I always think with the whole ‘soul tattoo’ thing that Stiles would have one word like ‘Move’ and Derek would have a whole PARAGRAPH of babbling that it took him months to memorize. Because it’s hard to learn, ‘Oh my god so sorry I didn’t even realise I was in the way ok, moving now, oops, ok that was not balanced right I swear stores set stuff like that up to trap me, but that is kind of a dick move, just saying because you can see i’m encumbered, like overencumbered? If I was in elderscrolls right now I’d be at the bottom of a lake yanking off my armour and you’ve got like one avacado in a bag and who just buys one avacado anyway, you gonna make a tablespoon of guac?? That’s just sad.” off by heart. (especially when it’s written all over your back like a monkey with a Sharpie attacked you).

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elderscrolls au?

He’s a dwemer automaton designed to mine, acquire, and collect all manner of gold, silver, and gems. He’s mute, and regularly murders adventurers who try to plunder his tombs. 

He is NOT nice. 

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1) Why did you choose your url?

This is a RP-ish blog so I figured that it would be easier for people to find me.

2) What is your middle name?


3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Alduin from elder scrolls.

4) Favorite color?


5) Favorite song?

Any song in this beautiful place:  https://www.spotify.com/us/

6) Top 5 fandoms?

Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls, http://www.twitch.tv/, Warcraft & Assassin’s Creed

7) Why do you enjoy tumblr?

I love the RP community and all the interesting people here.

8) Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes baes (They do the 8 questions too):

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This is something I made in my Jewellery class, and probably one of the art things I’ve made that I actually love. I wear this almost every day.

This is from Morrowind, with the Imperial dragon on the front and the Nerevarine star on the back, with my character’s “code” name in Daedric on the back.

This necklace means the world to me, it reminds me of my favorite game world, what I’m capable of, and what I strive to be.


cloudruler and owligator‘s love of the Elderscrolls made me crave it, but my Skyrim is down for maintenance. I’ve finished oblivion about 3 times and am severely disappointed with TES:O, so decided to attempt to play Morrowind.

This is basically my first time playing Morrowind, and I went with a middle aged Dunmer lady. She’s a smooth talker, uses a spear and heavy armour, and is struggling with conjuration.

I’m finding the lack of quest markers difficult, but I’ve found a crutch for now. I’m making notes on paper and using a mod that elaborates the directions a bit more, It feels very 90′s. I need to get used to having to manually quick save, because auto-saves are far and few.

Overall, I’m really enjoying myself.

(Also, I need to figure out how to get rid of that hand-to-hand skill. I figured that finding a spear would be harder, but apparently not. Also I think I’d like to swap out security for Alchemy, but I’ll deal.)