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Initially I was a bit bummed when I picked the vampire hunters cause I thought I wouldnt have Serana as an ally,but I really didnt want to become a vampire.Apparently I was wrong about the Serana thing and today I found out she is In the team.Now Im happy about my choice 100% .
However Gunmar and Sorine did make me get comfy with my choice at the beggining,so Serana is a plus XD

Azura, Lady of Twilight

“Azura is the Anticipation of Sotha Sil, but female to his male. Azura was the ancestor who taught the Chimer how to be different from the Altmer. Her teachings are sometimes attributed to Boethiah. In the stories, Azura is often encountered more as a communal progenitor of the race as a whole rather than as an individual ancestor. She is associated with Dusk and Dawn, and is sometimes called the Mother Soul. Azura’s Star, also called the Twilight Star, appears briefly at dawn and dusk low on the horizon below the constellation of the Steed. Azura is associated with mystery and magic, fate and prophecy.”

( Source:http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Azura)

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Favorite Anime/Manga: Durarara, One Piece, Kuroshitsuji, No.6 , Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note, Ao no Exorcist, Hellsing and so much more, like.. I can’t list all of my favs!

Favorite Video Games: Undertale, Fire emblem (7,9,10) The Legend of Zelda (Kinda every game tho ) , Skyrim (The Elderscrolls in general) And again, way more..

Favorite Books: A Different Kingdom - Paul kearney , The Shadowhunter Chronicles, Eragon, Starters and Enders and a few more…

Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, Merlin, Sherlock, Doctor Who, M.D House, Lucifer, Elementary and and and

Last Song I Listened To: I can’t decide - Scissor Sisters

First Language: German

Hey my name is Ben and I’m from Ireland! 🇮🇪☘ I’m 17.

I’m looking for friends and possibly a relationship if I feel REALLY close to you and you live relatively close to me.

I am only looking for girls.

I have very controversial political views that would be considered unpopular depending on who you ask, so prepare yourself.

My main hobbies are:
Gaming (I am in love with Bethesda games and the elderscrolls is my favourite!)
Reading, my favourite book is the hobbit
Binge watching Netflix and YouTube! My favourite youtube’s are the creatures, jev, and leafyishere.

My favourite tv shows are sons of anarchy and game of thrones!

I am literally obsessed with batman! (Nerdy I know)

I also have a VERY dark sense of humour.

I don’t have any specific taste in music, I just listen to music I feel I can relate to.

I would like someone aged 15+. I want someone who can reply fast and who won’t just stop talking after a couple of days or whatever. I will ask you to show me your face for reasons I’d rather keep to myself for now. I am also really big into skyping so you must be willing to do that too. So if you aren’t willing to do those things then DO NOT contact me. There is also no such thing as TMI with me, I am a REALLY open person so prepare yourself for details. I’d also like to do snail mail if we get really close and I feel like I can trust you.

I’d like someone from Ireland, the U.K, or mainland Europe. Please do not contact me if you are outside of there. No exceptions. I cannot emphasise that enough.

I speak English and Irish. So good English is necessary.

So if your interested I’d love to hear from you!

My sc is: bencahill69
My email is: bencahill18@gmail.com