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Describe a daedric prince really shittily and others try to guess who it is

(Edit: This is like the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post thank you and I’m still trying to figure out who big leg could possibly be

Also I am totally replying, but with my primary account so it doesn’t look like it (I get huge anxiety that people are gonna judge me for ignoring notes or whatever haha thanks mental illness my fren))

  • me: *playing ESO*
  • mom: why do you like to pretend like you are having an adventure? Go have one yourself!
  • me: ...yes well just let me become a dark elf nightblade and fight for the good of the bigger purpose instead of being a slave to soul crushing capitalism keeping us as unpaid laborers, our only reward to remain alive in this frightening world, yet we're so blinded we cannot see it even if it is in front of us
  • mom: when was the last time you did a push up?