur bir an. 'Yaraların çıtırdatan sesinin izini bulamıyor musun? düşmeden damlalar kirpiklere!’ diye sitem ederken, sağırlar ülkesinde bir gün daha sona erer. Kalpten geçenlerin bir yol hikayesi daha biter; sahipsiz, bedensiz… #elfle

gaaladrieel asked:

I read you're not good at baking, but no worries elfling, if we were dating, and having a hobbit/lotr marathon (whatever you'd like to see < 3) I'd bake some lembas for us! ;D I'd make anything you'd like! You could make lots of tea :3 haha

<3 Ohhh myy this sounds so very nice tbh c’: And yes, I’d make proper amounts of tea for us (after all, i do have a whole shelf dedicated to different teas ;D)! The marathon would be the icing on the cake ♡

vigiilance asked:

In Depth Headcanons
// accepting

Is there a certain scent that brings about nostalgia? If so, describe a memory this scent brings back.

   SALT. Sometimes, on warm summer days when Kivari climbed
   atop the highest buildings, she could smell the salt of Denerim’s
   docks above the Alienage’s squalor. She never cared for the sea,
too much water,   but whenever the elfling smelled ocean salt
   she was reminded that there was a world beyond here; beyond
   suffocating walls and the fearful hush brought of passing shemlen.
   In this reminder there was HOPE.

daughteroferynlasgalen asked:

*plays with his hair* //idek i wanted rebirth stuffs with miston and tiny tau


Miston opened one eye as he had been snoozing about for a bit when he felt tiny hands playing with the curls of his hair- and he couldn’t help but smile. Miston wasn’t one to actually easily grant access to the strands of his thick golden curls- but tiny elflings were an exception. Aide from a few other people.

“Whatya doing, Tau?”