There will be more to [Eternal Ink] Project and Ink Prison than just the story at plain sight! 

As you advance in the the game you will find short illustrated stories that will hep you understand better the characters, their motives and secrets. But finding this stories won’t be just for the pleasure of reading! No! The wiser you are, the better decision you’ll take! Maybe something you have read before will help you choose better when an important decision arises.


[Eternal Ink]Project will be on Itchio and Gamejolt to download for free this year! So better stay tunned with us on Twitter!


No matter what anyone says, never let them make you feel ashamed for things you like because of your age or projected “age group” or “gender group” targets on shows, games, clothing, you name it.

We’re all entitled to what we like and there is no age limit. If you’re 75 and you love Nintendo, GO YOU! If you’re six and you enjoy heavy and intricate plots in your shows/games/etc that adults think you’re wasting your time watching/playing, keep enjoying them as long as you like and however you like! As long as you’re not hurting someone else or doing anything illegal, you are free to enjoy and love whatever you want from shows to clothing and expressing yourselves.

Seriously. Anyone that tells you something is ‘just for kids’ or ‘just for adults’, or ‘just for girls’ or ‘just for boys’, tell them to screw off and love it as much and as LOUD as you want. Never let gender or age stereotypes hold you back.

Anyone that tries to hold you back doesn’t want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. To hell with them. Embrace it and embrace you.

Brian Epstein with George during the Paperback Writer/Rain” filming 19 May 1966 EMI Studios Photo Credit: Robert Whitaker

“George too has his moods though I cannot recall any particular row. I don’t enjoy arguments, nor do the Beatles so we avoid anything too contentious. George is remarkably easy to be with. He, like the others, has expanded as a person and though collectively—on first sight—they appear to behave alike, they have specific characteristics.

And George is the business Beatle. He is curious about money and wants to know how much is coming in and how and what best to do with it to make it work. He would like to invest. He is generous but shrewd. He enjoys spending but would always remain in credit. He likes cars, big and fast, but would be careful to secure a good trade-in price for his old one.

Strangers find him an easy conversationalist because he is a good listener and shows a genuine interest in the outside world. He wants to know and I find this an endearing trait in a young man who is so successful and so rich that if he never learned anything new he would not suffer any loss. And in addition to all these characteristics, he is, though not one of the prolific composers, very musicianly. “ - Brian Epstein on George - 1964

Remembering Brian Epstein (19 September 1934 – 27 August 1967) RIP to the man who gave us the Beatles!

Que devient le poing quand les doigts se tendent ?

Quel mot employer ? Aucun ne fixe l'idée. Les néologismes rivalisent avec les acronymes.  Surdoué, HQI, EIP. L'enfant intellectuellement précoce a son diminutif. Mais que devient-il une fois adulte ? Que devient le poing quand les doigts se tendent ? Quand les codes sociaux ancrés dans une photographie surannée des interactions humaines deviennent ésotériques, lorsque la différence peine à se voir normale. Que devient le don dans la folie ?

Je répondais par analogie, en soulevant d'autres questions, en établissant des relations en arborescence et en cascade. Je répondais à ma façon.