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BEST DRAMA: Poldark (głosuj!)

BEST ACTOR: Other: Aidan Turner (wpisz i głosuj!)

BEST ACTRESS: Eleanor Tomlinson (głosuj!)

BEST NEWCOMER: Gabriella Wilde (głosuj!)

TV STAR OF 2016: Aidan Turner (głosuj!)

Congratulations DALLAS! Your application for ELEANOR BROWN with a face claim change to CARA DELEVINGNE has been accepted! Your application was absolutely amazing, and we just can’t wait to have Eleanor back in the group! You know what to do, but take a look at our ACCEPTANCE CHECKLIST for what to do next. WELCOME BACK TO ITINERARIUM MARAUDENTIUM!


Amycus sighed with little amusement as he wandered through the doorway of Twilfitt & Tatting’s. His mother had insisted he visit the tailor for weeks, and certainly there was no better place than Twilfitt in London.

Truth be told, whatever excuse he could find to escape the manor was enough reason for him. It just so happened that he had put visiting the seamstress off so long that it became imperative.

Amycus meandered to the front desk, leaning against the surface with a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Yes, Amycus Carrow. I’ve the afternoon booked.” He cleared his throat quietly.

anonymous asked:

Wait Cris I'm confused with something. The reblog saying that groupies don't all believe the same or something. Your tags said something with Louis being faithful? So do you mean people don't believe that? Or maybe I'm just confused in general. Are the groupies like the antis? Sorry. I feel dumb for asking this. Like that it shouldn't be that hard of a question.

No, the groupies are actual band groupies that have slept with band members. They have their own little club, so to speak.

And among that group there are no believable stories about anyone having been with Harry or Louis. The groupies don’t think Harry or Louis are gay though, they think Harry only likes VS models and that Louis was 100% faithful to Eleanor, and now, I assume, to Danielle. 

Of course, I believe that Louis and Harry are 100% faithful to one another, I was just commenting on what story the groupies use to explain why there are no viable groupie encounters about those two.

Sleeping Over || Elounor

Eleanor quickly packed a couple things for the night and quickly headed over to Louis’ house. Once upon a time she’d had so many things at Louis’ house that she didn’t need to bring anything over when she decided she was going to spend the night, but since they’d just gotten together the day before, Eleanor had to bring some things over. She’d already made sure she could borrow some clothes from Louis for pajamas, so she just packed a couple clothing items for the next day, instead of packing pajamas as well. After grabbing her toothbrush and her purse, Eleanor quickly headed over there.

Once Eleanor arrived at his house, she didn’t bother knocking, just opening the door and slipping her shoes off. “Babe?” She calls with a soft grin on her face, excited at the prospect of even seeing him. It was like they were in a serious relationship again, but then at the same time it was like they were still in the honeymoon phase. Eleanor goes to the living room, finding Louis sitting on the couch, and she grins, immediately plopping down on his lap. “Hi darling!” 

Tenere la mano di Eleanor era come tenere una farfalla.
O un cuore pulsante. Come tenere qualcosa di compiuto e di compiutamente vivo.
Appena la toccò si chiese come fosse riuscito a resistere tanto senza farlo. Le sfregò il pollice su tutto il palmo, lungo le dita, attento a ogni suo respiro.
—  Rainbow Rowell