Brian Epstein with George during the Paperback Writer/Rain” filming 19 May 1966 EMI Studios Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

“George too has his moods though I cannot recall any particular row. I don’t enjoy arguments, nor do the Beatles so we avoid anything too contentious. George is remarkably easy to be with. He, like the others, has expanded as a person and though collectively—on first sight—they appear to behave alike, they have specific characteristics.

And George is the business Beatle. He is curious about money and wants to know how much is coming in and how and what best to do with it to make it work. He would like to invest. He is generous but shrewd. He enjoys spending but would always remain in credit. He likes cars, big and fast, but would be careful to secure a good trade-in price for his old one.

Strangers find him an easy conversationalist because he is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in the outside world. He wants to know and I find this an endearing trait in a young man who is so successful and so rich that if he never learned anything new he would not suffer any loss. And in addition to all these characteristics, he is, though not one of the prolific composers, very musicianly. “ - Brian Epstein on George - 1964

Remembering Brian Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) RIP to the man who gave us the Beatles!


And here it is… VIGILANT!


I had a great time today sending messages to people I know. I’m usually so wishy-washy about approaching other people, but I just went for it today and said a lot of things I always wanted to say. It felt really great and just knowing that I made anyone’s day a little brighter made mine ultimately brighter, as well. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to everyone, as much as I wanted to. I would have been stuck here for days trying to message you all with everything you deserve to hear. And as it is, tumblr froze my Asks twice after I sent 10 each time, so I had to wait out an hour each time before i could send more, and they started putting a robot checker (picking pictures?), so it started getting a little more tedious. You guys are worth it, though. Thanks for being awesome and to everyone I didn’t get to today: You’re great and I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of awesome!

EIP part 2: Tried on my dress/outfit for the wedding next weekend! Pics below.

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There was a blip at work this morning with them not having the needed materials for what was on my list to do and it was really stressful, but I squeezed by and made sure the management knew what they needed to remember for next time. Crisis averted! (I hope.)

I was 95% packed by 2:00PM today. I’ve been on the ball and just being way more organized than I thought I could be. Hahahaha. And I managed to fit what I needed to into the smallest luggage piece! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Also got to temporarily put Sims 3 on my dad’s macbook, so maybe I won’t be bored to tears in these huge layovers when my 3DS runs out of charge. Super plus!

Nearly shed a tear leaving my baby boy Dante at his little foster care house, but I know he’s in good hands there and he has all of favorite things, lots of doggie treats to share with the doggy gals he’ll be staying with, and his blankie. (I swear, I almost feel like a mother leaving her son at a friend’s place for a few weeks, lol.) BUT they told us that they can arrange for us to be sent pictures of Dante and even Skype calls to talk to him and see how he’s doing! That’s going to ease my mind SO much. (I worry too much about my darling boy.)

I’m in good spirits, overall. A bit anxious (…Okay, more than a bit, but still!), but that’s pretty normal for me before doing something big. I’m going to miss all you guys, but I really wish you the best and I hope to come back with lots of pictures (especially of the happy newlyweds!).

You’re beautiful and wonderful. Every last one of you. Stay awesome, be yourselves, and live your life to the fullest. See you soon. Much love. <333