I need to talk about this for a second.

This is right after Gandalf says, “A balrog. A demon of the ancient world.”

I just love how PJ chose to cut to Legolas’ face because he is exactly who you should cut to at this moment. You need an elf to show what it really means. Other than Gandalf, the rest of the Fellowship can sense something is gravely wrong, but they don’t understand just how grave. Like Gandalf, Legolas knows the terror. He understands the gravity of what lies around that corner. He’s got a piddly little bow and he is mere steps away from a demon of the ancient world. This frame shows a kid coming to the realisation that he is way out of his depth, that this mission will take him to places he only knew to exist in legends of the Elder Days, a time long gone, barely history. 

He’s probably one of the youngest elves in Middle Earth at this point. He probably grew up on stories of the balrogs, slaying the ancient High Kings of the Eldar and tearing Middle Earth apart, thousands and thousands of years ago. They are legends in old crumbling books, read illicitly by a little elfling who was kept up at night by the terrible tales.They are the monsters under the bed and the shadows in the heart of the forest. They are the beasts behind the winged hordes of hell, that older elves, who’ve seen the worst that Arda has to offer, always assured him were no more than distant nightmares, stories relegated to dust and ancient memory. Except now they are real. They are here. They are coming.

Thranduil and bby Legolas because yes <3

Heh, I felt like drawing some actual lotr based stuff and who are the best characters to start with? Two of my favorite characters, Legolas and Thranduil of course!

Hehe, hope you guys enjoy~!

PS: pls ignore the patterns on the clothes, I suck at patterns lool

Not Fair

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Summary: Bard is planning to marry Sigrid to one of the heirs of the two other Kingdoms and you’re absolutely livid.

Pairings: Thranduil x Reader

Word Count: 1,093

A/n: I legit had this idea stuck in my head and I could not go to sleep without writing something. I think everyone is a bit out of character in this.

Master List Part 2

Pain is all you see on Sigrids face. It was obvious she had absolutely no say in this and that made you angry.

“No,” you say loud enough for the three kings to hear. Everything goes silent and Sigrid turns to you with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“Y/n?” Thorin asks confused. 

Each king of the three kingdoms were currently sat at a round with their most trusted advisor and their heir. In Bard’s case, his eldest daughter. Being Thranduil’s most trusted, you were sat between Balin and King Elf. You and Tauriel were the only elves that the dwarves could stand and you were the only elves that could stand the dwarves. It was a win win situation.

The three had discussed forming an alliance by marrying off Sigrid to either Fili or Legolas and you were not happy. She was a mere child. She should not be forced into this especially because she had no say in the matter.

“Sigrid is not going to marry any of your heirs,” you say. 


“No. She is not an item to be sold. If you cannot handle a simple treaty without turning it into a marriage than you do not deserve being kings,” you say coldly.

“We are only making the alliance stronger,” Bard argues making you stand angrily.

“Then don’t marry Sigrid off like some. Some. Prize! If you want someone to get married. Then marry me off! I’m the King Thranduil’s most trusted advisor you can ask for nothing better.”

“We can’t marry you off by force-”

“There it is! You are forcing Sigrid to marry of these to men and yet you are giving me the choice! You are being absolutely ridiculous!” You shout.

“Y/n!” Thranduil exclaims and you flinch, turning to look at him. He was absolutely livid.

“We will call this meeting to an end for today. Y/n. Stay here,” Thranduil states. You take a seat, waiting for the reprimand.

Once everyone leaves, Thranduil stands.

“How dare you!” He hisses, pacing.

“I was only trying to save Sigrid from a fate she did not ask for,” you argue, standing in front of him. He was way taller than you and it was a bit intimidating.

“You have no business in what is discussed between kings. Do you really think yourself so high that you can speak back to kings as if you had no respect for them?" 

That makes you flinch as if he had hit you. You were his best friends since you were elflings. Born on the same day of the same year and you thought he though you a close friend. You were wrong.

"My lord-," 

"Leave. You are no longer welcomed in my council or my home,” he replies, coldly. You stiffen a bit before bowing slightly.

“As you wish, King Thranduil,” you say before taking your leave. You make your way back to your chambers, trying and failing to choke down your tears. For him to do this is outrageous, but you had no time to think about it now. You put whatever clothes you had in your pack, leaving anything that Thranduil has gifted you with. 

When you place your weapons on your back, there’s a knock on the door. You open it to find Legolas. He looks at you then to your bed.

“Are you going somewhere?” He asks with a raised brow.

“I am no longer welcomed here, apparently. It’s what I get for speaking out against kings,” you tell him, going back to your pack.

“Father didn’t mean it-,”

“Oh he meant every word, Legolas. It does not matter that we’ve been friends since we could walk he banished me and I will take that punishment without a fight,” you say, grabbing your pack and checking the room for anything you left behind.

You only see the things gifted to you including your favorite dagger. You nod at your decision and turn towards the door, walking past Legolas.

“And where will you go?” Legolas asks as you step over the threshold.

“Anything is better than here,” you tell him and with that, you’re off.

You make your way towards the front gate, but before you reach there, you hear a voice calling your name.

You stop in your steps and turn towards the source. It was not Thranduil, that was obvious. If it was, you wouldn’t have stopped.

You find Bard and Sigrid. The sight of Bard makes you frown. The nerve he has to talk to you right now.

“What is it?” you ask him, glaring. “Where are you going?” Sigrid asks, quietly and that makes you stop glaring and you sigh.

“Away. I am no longer welcomed here,” you tell her. “It’s because of me isn’t it?” she asks, stepping closer. You walk up to her and clasp her hands in yours.

“No. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have spoken so harshly to your father. My mouth is what got me in trouble,” you tell her, but you can see it in her face that she blames herself.

“All because you defended me!” she exclaims.

“And I would do it over again if I have to,” you tell her, squeezing her hands as a tear of frustration slips down her cheek, ”I would even trade my life if that meant that you would have the freedom to choose who you want to marry.”

Sigrid looks down at the floor and you pull her into a hug.

“I am sorry that I cannot be there tomorrow to help you, but I must leave,” you tell her and Bard clears his throat.

“Actually. I was going to send Sigrid home with the guards. I made up my mind and realized you were right and I wish that I had seen it sooner that way you wouldn’t have had to fight for her and you wouldn’t have been banished,” Bard says, scratching the back of his neck.

You wanted to murder that man, but you couldn’t think about that now.

“I will take Sigrid to Dale. I do not trust your guards as far as I could throw them,” you say, releasing Sigrid and wiping her tears away.

“And, if you want. There is a place for you to stay,” Bard says and you just nod, leading Sigrid to leave. You take one last look around, wondering if you were ever going to walk these halls again. You shake your head and make your way to the stables not realizing that there was currently a king regretting his decision.

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french vocab - fairy tales

Il était une fois…
Once upon a time…


le roi - the king
la reine - the queen
le prince - the prince
la princesse - the princess
la fée - the fairy
la sirène - the mermaid
le nain - the dwarf
l’elfe - the elf
le sorcier - the wizard
la sorcière - the witch
le dragon - the dragon
le château - the castle
la tour - the tower
l’épée - the sword
la magie - magic
le sortilège / le sort- the spell


méchant - wicked / mean
mauvais - bad / wicked
gentil - nice
bon - good
enchanté - enchanted
empoisonné - poisoned


aimer - to love
haïr - to hate
tuer - to kill
bénir - to bless
maudire - to curse / to damn
jeter un sort - to cast a spell

…et ils vécurent heureux pour l’éternité.
…and they lived happily ever after.

For You

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Summary: You worry about the fate of Legolas after the battle.

Pairings: Legolas x Reader

Word Count: 929

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies (?)

Requested by: @localfatgirl; #39: “I just can’t stop thinking about you.” Sorry it took so long.

A/n: This is the hardest Drabble that I have ever wrote. It took me all day to write it because I grew up with two very different Legolases. The Lord of the Rings one and then The Hobbit one so it was difficult. Also how do people title this things. I have such a hard time. 


Master List Part 2 Part 3

The battle of the five armies was finally over, but your anxiety wasn’t. While every member of the Company was safe, you had not known the faith of the blonde elf.

You were quite taken with him when they had first captured you and the rest of the company. There was just something about his eyes that really drew you to him. His attitude however could use a little work.

It was obvious that you caught his eye as well. I mean, you were an elf travelling with dwarves and wearing dwarf clothes that was tailored to fit your size. That was pretty damn interesting.

After Thorin was separated from the rest of the group, Legolas, his name was something you found out later, came to speak to you about why you were journeying with dwarves. You had gone on to explain that you were raised by dwarves since you were an elfling and you had talked about your life up until Thorin was escorted back into your cell and you were escorted to talk to the King. You had not seen the prince since.

Actually, the last time you saw him, he was fighting Bolg, something that you, Kili and Fili had avoided by leaving the towers before you got a chance to check it out.

“Y/n!” you hear and you turn around to find Dwalin.

“Come on lass. We need to make our way down the hill,” he says, approaching you. You turn your attention back to the towers where you had last seen the prince. He had not exited yet and you were worried that he may never.

“Y/n?” Dwalin asks, laying a hand on your arm.

“Adad. I need to know what happened to the blonde elf,” you tell him, quietly. He removes his hand and you make your way to the tower. You step over the dead bodies and you move up the stairs.

You pull your bow and arrow as you hear footsteps coming down the stairs. You put your weapon down as you realize it’s the just king.

“My lady,” he says, nodding and walking past you.

“Where is Legolas?” you ask quietly, not turning to look at him. You hear him pause in his movements.

“He is safe. If you hurry, you might be able to catch him before he leaves,” he replies and you step forward.

“Y/n?” Thranduil asks quietly and that makes you pause in your steps. 

“Yes, my lord?” you ask. You were not raised by elves, but you knew when to give your respects even if he did lock you up in a prison cell.

“Take care of him, will you?” he asks and that surprises you. 

Was the King giving you permission to court his son?

“My lord?” you ask.

“Legolas needs someone to – care about and I think he had found that person in you so I ask that you take care of him. He is the only person I have left that is worth caring about,” he responds and you finally turn to look at him.

His back is towards you and it’s obvious that he’s very stiff.

“I promise I’ll take care of him,” you say and he nods slightly before walking away, but you call out to him making him pause.

“My lord, I think that your people care a lot about you and that if you let yourself, you’ll find that they are also worth caring about,” you tell him. He looks at you slightly before walking away.

You turn around and run up the stairs, praying to mahal that Legolas didn’t leave yet. When you get to the third level, you find him overlooking the frozen falls.

Legolas turns as he hears you. You smile at him and move to his side and it would’ve been an amazing view if there weren’t so many deaths. The amount of bodies that lay on the ground made you want to throw up, but you were not about to do that.

You turn away from the scene below and opt to face the inside of the tower.

“I had hoped that you would not be amongst those below,” Legolas says, crossing his arms.

“And I as well. I was worried when I didn’t see you walking out of the tower,” you tell him.

I just can’t stop thinking about you for some reason,” he tells you after a few moments of silence. You turn to face him.

“Honestly, I cannot get you out of my head either. I know I shouldn’t because of our differences in social status and living arrangement, but I just can’t. Not since I first saw you,” you tell him, “And I don’t know what to do about it.”

Legolas walks over to you and grabs your hand in his.

“I don’t want to separate from you,” he says and you rest your hand on his cheek.

“And I don’t want to separate from you either,” you tell him.

“Come with me,” he says and you look at him confused. “Come with me. Travel with me around middle earth,” he says again.

You think about everything that you have been through in your 141 years of life. You think about your dwarven family members, thinking about their reactions and you can’t help, but think it is time that you find who you truly are.

“Okay,” you tell him quietly. His blue eyes, that you love so much, lights up. “Really?” he asks uncertain. 

“Really,” you tell him, giving him a big smile. He returns it and pulls you into his arms for a kiss. You knew your father wasn’t going to be happy, but you also knew that he’d try, for you and that’s all you could ever ask for.

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When Legolas is a young elfling, Thranduil spends more time pulling him away from open flames than he ever thought possible.

Thranduil blames himself partially, considering that his son’s obsession with fire is his fault. Legolas has always wanted to be like his father, in looks and talent.

That includes his scars.

Thranduil hadn’t meant to show Legolas his scar. Unfortunately, the small child had walked into Thranduil’s bedroom unannounced, before he had time to cover it with his magic.

And ever since then, Legolas had been obsessed. He wanted one, wanted one to be just like his father.

He runs towards hot coals sometimes, chubby fingers reaching for the rocks until Thranduil grabs him. Sometimes he growls at lizards, thinking they're  dragons.

Even at festivals, Thranduil keeps an open eye for his son just to ensure he keeps away from open flames and roasting food.

The fireplace had to be the worst, and Thranduil nearly burned his hands rescuing Legolas.

Eventually, Thranduil paints a red blotch on Legolas’ face, and tells him that it’s sufficient enough for a scar.

The young elfling parades around the kingdom, positively beaming due to his “scar”.

If there’s any omitted words it’s because I’m trying this on my phone.

Winter bliss

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it sweetie!!!! Thank you so, so much for your patience!!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

The Elvenking feels lonely and needs some cuddles…. Any volunteers?

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“That’s really an amazing steed, my lord.”

It had all started with an innocent, truly innocent comment, just because you were really admiring the King’s Elk, the majestic animal that he rode out of the palace. Thranduil had simply smiled at you warmly and fondly.

“May I take you for a ride on it, then?” he had offered.

And so there you were, sitting on the large saddle, your King sitting behind you, his strong hands holding the reins to lead the meek but imposing Elk. The wood was quiet and silent, the only noises were the animal’s stride and breath and the clatter of the King’s sword at his side: he had taken his weapon with him, for no guards were escorting you. It was just you and Thranduil.

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Pretty Braids

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“Y/n,” Fili moans as you, once again, make a grab for his mustache braids.

You were an elfling at the mere age of five that Thorin had found on the journey to Erebor. A child that was all alone.

Although Thorin despised elves (a/n: it is actually canon that he does not hate them at all.), he could not leave you behind and so he had picked you up, but you gave him a hard time.

Always crying and talking back and pulling at his braids. He grew tired of carrying you and dealing with your incessant nagging so he handed you off to Fili and you instantly went quiet.

From then on, you were stuck with him and you continued to stick with him even though you were supposed to be living in Mirkwood and the mountain was reclaimed.

“Grabbing my braids actually hurt,” he says, putting you down so you could walk.

Your adoptive parents were elves from Mirkwood, but since you cried for Fili almost every night, they moved to Dale so you could be closer to him.

“But Fee has pretty braids,” you say, clutching his hand tightly.

“But fee needs those braids,” he argues back.

You look up at him confused. Your five-year-old brain could not understand why he needed braids or why any dwarf needed braids for that matter.

“Will Fee die without them?” You ask curiously and he laughs a bit.

“No I won’t die, but they hurt a lot when you pull them,” he explains again, wincing at all of the hair-pulling memories that seemed to pop up.

You bottom lip quivers and Fili quickly pulls you up into his arms.

“I’m sorry Fee,” you hiccup. He sighs. “That’s okay, y/n. You can pull on them whenever you want as long as it’s not too hard,” he says and you smile again.

“Lets go and bother Uncle Thorin. I’m pretty sure he needs a few good tugs on his braids,” he says, shifting you in his arms so that your arms are wrapped around his neck. You sigh in content, happy to be close to the one dwarf you loved the most.