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“Are you hurt anywhere?” [nerdanxl]

“N- no..” The elfling whimpered, shaking her head and turning away before the other could see the tears in her eyes. “I- I’m okay.”

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Thranduil nodded a bit, but didn’t dare waste his breath on actually speaking. He simply kept up his hard pace, and stroked Meludir in time with his own thrusts. His eyes closed and he let his head fall so that his forehead rested on Meludir’s shoulder as he drew ever closer to his own climax. Valar, but Meludir was amazing…

“Melu…” he gasped. “I…close…come with me? Please?”

   Meludir gasped and moaned, the attention to his gweth bringing him closer, and closer to climax. The young guard held onto the other tightly, moving perfectly in time with Thranduil. He closed his eyes and rest his cheek against Thranduil’s head, feeling tears prickle in his eyes from the intensity of it all.

   “Just…a bit….more”

The king of the Saxons made accusation against the queen that she committed adultery and she was put to death through that and her head was taken off her and he turned not himself from his error of Faith.

Entry in “The Annals of Ulster” on the death of Anne Boleyn.

To my knowledge, she is one of only four women described as “wives of the Saxon King” or “Queens of the Saxons” in the Annals of Ulster, the others being Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, Isabella of France, and Elizabeth of York. Katherine of Aragon is obliquely referred to as “the daughter of the king of Castille,” though.

I’m drawing dark crystal stuff with enterthedwelling and we’re looking at refs of gelflings, and I remembered that Jim Henson plays (acts and voices) the ritual master skeksis. Now remember those skeksis are puppets that you literally get into and run around in.

Ritual master is the skeksis that stabs kira, and they didn’t pull any punches in terms of that puppet -really- coming at her hard enough for it to look realistic

that means that jim henson literally ran up and stabbed one of his puppets at full force hfsf

pictured: murderous dino henson accelerating 

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Estel stood, holding onto the ends of Elrond’s robes and trailing after him as he went to greet the escort from Mirkwood. He peeked around the edge of the rich fabric, and as the grown-ups talked, he peered at the small elfling, about his size, with a full head of red hair.

Before he knew it Elrond was pushing him in the direction of the elfling and the grown-ups were going inside to talk. He smiled widely and went over to her, giving a small bow. “Mae govannen. I’m Estel. Who are you?”


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11. nightmare, elvenkingthrandy vs thecrashingriver

11. My Muse having to choose who dies and who lives; ____ or ____

“Choose, elfling. Choose, or I will kill both of them.”

The voice was thick and scratchy with malice, and his eyes widened at seeing the figures before him. “Ada…Bru…”

His eyes grew wide with panic. “You can’t make me!”

The voice laughed. “Oh? I’ll just kill them both, then. They mean nothing to me.”

Legolas choked on a sob as he looked upon them both. Both of them were still and silent, watching him with matching blue eyes.


He squeezed his eyes shut.


“Ada!” He sobbed as he said it. “I c-choose Ada…” Ada would have to be here, and stay king…he would be ruined either way but at least this way Bru would not have to be king. And he knew that Bru would never be king–he always said he would hand the kingship to Legolas. And perhaps it was selfish, but he knew he could not be king and grieve at the same time.

The voice laughed, and within moments Bruiduin had fallen to a crumpled heap on the ground, a knife in his back.

And Legolas screamed.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He jolted awake, eyes wide and tears falling from them. His voice rang through the halls, loud and panicked, and his breathing was fast. “No, no, no…please, no…”



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He kissed back just as enthusiastically, resisting the urge to dominate it and simply explore instead. It ended far sooner than he liked and he couldn’t help a sigh escaping his nose when Meludir felt the need to explain, his hands came up and cupped the other’s face, ‘One thing before the fun,’ he allowed his hands to be pressed back and the silk begin to wrap around him, arousal spiking in reaction, ‘People can know…I am a very private person, I am a king and everyone, even those in other lands, know my business…anything I can keep for myself is precious.’

   A small sigh was the only reply the King recieved from the young guard above him. Meludir straddled the King, looking down at him with a small smirk and teasingly rocked his hips against Thranduil. A small moan from Meludir’s lips sounded throughout the room as he grinded against the King’s gweth.

   “What fantasies do you have? This was your idea after all, and I’d be more than happy to indulge you”

   Meludir grinned and grabbed the vial of oil and coated two of his fingers with it. With his other hand he spread Thranduil’s thighs apart and then he pressed his fingers into Thranduil.