Brian Epstein with George during the Paperback Writer/Rain” filming 19 May 1966 EMI Studios Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

“George too has his moods though I cannot recall any particular row. I don’t enjoy arguments, nor do the Beatles so we avoid anything too contentious. George is remarkably easy to be with. He, like the others, has expanded as a person and though collectively—on first sight—they appear to behave alike, they have specific characteristics.

And George is the business Beatle. He is curious about money and wants to know how much is coming in and how and what best to do with it to make it work. He would like to invest. He is generous but shrewd. He enjoys spending but would always remain in credit. He likes cars, big and fast, but would be careful to secure a good trade-in price for his old one.

Strangers find him an easy conversationalist because he is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in the outside world. He wants to know and I find this an endearing trait in a young man who is so successful and so rich that if he never learned anything new he would not suffer any loss. And in addition to all these characteristics, he is, though not one of the prolific composers, very musicianly. “ - Brian Epstein on George - 1964

Remembering Brian Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) RIP to the man who gave us the Beatles!


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Suicide Squad Trailer Spoof by Evil Iguana Productions


New video on our new channel!

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The bad news: I have spent two days trying to figure out why twitch no longer lets me stream and came up with no results and no solutions. Nothing but headaches and stress.

The good news: I tried setting up livestreaming on YouTube and it works like a charm. Test stream went great and thanks to that, I won’t have to give up livestreaming. I’m really relieved and really happy.

I will be doing my first official livestream on YouTube tonight at 8PM. :) It even has a nifty countdown feature and stream scheduling!

AND it still has the chat pop-out feature, so I can continue to interact with the audience. <3

Unfortunately, I have no sure-fire way to let the 489 people who follow me on twitch know about this, but I suppose starting from the ground and building up again will be an experience.


Ultimate ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Evil Iguana Productions


I did more things today. Sent an e-mail I should have sent a week ago (oops). Got a video up on YouTube, and I’m going to try my best to get one up every other day in attempt to catch up to the current date of twitch streams and stuff.

I’m gathering my old list of games I want to LP and going through what I want to tackle next to start getting some fresh content up there. I’m particularly leaning toward that SIMS 3 Let’s Play I wanted to do, since I have a bunch of characters made for it. Not sure if my comp can handle the recordings, but I’m going to try to work through it. I’m serious about LPing and serious about my channel and I can’t use mood and discouragements as an excuse to hold myself back. I especially need to do it now that I can’t color drawings anymore. I want to keep busy and be productive.

I’ve been posting little Soriel shipping positives, which is a nice little uplifting exercise. And I think the fandom needs it, too. Plus it’s Undertale’s 1 year anniversary tomorrow! Wow! I was a few weeks late into the game after its release, but I remember blind LPing it and how much of a grand experience it was.

Fakiru Week is coming up fast, too, which I’m also excited about! There’s lots of current and upcoming things to be happy and positive about, so I’m going to do my best.

I hope you do in your endeavors, too. You’re all wonderful, beautiful people, and I wish you the very best.

anonymous asked:

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Κάτι τέτοιοι ενθικισμοί θα μας φάνε. Χώρισέ τον τον μαλάκα να ηρεμήσει το κεφαλι σου, κοπέλα μου.

Late Night EIP

You know, I’ve been thinking lately about how I’m very disappointed in my lack of art growth over recent years, in terms of skill and such. It often even feels like I’m going backwards sometimes. And it’s gotten especially heavy on my conscience this year.

But when I stop to think about it, as someone who has been fighting with Carpal Tunnel for as many years as I have and still struggling to draw anyway, I should be happy being able to turn out anything at all. I should be proud of what I can accomplish under that stress and restriction.

At some point, I just have to step back, take a breath, and accept that my hands/wrists are never going to be the same. That’s a fact. Yet that doesn’t hinder the emotion, heart, feeling, and expression in general that I work to get through my art. That’s something that’s a part of me and a part of my art, regardless of what my hands are capable of doing.

And that’s what I’m going to strive to focus on the most. I’ll still work on improving where I can, but I don’t need to compare myself to others as much as I do, be it their ability or their growth. That’s only going to hold me back from doing what I love to the best of my ability. Despite the hurdles to overcome, I’m doing what I can with these hands and this brain.

And they still have a lot more to give.


To be honest, I’ve kind of fallen apart again the last couple days and felt extremely sullen and lonely, but I’m holding it together.

There’s a lot of things I’ve fallen behind on severely, like YouTube stuff, RPing, writing/drawing, etc. Tomorrow, I’m going to try to put myself on track. At the very least, I’ve gotten a lot done for my OC blog and I can be proud of that, if nothing else.

The sun did finally come out today after a week of gloominess, so maybe that’s a good sign? I’m trying to take it as one, anyway.

I’m also done binging on anime for now, I think. I watched Inu x Boku SS, ReLIFE, and Nijiiro Days and I enjoyed all three. I also tried to watch Norn9 but gave up half-way through because I just couldn’t get into it.

Back to work tomorrow, but I’m going to make sure that I get a good sleep beforehand tonight.

New YouTube channel for Evil Iguana Productions!

FRIENDS! We have an announcement!
EIP officially has a new YouTube channel!

-Loads of reasons. We won’t bore you with all of them, but it’s mainly because of the formation of EIP as an actual production company combined with our plans to move forward with bigger projects.

“What will happen to your old videos?”
-Nothing! They’re still hovering over our heads in the interwebs. We even added the playlists to the new channel, so you can watch them there too! Feel free to watch them again and again.

“Should we subscribe to the new channel?”
-We would be tickled pink if you subscribed to the new channel! All of our future videos will be posted there, so subscribing is the best way to stay up to date with our dumb crap.

“Is the name changing?”
-Hell no! We’re still Evil Iguana Productions.

“Why should we check it out right now?”
-Because we just posted our new video “SEX ED” and we think you’ll love it!

“What should I have for lunch?”
-Pizza. Always pizza.

Check it out and subscribe!


Although I had a pretty rough start to my week, I’ve been staying in good spirits. Keeping the positivity flowing, which is good for my everyday mood and outlook.

Been getting even more drawing/responses done for my Ask blog and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to keep up with it. I’m even staying ahead of things with multiple answers ready. And if things don’t always turn out just the way I want or envisioned a lot of the time, that’s okay. Progress is progress and I’m having a great time with it. That’s what matters in the end, right?

Still keeping up my exercising with DDR. The leg stiffness gets a little annoying, but I read up on it and the causes and I’m going to try stretching a bit before I start from now on. I hope that’ll help!

Fakiru Week starts this weekend! I need to get my butt on that Tutu train, that’s for sure. But it’s going to be another great year for Fakiru Week. I can feel it!

Also, one more day of work before my weekend! Hurrah! And tomorrow night, I’ll get to try streaming MK8 on YouTube for the first time. :)


FINALLY buckled down today and got caught up with some stuff. I’m glad I finally put my mind and efforts to it. I feel like that’s a weight of guilt off of my shoulders, having put a lot of it off for awhile. Not completely caught up with everything yet, but progress is still progress.

I got more Ask stuff done for my Ragnarok Online OC blog again tonight, too. I’m glad it’s coming along and that I’ve been inspired. I know it’s not what most people want to see and I still occasionally get an anon complaint about it or lose followers, but I’m at the point now where I’m definitely doing this for me and making myself happy. That even a few other people are enjoying it too is super-sweet icing on the cake.

Aside from that, I’ve kept up my exercising with DDR for almost two months now, I think. My legs are still feeling very stiff afterward, but I’m enjoying the work-out and being careful not to overdo it.

Now I’m gonna treat myself to some giant pocky and orange juice. :)

Tomorrow, I’m definitely gonna get something up on the YouTube channel. And then I’m gonna try to shoot for getting the videos up more often.