Juan Gabriel was-and will always be-much more than a Mexican singer to me. He was born with a talent like no other, no one can replace such an icon like El Maestro. He truly changed an era of pop culture in Mexico and Latin America. Not only did he stun and and shock with his extravagant costumes, performances, and lyrics, he shook a nation. Coming from a country where queer representation is repressed and machismo spurts from every corner, his presence changed the meaning of being a true Mexican into a more diverse definition. He was considered one of the 3 Idols of Mexico. He was an inspiration for thousands of singers, songwriters, poets. His lyrics will always be etched in the back of our minds, and will forever hold a spot in our grand hearts. D.E.P Juanga 


Harley sends this to Diablo with the caption, “Do you know him?”