*elena gilbert

She’s a myth, she’s a legend she’s the greatest Bitch, you got it right, it’s KATHERINE the queen PIERCE


infinite list of favorite characters elena gilbert (the vampire diaries)

The night that my parents died, I blew off family night so that I could go to some party. I ended up getting stranded, and they had to come pick me up. That’s why we ended up in the car at Wickery Bridge, and that’s why they died. Our actions are what set things in motion, but we have to live with that.

If Delena aren’t endgame after 6 seasons of build up and 2 in which Ian stated “she never really left” and that “she’s still the light in Damons life” then I will go on a rampage.

To not make Delena endgame would be so unfair to them as a couple people have literally waited two years for this moment I WANT THIS ENDGAME

I’ve seen a lot of people wanting Bamon to be endgame. I don’t think they will, because of Delena and Benzo. But. Can you imagine if the writters would actually pull something like that in the last episode? They would have nothing to lose bc last season last episode. I wouldn’t be angry about that kind of ending, it actually would be funny for me.