9/28/16 - 6:45 PM

Protests have erupted in El Cajon, CA after the police murdered Alfred Olango on Tuesday. According to early reports, Olango’s sister called 911 for help because he had been suffering seizures. Instead of administering medical assistance, the police shot and killed Alfred Olango within one minute of arriving on the scene. Other reports said Olango was seen by drivers wandering aimlessly through traffic. None have said he was violent or threatening to anyone. He needed medical attention. Witnesses said that Olango had his hands up and that their cell phones were confiscated after he was shot. 

In anticipation for the protests, excessive amounts of riot police have been deployed on the streets of El Cajon. 


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dazaosa  asked:

Will there be a stream tonight since you finished the firebender pic? Just wondering so I know if i have to be ready for stream by a certain time. Thanks ele! Don't push it if you need rest.

No stream tonight sorry! I actually am going to go play laser tag with my coworkers then go home and crash cause I’m exhausted. I’ll be streaming tomorrow night though, some klance:)

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