Powinieneś, kurwa, klęczeć przed nią jak ostatni żebrak. Obsypywać ją wszystkim, co najlepsze i gdyby chciała to zapierdalać po tą gwiazdkę z nieba, zabrać ją na wycieczkę do Eldorado i zrobić wszystko, żeby poczuła się jak księżniczka. Powinieneś płakać za każdym razem, kiedy ona jest nieszczęśliwa, wyć powinieneś. Masz być dla niej ideałem, rozumiesz? Masz być tym jebanym księciem na białym koniu, bo choć byłeś skurwysynem, to ona nadal patrzy na Ciebie z tą samą miłością w oczach i nadal w Ciebie wierzy, nawet jeśli wszyscy inni zwątpili. Nosi tyle ran przez Twoją głupotę, a nadal ma i będzie miała wyciągnięte ręce, gdybyś potrzebował pomocy, zawsze jest dla Ciebie i nigdy się nie odwróciła, ani nie odwróci. Ta dziewczyna jest Twoim cudem i choć tak kurewsko ją zniszczyłeś, to nikt nie kocha Cię tak perfekcyjnie jak ona. Doceń to. To jest twoja szansa, żeby wszystko naprawić.

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Old Tradition feat. D.O.

Lol so I wrote this today on my balcony. It’s pretty much experience, minus the interesting parts where there’s a goodlooking author sitting across the way. The Safeway sign was keeping me company ahaha I hope you guys like it!

Today, you decide to write out on your balcony. As a fanfiction author, you learned that you would have the same struggles that any regular writer would, including writer’s block. Today, for some reason, writing in the comfort of your room isn’t working, so you leave your bed and your wonderful blanket hoping that a change in scenery will have the ideas flying your way. You head out the door and open your lawn chair.

Once you’re comfortable you look out past the railing and long for something more. Who wants to have a balcony with no view? Well, there is a view but it’s of somebody else’s house. You usually don’t mind but today, the resident who lived in the apartment directly across from you is outside as well. You find it kind of awkward that when you look up, you could easily make eye contact with the man through the gaps in the black barrier. You figure that it would be weird to get up now and go back inside, and you really were desperate to finish this story so you just sucked it up and got to thinking.

You sit for a few minutes, running different scenarios through your mind. At some point, you zone out, losing track of time. A voice brings you out of your thoughts. You sit up quickly, looking around to see where it came from. You lock eyes with the man who is sitting right across from you and he smiles.

“Writer’s block?” he asks with a chuckle. You laugh, still trying to overcome the embarrassment. When you zone out, you make weird faces so you hope that he hadn’t seen too much.

“Yeah. How did you know I was writing?” you ask in reply. You wonder if he had been looking at you long enough to know you were stumped.

“Well, you have a laptop out. And you weren’t typing. You look like you were thinking and I don’t really think that typing in a website or typing an email would require much thought so you must be writing.” After his long answer, you realize that you both are almost yelling across the apartment buildings and must be disturbing the neighbors. The man’s voice brings you out of your thoughts again.

“My name is Kyungsoo. Do Kyungsoo. What’s yours?” he yells slightly quieter this time as if he read your mind.

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anonymous asked:

what brand of eyeliner is your red?? o: i've been looking for red and can't seem to find it anywhere!

its actually pinkish, i had a hard time finding red too :^(

but its woodstock @ urban decay!! they are on sale >:3c

pumpkinparty replied to your post: anonymous asked:what brand of eye…

someone i follow posted a pic of this eyeliner and said they thought it was great! i havent tried it but it looks really red and pigmented but its the pot kind so if you’re interested its here: inglotusa.com/amc-eye…

pumpkinparty said:

oh i forgot to say in that reply that the particular red that they wore was number 79 lol

oh my friend sent me this one before but i lost the link, thank you!!

Up Against the Wall feat. Suho

LOL so this came out of nowhere. I saw a prompt on loverlylittleimagines and wrote it really fast because I thought it was hilarious when Suho said he was a Buddhist on Exciting India lol Hope you like it! Suho needs more love

You remember meeting him over winter break. You had come home for the four weeks and somehow ran into him in the mall while doing your Christmas shopping. Some lady was giving him a hard time about a return. He just wanted to get his money back and she was spouting some BS about how he needed to be a member to return the item. Luckily, you happened to be a member of the store so you went to intervene. You told him to give you the item and asked the lady if you could return the item. She said you could. *rolling eyes*

Well, he waited for you while you got the money back somewhere close by. The lady had the nerve to mention something about his accent and you just had to tell her off. You may have said a few words that you shouldn’t have but you didn’t care. How dare she?! The man, whose name you learned was Joonmyun, saw your “courageous” display and insisted that he had to treat you to lunch in the food court. He had felt somewhat embarrassed that he was buying you a meal from a food court when you deserved so much more. He had asked you on a “real date” after that.

By the end of the night, you had somehow ended up making out with him in the backseat of his car. You didn’t take Joonmyun for a guy who would do something like that, for a rebel, as they called it, but he proved you wrong. You didn’t even take yourself for a rebel. That was your first kiss but you had always been known as the pervert among your friends. At that time you were almost 22, it’s not like you hadn’t thought about it. However, even if you were a “perv,” you were still inexperienced as the day is long. You were afraid and you had been known to run away from your problems. Joonmyun was older and you were afraid of being taken advantage of. Despite this, you went to meet him for the date. It was your birthday and he had made it even better with his luxurious gifts and fancy restaurant choice. You had a great time. You even found out that he lived nearby you. But all that enjoyment was entirely negated the next day when you saw him with some girl in the neighborhood. You were devastated. You figured she was his girlfriend, skinny, tall and Korean. She was perfect for him in your mind because she was everything you were not. You created an entire scenario in which he was using you but he really only wanted to date his own race. You went back to school without ever contacting him again.

Now, as you walk around with your younger sister at the annual Easter Egg Hunt, you see him mowing the lawn, shirtless. Of course. You laughed to yourself in amazement that he was still pale as ever. Though you wanted to laugh at him, you couldn’t help but miss whatever it was that you guys had. You didn’t really know what it was. You’d never been in a relationship. You’d never really even been in a friendship with a guy so you had no idea. You hear the sound of the lawn mower stop and come to your senses. You look up and he’s staring straight at you. You panic and quickly drag your sister into the crowd and hope that you were not noticed even though you know you had been. You grab deviled egg off the potluck table and chew quickly while turning away from Joonmyun’s house. You move down the table and grab a peep to eat next. You wince at the taste because eating something with mustard on it then eating something sweet is not the right combination. You’re still grimacing when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You are still focusing on the gross taste in your mouth so you completely forget about Joonmyun so when you turn around, you’re completely shocked to see him and immediately have the urge to run away again. He’s wearing a shirt at least so really you should be thankful.

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1960 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Beautiful weather, excellent location and amazing cars &amp; boats made the 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2015 a great day for the participants and spectators. The organizers, volunteers and participants deserve a standing ovation. <a href=“https://flic.kr/s/aHsjFJjmhF” rel=“nofollow”>Pictures of 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2013</a> <a href=“https://flic.kr/s/aHsjYHbHzH” rel=“nofollow”>Pictures of 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2014</a> <a href=“https://www.flickr.com/photos/greggjerdingen/collections/72157631550277505/”>Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.</a>