Brian Epstein with George during the Paperback Writer/Rain” filming 19 May 1966 EMI Studios Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

“George too has his moods though I cannot recall any particular row. I don’t enjoy arguments, nor do the Beatles so we avoid anything too contentious. George is remarkably easy to be with. He, like the others, has expanded as a person and though collectively—on first sight—they appear to behave alike, they have specific characteristics.

And George is the business Beatle. He is curious about money and wants to know how much is coming in and how and what best to do with it to make it work. He would like to invest. He is generous but shrewd. He enjoys spending but would always remain in credit. He likes cars, big and fast, but would be careful to secure a good trade-in price for his old one.

Strangers find him an easy conversationalist because he is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in the outside world. He wants to know and I find this an endearing trait in a young man who is so successful and so rich that if he never learned anything new he would not suffer any loss. And in addition to all these characteristics, he is, though not one of the prolific composers, very musicianly. “ - Brian Epstein on George - 1964

Remembering Brian Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) RIP to the man who gave us the Beatles!


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800 Followers?! Contest Time

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you so very much. It means a lot tho me that you’ve chosen to follow me in particular!

In fact I’m so thankful, I’m going to be doing a follower contest. :)

Anyone who likes or reblogs this post in between 11/27/2016 and 01/04/2017 will have their names shoved into an online randomiser that will pick out a username (could be YOUR username! ;) ) the winner will receive a limited edition, one of a kind CUSTOMISED one shot. As per most of my one shots, it will most likely range in between two and five thousand words. Could be more. Won’t be less. Really depends on what you want I guess.

Depending on what you’re wanting, the wait time is up in the air and how busy I’ll be in the near future.

Now for the fun stuff. (Take notes kids)

° The winner must respond within 24 hours of my message and have their messenger open so that I can notify them. If they do not respond within that time, a new winner will be chosen.

°I don’t write gore, torture, or pain play. I’m sorry. If there’s something that I’ve forgotten that I’m not okay with, I won’t hesitate to decline.

°Please don’t be rude! I cry very easily and I don’t like writing for people who make me cry, so I’ll be forced to pick a new winner!

Now that that’s out of the way, thank you again for following me! Also, thank you @roboticspacecase for helping me with this!

Have fun, don’t get caught doing anything illegal, and I look forward to getting my hands dirty for one of you.


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For EIP tonight, I just want to say…

I’ve realized over time that it’s not selfish to want happiness that suits you and the way that you are. It’s not selfish to have and idea of what you’re looking for in mind and not to “settle” just because you don’t have anything else.

I’m not the kind of person who likes to be pressured. I never have been. And I don’t like being in situations where there are what I feel are “unspoken expectations” of me. I’ve been through that with Dustan—been there, done that. So many times. And I don’t want that.

And you know what? That’s okay. Maybe I haven’t found my big break in life yet, but that’s alright. I can take risks when I’m ready to and for whom I’m ready to. I’m not defective. It’s fine if I don’t have all the answers for myself or I haven’t met the right person yet.

It sucks sometimes when you think about being lonely or watch fictional shows and things and sigh to yourself, wishing you had something like that. But it’s not the end of world. If I’m being truthful, I get happiness from exploring those fictional relationships, too. A lot of it. They’re still near and dear to my heart in their own way. I don’t have to aspire for something like that for myself to enjoy it as it is.

One day, I will find what’s right for me. Maybe it won’t even be what or who I expected.

But one thing is for certain: I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to just accept whatever comes my way. I don’t have to feel pressured. I don’t have to feel guilted into anything. I don’t have to feel I don’t have any other choices or chances.

That’s selling myself short. That’s going back to the old me, the one that thought she didn’t deserve anything and had to be grateful for whatever came her way, good or bad. The one that thought she had to settle for being mistreated and emotionally torn down because she was convinced she had to “earn” better and had to be worthy to stand on someone else’s level. I spent enough years of my life trying to please other people and putting myself and my own feelings aside to make someone else happy and make them feel good about themselves.

Fuck that. I’m worth it. My happiness is worth it.

And someday, I’ll see the light in someone that sees the light in me.

That’s the main thing I need to remember: I don’t have to force feelings or interest. When they’re ready to happen or whether I’m ready for them or not, they will.

I don’t have to be anything I’m not. I don’t have to try to be someone that someone else wants me to be or hopes me to be or expects me to be.

Being myself… that’s going to be enough for someone out there. And it’s enough for me.

I know that some days, I’m not going to feel this confident in these feelings and I’ll have my drawbacks, doubts, anxiety, and insecurities—I always do—but at least I can look back at this and realize…

I felt this way. At a time, I did feel this way. And I can feel this way again. I can remember what it felt like to value myself.

That’s important. For everyone. And I hope all of you remember that too.


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I had a pretty rough day, to be honest. And I’ve been warring with this horrible feeling that I’m just boring or getting boring to all the people around me/my blogs, but…

I’m trying to hold on to what’s important in the midst of that. I know some of it isn’t true, at least for a few people. And I’m sure my lack of inspiration and motivation lately for stuff hasn’t been helping me keep an optimistic mind, but I hope to change that soon. I want to try drawing tonight and see if I can get some ask blog stuff done or something. I’m not gonna beat myself up if I can’t, though.

Also, at work this morning, I let my thoughts wander a bit and figured out the way I want a major part of the story for my OCs to work out. It ties things up and I’m glad I finally thought of a way to get it to work the way that I want to.

I did get salty playing Splatoon tonight a bit, but in all, I did still have some fun, too and ended things off with all three of us on a team. It was a nice way to spend an hour and a half.

And that chicken tonight was DAMN GOOD.