Nana’s Outfitshop 0.2
Raise a mug, cause Nana’s Outfitshop has a brand new update with new outfits and some minor fixes!!

The goal of this workshop is to integrate as many possible vanilla themed armors into the game, as if they were a part of the game all along. If you’re like me, that loves good looking stuff and fashionable shit, but don’t want to break the game aesthetic, then you have come to the right place, homie. Yall can’t fight crime if ya aint cute.

This mod is still basically in its early stage, and with time will get more content!
AND IT IS FOR THE CNHF BARBARIAN BODY! But you’re save if you use any body mod that shares the UNP UV mapping

    - Added new armors, the Wander Witch collection.
    - The wander witch armors comes along with a hood that has a wig that will change to the players hair color (won’t work on followers)! There’s also a hood without the wig.
    - All items have now correct inventory models.
    - Fixed the kneesock issue, no longer will it unequip itself after loading a save file.


They’re all craftable through smithing! Or use the console commands lol.


Mountain Explorer - Craft at forge: Hide - Max weight only
Ash Renegade - Craft at forge: Hide - Max Weight only
All Wander Witch armors - Craft at Tanning rack: Hide - Max Weight only


Dragonborn DLC


Install it either manually or with NMM. Choice is yours.


stealthic & kalilies for the wig
brokefoot for the mage pants mesh
sydneyb for that wig color trick

This is mod will get new armors & updates with time and in the near future. What to expect in the upcoming updates? Weight slider support, bug fixes and more armors! Theme(faction ect) suggestions for armors are welcome, so don’t hesitate to contact me about it. But please refrain from asking pesky question such as ‘will you convert this to — body mod??’ cause the answer will be 12ever NEIN.


captaindumac asked:

Skaila for number 24

Thank you! :D This was a rather challenging palette, actually. I ended up painting several layers with low opacity (and blending a lot), but I rather like the result. 

100 palette challenge

Glittering gathering:

From L to R : Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of H, spouse Grand Duchess Victoria Melita, Crownprincess Marie of Romania, Prince Afred, Duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (the elder), Princess Marie, Duchess of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Princess Mary, duchess of York and Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria of Prussia , all together at the  Wedding of Princess Alexandra of Edinburg with Prince Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. 1896