So let me be very clear: I don’t care if this gets undone next year, next month, next week. I know it’s clickbait disguised as storytelling. I am not angry because omg how dare you ruin Steve Rogers forever.

I am angry because how dare you use eleven million deaths as clickbait.

I am angry because Steve Rogers’s Jewish creators literally fought in a war against the organization Marvel has made him a part of to grab headlines.

I am angry because the very real pain of the Jewish community has been dismissed since this news leaked on Tuesday night as “Twitter outrage.”


How little must we matter. The people who created Captain America, and Superman, and countless other heroes like them. The people who need him. The people whose history and suffering and hope, as we stood on the brink of annihilation, gave you your weekly entertainment and your fun thought experiment, 75 years later.

I hope it was worth it, Marvel.

let’s be positive; 11x23

AND FOLKS, THAT IS HOW YOU WRITE A FINALE. Dabb, if this is an example of your leadership and writing skills, then we’re in great hands, in my opinion. Let’s get to it!

  • First off, can we touch on that first scene where Cas is back and Dean just touches him for a thousand years? He’s just so glad that Cas is safe and okay and I’m just yelling because TOUCHING. IT’S BEEN 84 YEARS.
  • Chuck is dying, that isn’t good, but no worries! They’re gonna collect the souls of ghosts! I enjoyed that they were able to sneak a little bit of MOTW into this finale with the hunting, and Dean’s impression of Rowena was great comic relief. 
  • Dean and Cas in the car was another wonderful thing about this episode. Shipping aside, their friendship is one of my favorite things about the show, and Dean telling Cas that if it were either of the boys they would’ve done the same thing was fab (because they would, and have before). Also CAS IS A WINCHESTER IT IS CONFIRMED WORLD. 
  • Random, but does anyone else find it too funny that when they first found the Bunker nobody could get in, and now anyone can just waltz in and be like “yo, wassup?” It wouldn’t be classic SPN without plot abysses though, lol. 
  • Crowley’s sass was A+ in this episode. That is all. 
  • Omg, when Rowena put the souls in Dean’s body and they all said their farewells, I was rolling around trying not to cry. First with Cas and ANOTHER GREAT DEANCAS INTERACTION WITH THE HUGGING AND CAS’S FACE GOODNESS. AND THEN SAM AND DEAN’S GOODBYE AND SAM’S HUG WAS TOO MUCH I CANNOT. 
  • Also Dean likes chick flick movies CONFIRMED AND GOODBYE. 
  • Amara and Dean in the garden was wonderful, because of course Amara would realize right off the bat that Dean’s powered up on the souls that she usually consumes. That was the one part I didn’t really understand, because they wouldn’t get the element of surprise on their side, but regardless, it was wonderful. Dean’s talk about family, how he needs Sam and Sam needs him was AGAIN, UGH. AMAZING. DABB, I’M ALREADY CRYING I CANNOT. And the fact that instead of destroying the world they saved it was wonderful, and a good callback to Swan Song and Sam saving the world. All season Dean thought that he couldn’t be the one to fix things, but in the end only Dean was able to get Amara and Chuck to just work together and connect. 
  • We can’t forget about Lady Toni! The way fandom already hates her (because you can not shoot Sam and get away with it!) makes me think that she could be the new Metatron of fandom. Anyway, I think this whole MOL from England storyline will be interesting, because we’ve never explored hunter vs. hunter in the show, not really anyway. Instead of the “big bad” being a monster, what happens when the big bad is another band of hunters who want the Winchesters out of the picture for good?
  • If you’re not already emotional at this point, ENTER AMARA’S GIFT TO DEAN: MARY WINCHESTER. Is she alive? Is she a ghost? We don’t know, but I cannot wait to find out!

Guys, this is really a great finale. It wasn’t like any of the other finales, and I think that shows the talent of Dabb as a screenwriter, actually. I can’t wait to see where this goes next season, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep up with these recaps come s12, because I love doing them. Thanks for reading, and talk to me about the finale! Liked it? I wanna talk! My IM is open to everyone, and my askbox is open to non anonymous users. It’s been fun guys, and happy hiatus to you all!

I’m sure this is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but I think Sam Winchester just saved the world. Don’t get me wrong, I know it was Dean who talked to Amara about Chuck and ultimately that talk is what made her change her mind about the world but if it wasn’t for Sam’s gung-ho attitude at the beginning to do something, and not sit back and wait, they would have done nothing and watched the world die along with God.

Eleven: Favorite Things

Hinata starts writing poems to Kageyama and slipping them into his bag. Before they know it, it’s a weekly event, and the poems run along every rise and fall in their relationship as teammates, as friends, as…more. All poems here!

Wood texture © hatch1921

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Scribble-Doodle: Little Archer Boy

“Mr Warlock, sir? Mr Warlock, could you wake up now, please? I really need to go home. Mr Warlock?”

Magnus groans. His head’s pounding and that voice - a child’s voice - is terribly persistent. He opens one eye only to realize that he’s lying on the ground in a dirty alley - and a boy of maybe eleven years is kneeling over him and shaking his shoulder gently. He’s dressed all in black - and there’s a rune on his small hand. A Shadowhunter child!

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Getting back together

@the-queen-approves YOU DIDN´T STOP ME

When was the last time she had seen her wife? Around eleven years ago? Neither less Cruella had dreaded the day she had to see Mal again. Their divorce wasn´t that planned when it went through and then she moved to London with Flora, starting up her fashion imperium once again. When the news came from Flora she had almost passed out but she had composed herself and continued her work day as usual. Now the day had come. Maleficent would step into her office with Flora and she didn´t really know how she would handle it. Cruella tossed another usless sketch on the floor and looked to the door when it opened. “Dahling…” She breathed out when she saw what clearly was her wife.