You know, some select people are going to hate this, hell, maybe even me, but based on Eileen’s last line at the end of the chapter it seems to me like she might have just snagged back a teensy bit of her humanity. She is expressing what appears to be a little concern for erza, which is seemily ooc. I definitely think Eileen will die, but what if she ends up dying to protect her daughter. Finally feeling some humanity in herself after all these years via concern for her daughters life last minute. Sure, maybe it’s dumb, but i mean anything is possible.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of Eileen at this point, but it did seem like that to me and it is like Mashima to redeem certain villains at least somewhat before they disappear.

First part of the request for @everybodys-chains :3 Eileen as a Kitsuneeee (。´∀`)ノ ❤ (Neko-Erza is coming ^^) Thank you for the request, hope you like it! ❤

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I see some people complaining about Mordecai getting with some “random girl” and how she doesn’t have any personality besides being into art, and it’s really bugging me. I mean it’s not as if all their kids were given much personality in the ending montage either.

I thought it was really important to show Mordecai moving on and finding love: not with Margaret or CJ. I thought CJ was great for him but he screwed up too many times, hurt her too much, that she deserved being able to find someone else (assuming that she probably did). And I was so relieved that when Margaret went rushing back to the park, she was rushing there for Eileen. Mordecai has struggled through the entire series with his feelings for Margaret, trying to get over her for many seasons. He still struggles with it into his early art career; I noticed one of his paintings really resembled Margaret. But he finally does it, finally moves on and falls in love and becomes a husband and a father. So what if we didn’t get to find out much about his soon to be wife? Any dialogue would have ruined the pace of the montage and would seem clunky or tacked on.

Bless the show for not making Mordecai’s struggle with love and depression end with winning over Margaret. Bless them for making it end with him moving on, as many people have to do in life. It is much more important to his character development that he can finally move on rather than chase the same person forever.

It was satisfying to see he was finally able to do that. It was comforting and relatable. So what if we didn’t have a chance to get to know her? So what if we didn’t get to see their relationship progress? The show doesn’t need to justify that they’re a good fit for each other. All that matters is that Mordecai got there in the end.

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what's your opinion on wincest? bc you said you support all ships so does that mean you support wincest too? (I'm not trying to attack you or anything i just genuinely want to know) (also you're my favorite blog ily)

Absolutely, I support it! Do I ship it? No, but I fully support it and people’s right to ship it. I’ve tried several times to get on board with that ship, because more ships means more great fic, but alas, I cannot. I totally support people’s right to ship whatever the hell they want. Destiel, Wincest, Megstiel, Sastiel, Dean/Lisa, Demara, Wincestiel, Team Free Love, Sabriel, Samifer, Sam/Dorothy, Sam/Eileen, Denny, Sam/Chuck, Debriel, Drowley, Crobby, and whatever other combination of characters fans can think of.

Ship it. Ship the hell out of it. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t or shouldn’t.

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Speirton, ♗: One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap.

It was 8:30 by the time Carwood walked through the front door.

Ron had made dinner - leftovers, really, from the meatloaf that Carwood had made a few days ago - just a plate for himself once he’d heard that Carwood was going to be late. Again. He was practically living in the library by this point, enough that the librarian, a cute girl named Eileen who wanted him to ask her out, Ron was sure of it, had started saving his books on a shelf behind the check-out for him.

Carwood was working twice as hard as Ron ever had in college. Overworking himself, as usual, and insisting on having a part-time job even though Ron kept offering to take care of him financially. He didn’t give a damn about Carwood’s half of the rent; he already helped out plenty by doing most of the cooking. But Carwood was as stubborn as a stuck door when he put his mind to it, and Ron hadn’t been winning many battles lately. Carwood had spent this Saturday morning ringing up customers and stocking shelves at Spencer Paint Supply and his afternoon studying mechanics and macroeconomics for his midterms next week. Ron, on the other hand, had gone on a long run and then out to the grocery store and the dry cleaner’s. The rest of the day he’d spent reading on the couch, resisting the urge to show up at the library with a peanut butter sandwich and a coca-cola, crusts cut off the way Carwood liked. 

Carwood yawned as he took off his coat, but he tried to stifle it when he caught Ron looking at him from the doorway to the living room. “Hey,” he said softly, like the lights weren’t on all the way and he wasn’t still wearing his shoes and scarf.

“There you are,” Ron said, and kissed him.

Carwood’s hands came up to cradle Ron’s face. He ran his thumb from the back of Ron’s ear to the nape of his neck, which made him shiver and nearly forget about the dinner Carwood hadn’t eaten yet. “You must be hungry.”

Carwood kissed Ron once more before bending down to untie his shoelaces. “I could eat.”

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Regular Show and Harry Potter

regular show

favourite character: mordecai aaa
second favourite character: benson
least favourite character: eeh i don’t think i have one :0
the character i’m most like: hm mordecai or eileen
favourite pairing: mordecaixbenson
least favourite pairing: you know this one
favourite moment: the entire episode of eggscellent. honestly
rating out of 10: 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 1

harry potter

favourite character: hermione
second favourite character: snape
least favourite character: ginny. her actress was shit lmao
the character i’m most like: mmmmm luna ?
favourite pairing: harryxhermione
least favourite pairing: harryxginny AND hermionexron 
favourite moment: the dance!!!! the dance between hermione and harry!!!!
rating out of 10: 394 (you’ll either get that or not)