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Imagine after a few of your first adventures with the Doctor, you can suddenly recall a childhood memory of a mysterious man telling you a story of how the stars got in the sky, just because you asked. And he told you that the stars were mighty enough to put themselves there, but that he protected the stars. He kept them there. He told you that it was his job to protect you, too. Because you were a star.

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wat was ur addiction

prescription painkillers. i became addicted after a minor surgery when i was twelve. this isn’t something i have ever openly talked about, but (and this may sound cheesy) after this season of graceland when mike became addicted as well, i was inspired and no longer as ashamed and i’ve been talking about it some with a few friends. but yeah, seeing mike deal with it and talk about it made me able to talk about it too, since i already related to his character a lot. and when he went through detox (i also did it cold turkey and without outside help) it was all very real and emotional for me

sorry this was way more than what you asked


Commissions are open again!

WELL GUYS, I’m going to Japan this December!! I’m SO EXCITED because its one of my dreams to be there and go to a Pokemon center and Tokyo Tower and A LOT OF PLACES I CANT TELL NOW MKJ,SHDFSD

Well the BIG problem is, USD is getting SO expensive, that I payed for my plane ticket and flat, and now im totally OUT of money -whops-

SO I will take commissions again!! I need to save at least $1000, so I will be taking commissions this three months as a crazy bitch. 

Money collected so far: $64! -I will be updating this-

Please feel free to send me your request to nobunaganoran@gmail.com!

I will not work with Backgrounds this time because of lol lack of time. You can choose my style or Level-5 Style!

 ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Thank you for reading! and also THANK YOU VERY MUCH IF YOU ASK A COMMISSION!! 

I just dont wanna die of starving in Tokyo

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“I love you more than I ever thought possible. Both of you.”

Pregnancy Starters

She smiled at him, feeling tears of joy begin to roll down her cheeks. She couldn’t help the overwhelming joy and pride she felt as a mother, as tired as she was from labor. She held the child close to her with a soft smile. This was their child and theirs alone.

“What shall we name you little one?”

Imagine meeting River Song at the Doctor’s surprise birthday party she threw him (it wasn’t his birthday, not even the date he picked because he forgot his real birthday). Imagine REALLY not liking her, because of her tendency to constantly bring up her marriage to him.

“You two are married? I never really took him for the marriage type.”
“Oh, I made him.”
“What do you do for fun? I mean, you are in prison.”
“Oh, the Doctor and I find ways.”
*In front of the Doctor*
“The Doctor is very… Administrative.”
“Oh for GODS SAKE-”

(Am I the only one who doesn’t ship the Doctor and River? 😅)